Name That Cheese – Taste Test

Name That Cheese – Taste Test

Can we name that cheese? Let’s talk about that! ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning! You know cheese, it’s the good part
of broccoli and cheese soup. There are over two-thousand distinctive,
different certified types of cheese, and there is a three-hour exam to become
a certified cheese “professional.” That is a proper name. -Really?
-Yes. Well, we are not certified -cheese professionals,
-Nope. but I for one love cheese.
I like cheese pizza, I put cheese on Ritz Crackers, but it’s
not very sophisticated. My cheese -experience is not very sophisticated.
-Your palate? Today we’re going to be tasting some very
sophisticated obscure cheeses– -at least in terms of what we know
-Uh-huh and seeing if we can identify them based
on taste alone! It’s time to play: “Who Cut the Cheese,
and What Did They Name it?” Well, technically we know who
cut the cheese. Chase cut the cheese, -as he always does, but the question is:
-Woah, woah, woah… -Do we know–
-What are you trying to say? Everything that you can think I’m saying,
I’m saying it. Oh, Okay. But we are going to determine if
we can identify the cheese. Right, so what we have in front of us–
of course, we have our cheese boards– the cheese will be presented to us,
we’ll taste it, but we have a list of the cheese that we
will be tasting. And we’re trying to, based on the
descriptions of these cheeses, match what we’re tasting. A cheese cheat sheet. But basically, there’s not a whole lot to
go on, because we have the name. Like, we’re going to be tasting
“Epoisses”, which comes from an unpasteurized cow. Well, not an unpasteurized cow, but
the cow’s milk. It’s from the village of Epoisses, France,
and it’s aged six weeks. We’re gonna be tasting “Humboldt Fog”,
which is goat’s milk cheese.>From Humboldt County, California. -Aged sixty days.
-Oh, hm! Uh, “Cambozola”, pasteruized cow milk
from Germany. -Patented in 1970.
-You can patent a cheese! So, a relatively new cheese. Hm, guess only they can make it.
“Torta del Casar” is unpasteurized sheep from Casar de…
[mumbles] (both) Spain.
(crew laughs) Aged sixty days, minimum. We’re gonna be tasting “Hooligan”! Unpasteurized cow milk from
Colchester, Connecticut. I’ve never wanted to taste a hooligan. Aged sixty days. And finally, we’re going to be tasting
“Rachel”. (crew laughs) Which is an unpasteurized goat cheese. -Named Rachel?
-From Somerset, England. Named after an old flame
of the cheesemaker. -Oh, Rachel!
-Ohhh! “Come back to me Rachel, I named a
cheese after you!” -How pathetic is that?
-So this is not blind, there’s no blindfolds in this. We’re just
gonna have the cheeses brought, and then we’re gonna do a little mixing
and matching with our cheese flags! Let’s do it! ♪ (jaunty piano music) ♪
(both) Round One! Okay, here it is. You know what this is,
but we do not. Let’s taste it using our toothpicks. What is that on top, like an edge?
Of some sort of plaster? Ooh! It’s nice. It has a nice…what do you say?
What is the correct cheese term? -Aroma.
-It has a nice smell. Oh, it doesn’t smell bad. Let me taste it. Mmm, wow! -I don’t love cheese as much as Rhett does
-I love it as much as I do. -That is good.
-It’s very strong Oh, you know what’s up for grabs here? A grilled cheese sandwich, Link.
That’s the prize. Made out of all the cheeses of your choice and then the nasty ones,
the loser has to eat. Okay, I feel pretty strongly. This has– this one has a very 70’s vibe. I don’t–I don’t think it’s a cow though.
yeah. I’m–I’m thinking that this is, um,
an aged sixty-day goat. You think it’s a patented in 1970 Cambozola? It feels very 70’s.
Cambozola for me. I’m going with the Californian
Humboldt Fog. I’m not a–I’m not a fan. If that’s–
Whatever it is, I’m not a fan. So we’re already starting off in
different places, huh? Yeah, bleh. -Okay.
-My breath’s gonna be great after this Let’s keep going! ♪ (jaunty piano music) ♪
(both) Round Two! Okay! Our second cheese requires
a spoon to consume. I smelled that when Chase set it down
and…it’s strong! -Oh gosh, I thought that one was strong!
-That one was mild. -Oh this is…
-Your world, your cheese world is about to be rocked. Christy would love doing this, but…
she loves cheese like you do, but… Oh I know about Christy’s love for cheese. -Now, this does not smell..
-That’s why I made that macaroni sculpture for her… Which I still have. Sometimes we get together and eat cheese. Shut up! (Link and crew laugh) (imitating Link) “Shut up!” Now, actually, I don’t think this -smells strong.
-It doesn’t smell strong. It smells good! Smells like pudding. -Mmm! It’s very…
-You gotta admit that’s good! Very smooth. “Very pudding-y” is how I would say if I
was applying for the certified cheese board. I’d be like, (snooty voice) “Mmm, it’s a very
pudding-y cheese…” Are any of these gonna be, like, sliced
and individually packaged in plastic? ‘Cause that’s what I’m used to. That’s cheese product, Link.
That’s not cheese. I’m going to–I feel like this has a
French flair to it. -Oh…hah, you do?
-And, uh -Nah, man…
-I’m gonna call this one…it’s actually “Epoisses”, it’s not “Epwaah”, I said it
wrong, sorry Alex Trebek, It’s actually “Epoisses” I’m saying this has got Connecticut
written all over it. It’s very mild, as we’ve said, so I’m
going with the Hooligan unpasteurized cow cheese. Well, to each his own, Link. Round Three! Look at this! We got another cheese
on another board. Now I can look at this, and I already have a
theory as to what it is. You know what? That’s the funny thing,
is that, you eat cheese off the board, but there’s probably a “Cheese Board”
that makes the decision whether or not we’re joining
the “Cheese Board”. I think so far, they’re not happy with us. -Oh, no no, they’ve got two new candidates
-this smells… -for the cheese board.
-this smells… This smells, uh, this doesn’t smell
too surprising. Oh, almost fruity! -Fruity?
-Almost fruity! …not fruity, almost fruity. …Excellent! (crew laughing) WOW! It’s hitting me in so many places! And I’m enjoying every one of ’em! -Is that not great??
-I’m with you. The more it stays in your system, the better it gets, really! -Now there’s a fact on here…
-Mmm!! Mmm. -…about the Torta del Casar: “The milk is curdled using a coagulant
found in the pistils of the cardoon, a wild thistle.” And this has a very
vegetative flavor to it. And that is why I’m going to say Torta Del Casar. So you think that’s a sheep, huh? I know that’s sheep. Actually, I don’t. -I mean, I’m using–
-I don’t think that’s sheep, because– I’m using reason, but I don’t feel
confident in any of my reasons. I don’t think that I’m going to like sheep
And I really like that. What you got against sheep? -What have sheep ever done to you?
-Um, so… -I’m never eating anything from a sheep or
-Sheep do nothing but… -…part of a sheep that I liked. What about wool sweaters? I don’t eat them! I appreciate the sheep, and
what they offer. I am believing that this has got 70’s
written all over it. Which is a portmanteau of two other
cheeses, I’m told. Gorgonzola and Cambodia cheese. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. The Cambodia
cheese is one of my favorites! Round Four! Okay, we have another…pudding-y cheese. It looks like cheese goop encased in,
like, some sort of heinous bread. It does look like a big ol’ like… -It’s very moist on the outside.
-…biscuit-ish type thing, doesn’t it? Let’s dig in. -I’m digging in over here, so I can…
-I’m diggin’ right here. -…take the edge off of this one. Oh, man. [Link] Ooh, that is some runny, runny
[Rhett] Wh-OOO! (crew laughs) Oh! Link, you’re gonna have a tough time. It’s like adhesive. -It looks like adhesive, and it smells
-It’s caulk! -as strong as…it could be–
-It’s caulk! -Caulk cheese…
-Did y’all stuff a biscuit with caulk? (Link and Crew laugh) (trucker accent)”Wouldn’t be
the first time!” “You gotta fill up that biscuit
with somethin’ ” Okay, I’m going for it. Ooh! Woah!! IT’S BITING MY TONGUE!
(Rhett clapping) I don’t wanna be on the Cheese Board. Oh my goodness! You sure thats…okay? Ew. Ew. After you swallow it… -Hah-haaa Ew…the animal comes out of it. Oh, man. There’s a lot of animal in this one! And that animal doesn’t moo. I do feel you there. I think that this one is the Torta, but
I’ve already selected the Torta. However, we are gonna have the opportunity
to change at the end, so I’m not gonna panic. I could see somebody…if you had a bad
relationship with Rachel. You could name the cheese this.
‘Cause like, “Man, she was so specific. And she was…
everytime… -“She was very sheepish.”
-…I’d hang out with her…” I’m gonna go with Rachel here. But you know you–you think you…ooh! -You think you’re gonna change that later.
-She was very mushy. (Crew laughs) That Rachel was very mushy! -Mmm.
-Okay. Keep goin’. Round Five! Looky here people, another cheese
on another board. -I’m still tasting that one.
-Bleh. Which I’m calling Rachel. I think I’m
wrong, but I’m still tasting Rachel. Now, um…this cheese does not look well. It’s got like, some white moldiness. Eugh. Ooh, it’s soft. That one gets you right in the nose. -This doesn’t smell bad to me at all!
-Man, I was feeling so– Are you saying it smells bad to you? Smell mine. Eugh! Is that your…finger? No, I think it’s because I got a little
of that crazy edge. Do you not get edge? I didn’t get edge. Let me get another one
that has edge, and smell it. Yeah, that’s a little high-smelling. I was so confident – when I was starting –
but I’ve lose all confidence in my choices -Yeah, this is–
-My brain is cheesed out, right now. Let’s just go on a cheese trip
here, though. All right, go on. -Nuh-uh.
-Ew. No sir. Guys, this is getting bad! Don’t wanna ride this train. First time I went to Sundance I met a French
woman whose breath smelled like this. (Rhett and crew laugh) -You remember her?
-I tried to forget her, until now… She was a high society woman, got right
up in your face. …in your face, and like “wah wah wah” She was like an old rich lady. I’ve only got two choices left. Because
that one did things I don’t like– I can only imagine that the last one is
gonna do more things I don’t like. But at this point, I’m going to have
to go with Hooligan. Just because… that one seems like somebody who’s
up to no good. I might have to do some switching at this
point too. But I think, because it’s–Rachel is my only goat that
I have left. I’m gonna put a little bit of Rachel
on this and see what happens. Round Six! All right, look what we have here. This one’s got, like, some mold
ribboning in it. [Rhett] Mold ribboning is the official name! But I mean, you can see that
that’s like blue cheese ribbons. But I like blue cheese, but sometimes it
can be a little strooong. Oh, woah, look at that. And then this right here…I’ll take the
part you left behind, which– that’s got a good ribbon in it. Mmm. R: Oh! Augh! That’s good! That’s good, and I know it’s something
else that I’ve already selected. Eugh! But I have to put Humbodlt Fog,
because that’s all I have left. -Eugh!
-You don’t like that? I don’t like blue cheese at all, and it’s like–
it’s like making me not wanna breathe. -It’s really blue cheesy
-So confused. All right, so, the only one I have left
is the Epoisse…S. So I’m going to put the Epoisse…S
right here. Now at this point, what we’ve decided to
do is… We–we’re gonna ask Stevie to tell us how
many each of us have right. And then we’re gonna have an
opportunity to do some switch-a-roo-ny. Inspired by whatever that
game is called in “The Price is Right”. So… Okay, so Stevie, how many do I have right? [Stevie] You have two correct. Oh, gosh. How many do I have correct? [Stevie] You have two correct. -Oh, ho, ho, Gosh!
-Oh, really? (Rhett clapping)
-We gotta do some switchin’ around! I know the first thing that I wanna do is: I wanna put my Rachel…I wanna
move Rachel to here. Oh gosh. And i’m gonna take my cam–cambol…
Cambozola and move it to the blue cheese one. So I think Rachel: great haircut, great
cheese! It’s that simple. Oh! You made the same
move that I’m about to make. Well, I think that’s clear to me. It’s just so– this one is a little bit of
a blue thing too, but this one feels like it has a little
bit more of, uhm, this has like a goat… Um, I only got two right, so I have to
switch something else. Well you know what? This one had a floral. See, now–I don’t…The problem is that
we’re gonna be matching too many now. Because I definitely feel like, the Torta
is on the crazy one, ‘cos it was so nuts. And this one feels like, “Oh Rachel, she’s
so sweet. I had such a good time with Rachel!” and
that’s why you name that. So, I just switched two, but I kept my
Epoisses and my Hooligan in the same place. And you know what?
I could have very well just undid what I had right. So my epoisses…”Smear-ripened in the
local pomace brandy”. -What looks smear-ripened in Brandy?
-None of ’em. -They all look like cheese to me, bro.
-I’m gonna go with this…and then… I probably need to switch–you know what?
Just for–just to kinda mix it up here, I’m thinking, I’m gonna switch these two
at the last second. -I’m gonna move my Hooligan…
-Ooh, that may have been good Link, -…right here
-I don’t know. And that is my final answer. The results are being tabulated. We’ve tried very hard. -Let’s see
-Who’s the bigger cheese monger in this business? Okay Stevie, let us have it. Have we improved?
Let’s just start with that. [Stevie] Yes, Link, you have improved. You have a new score of three. -Oh!
-I improved, slightly. -You’re half right!
-And you’re announcing me first… which doesn’t bode well. Rhett also improved, with a score of six. -You got ’em all right??
-WOAHHHH!!!! I’m a cheese master!! You’re kidding me! -You’re a lucky dog, man!
-Hey, I found a new talent! If the people of the Cheese Board are
watching: this is my official submission
to be a member. -Honorary member.
-Don’t mind me, I’m just over here. In my only cheese test of my life, I’m
a 100%. -So, uh…
-Wow, hey you know what? Good job! You get to eat the ultimate
grilled cheese sandwich -of your choice in Good Mythical More
-yeah! …but for now, I wanna say thank you
for being with us in this cheese endeavour. And for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. You know what time it is! Hi, I’m Ian from Springfield, Ohio. And it’s time to spin the
Wheel of Mythicality! Well, we don’t have cheese on Instagram,
but we do have waffles. Every Wednesday is Waffle Wednesday on
rhettandlink Instagram, be there! Plenty of other pictures there too.
Eat ’em up, y’all. Click through to Good Mythical More, where Rhett is gonna eat up the
ultimate grilled cheese sandwich and we’re gonna celebrate. “This just in: Cats are both
liquid and solid.” (news reporter voice) This just in:
Cats are…what?…both liquid and solid. Yes, Jim, it’s an incredibly incredible
breaking news story: a man saw a cat…peeing in the park. And then he was like, “I can’t tell
the difference between the pee or the cat!” I was just saying, you know, I like a
lot of weird stuff. The heck? Somehow this burnt me from
that far away! -…I think you must have touched it.
-No, I didn’t!

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