– Oh, man, you gotta try this. Robs, you have to try this. You have to try this. (uplifting music) All right, everybody. It is six o’clock at night. It is the 12th of December,
and it’s after sunset, well and truly. We’re at Shan Restaurant here in Bagan, and we’ve just ordered a
couple of things off the menu. (high-pitched siren) That’s what your e-bike will sound like when you turn it off,
those squealy noises. (laughs) Accelerate! – It’s stuck! – [Brad] No it’s not. – It is! – No it’s not, accelerate
more, accelerate more. So we’re gonna show you
what we’ve just ordered off the menu for literally
less than four US, or four Australian dollars, rather. So I’ve ordered Shan noodles,
which is traditional Burmese, and Robsie’s ordered the clay pot noddle, which is traditional Burmese. I’ll show you on the menu, actually. So if you come here,
Shan noodles, 1,500 MMK or, actually, sorry,
that’s a $1.50 Aussie. $1.50 for that. This is the Shan noodle,
and we’ve got some noodles, and we’ve got… Oh, that looks delicious, doesn’t it? Look at that, Robs! Hey? I’m not sure what that is,
I’ve never had that before. And then the next one that we’ve ordered is the clay pot noodle, 1,500 MMK, which comes in a little clay pot. Robs is gonna lift the lid. Look at how amazing that looks! And Robs has just served
up an egg. (laughs) Look at that little thing, that’s tiny. Anyway, we’ve also got
two beers here as well. I very rarely drink it, but you know, we’re here and we’re
celebrating an amazing day with good old Myanmar. And real quick before I start,
there’s nobody else here except us. There was a couple of locals here before. Looks like this place is run by a family with little kids running around and the mother’s the
cook, and then the husband does waiting the tables. (child babbles) And things like that,
so really cool place. At first vibe, it feels really good, and hopefully the food
tastes just as amazing, so. Check it out real quick. All right, Robs. Mm. Oh, man, you gotta try this. Robs, you have to try this. You have to try this. You’ve gotta try that, try that. Shan noodles. – Mm. – How good is that? How good is that? – That’s pretty… – What about your clay pot? Is it good? – Mm. It’s a very particular flavour, wow. – Different flavour? – Mm. – This food is amazing, amazing. This is my favourite. This is… I love this more than the tea leaf salad. (engine revving) What do you think compared
to the tea leaf salad? – I think that everything’s
so lovely in its own right. – Mm. I don’t know what spices they use, but it’s just such a rich flavour, and you gotta try this. If you come here, the clay pot
noodle, you have to try it. There’s like two or three different types of noodle in here. Robsie pointed out before
that there’s the glass noodle. Have a look. These noodles here. You got the glass noodles. Then you got some eggs. You got the beef in here as well. The beef does have some bones in it, so you gotta be careful. Oh, there’s some carrots, and
definitely some chilli in here. Guys, this does have (sniffs) power in it. The chilli is insane. So if you don’t like anything spicy, you’re probably not gonna like this dish. There’s corn, there’s… It’s just amazing. A love this so much, $1.50. Amazing. Try it. (coughs) Oh, I hit a chilli. – Yeah, it’s really spicy. (coughs) – It is a bit spicy, but it’s still nice. I like a bit of kick, though. Robsie’s struggling a little bit. (uplifting dance beat) I am taking a little video photo of you.


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  2. If you really want to try a real taste of Shan noodle, should go to North Eastern parts of Myanmar, orginal ethnic foods of Shan.

  3. when you are in Yangon, try 999 shan noodle restaurant ..highly recommended … Address: 130b, 34th St, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

  4. Hey! Thank you for visiting my country and its bring us so much memories…😄Btw currently live in Australia too, can’t wait to visit soon 😊

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