Natalie Portman’s Favorite Home Cooked Dinner

Natalie Portman’s Favorite Home Cooked Dinner

[Music] little parsley on top instead to eat it like glue on it like I do for my kids you don’t need like a double take without me blow ya I’m so used to being with my one-year-old I don’t have to do one of those like mmm I’m now a Portman and I am here to cook one of my favorite at home recipes of a chickpea stew and talking about a new film that I produced called eating animals documentary about factory farming in America I like to cook this at home for my family it’s quick has their few ingredients and managed doing it between running around after kids so all you need is two tablespoons of olive oil 2 cloves of garlic finely chopped 1 large zucchini diced 1 can of whole peeled tomatoes 1 can of chickpeas which I usually use canned because to use the dry ones you have to soak them overnight and I always forget to do that ahead of time but it’s always better to use the dry ones 2 teaspoons of salt and red chilli flakes to your taste and some chopped parsley for garnish so the pot is heated and you just pour in your olive oil and garlic and Cikini time I like sauce I’ve been vegetarian since I was 9 then when I was 30 I became vegan I feel much steadier energy as a vegan I feel like I have less like ups and downs of energy it feels more constant throughout the day I definitely had a lot of avocado which makes it lucky to be in California because we have lots of great local avocado and I eat a lot of tempeh bacon that’s definitely a staple and so then we add these Tomatoes smash them down a little so I read eating animals the book by Jonathan Safran Foer when it came out and so I immediately approached him about making a documentary of the book because it really impacted my life a lot and made me become a vegan and there was just all this information about how this factory farming is an is affecting the environment is affecting human health and I didn’t know about before and and so I really thought it would be great to put it in a different format for a different audience through documentary the movie takes a very different approach because it’s really talking about this great American tradition of farming that really had like respect for the active farming the the difficulty the labor the beauty of it and the humane treatment of animals focusing on these these farmers that are the salt of the earth Americans and what they’ve lost and how they’re being treated and how that culture and tradition is being treated I was really on from from the start and also I narrate this one it’s a little more personal and and you add the chickpeas and you can add it some of the chili flakes too I like spicy more salt yes salts really good put in a lot I was just told they have a very low blood pressure so I must crave salt and I was like that explains it so now it’s up to a boil and we can just let it simmer and then reduce for 20 to 25 minutes well I think that if you ask most people if they care about environmental destruction if they care about harm to animals almost everyone would say yes they care factory farming is the most destructive thing to the environment that humans do and it’s very harmful to animals and it’s not likely that most people will become vegan tomorrow but even if you think about how you might be able to change the way you eat once a day or or once a week that makes a huge impact over billions of people now it’s time we can serve it over rice and some with this and then a little parsley on top to eat it [Music] let’s go

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  1. One of the most balanced stars from Hollywood; who I with all my heart stays that way, with a dish that sounds great right out the gate! And I'm one who has not a problem eating just about anything that dons't try to get away from me!!!

  2. It's about free choices. If you're a vegan, vegeterian or whatever, that's great. But I choose to eat meat because I enjoy it,and I believe as omnivores we humans need to eat meat. That's my believe though,and I'm sticking to it. One thing that I hate is when people try to make everybody accept and conform to their belief. I do agree that farm factories are terrible not only for the animals but the end product is not good for us either. That's why I love to buy (when possible, because is very expensive ) free range chicken, beef, pork etc,etc.. It's more natural, and the animals are treated in a very humanly way, the way is supposed to be. But as for having bureaucrats, Hollywood people and the elite mandate on what to eat or how many times a week I should eat meat, they can go and screw themselves.

  3. Canned chickpeas + tomato sauce = A WHOLE LOT OF HISTAMINE!! Grass-fed meat is much healthier compared to that (and I am not a big meat eater, so..)

  4. A lot of people are saying this looks bland or whatever but it's actually so good. I'm not vegan but I eat this at least twice a week ;)) I cant live w out

  5. need to educate kids in elementary/middle school about health benefits of vegan diet and compassion for animal welfare and our planet's environment. Adults that choose to eat dead corpses are too far gone to get it.

  6. I like Natalie and eat a lot of plant based recipes myself, but this just looks like tasteless slop which is why people often deem vegetable dishes dull.

  7. Quick question: if she's a vegan mom, are her children automatically vegan? Or does she still allow them meat? Curious.

  8. I like that she said even if you make an effort like changing the way you eat for a week is good eat vegan or vegetarian for 2 weeks out of the month (every other week) i can still eat my nuggets and my tofu too 😭❤️

  9. when i saw the picture first, i thought it was 麻婆豆腐, chinese spicy tofu meal.
    so i started to watch this video.

  10. I tried doing a vegetarian diet for a few months. Although I did lose a lot of weight (which was the intended goal), I also developed painful blisters in my mouth and on my tongue, possibly from lack of nutrition I would normally get from eating meat. So, needless to say, I went back to a regular diet with chicken and fish.

  11. I care about all of those things but I also care about myself. I like dishes where creativity and layering is involved and I like food with delicious flavor and texture. If I wanted a plate of beans and corn with a cucumber stuck in the middle I wouldn't need to click on a cooking vid.

  12. The process in how she's making that stew is a big no for me as well as her lack of spice involved. Just by looking at that stew ..eww. No thank you, but to each their own.

  13. as someone familiar with high level nutrition, it would have made more sense if she mentioned some zucchinis are much more healthier than others. Some varieties are more meatier texture than others, hence more filling and satisfying.

  14. The beginning started out like ASMR

    She should've dropped talking about vegan, we have enough emotional justice lunatics already

  15. It took me a really long time to figure out how to live a vegan life. It seemed really hard at first, and it was! But I started small, first I cut out pork and beef. Then, I cut out all meat. Once I learned how to eat and live as a vegetarian, I decided to try and cut out dairy. I started by not drinking milk. Some time passed and I realized it wasn't that hard, I then cut out all dairy products. I found recipes online and found great alternatives in my local grocery store. It has taken me two years but now I have learned how to eat and live a vegan lifestyle without feeling deprived. (About five months ago I cut out gluten and haven't looked back! I lost twenty pounds by cutting out simple carbs and by eating more vegetables and fruits!) Anyone can do it, the key is to start small. Don't get down on yourself if you slip up, it happens! Try to make little changes and soon enough, you'll notice a big difference 🙂

  16. Portman needs to step up with better dishes in order to not get ppl to be frightened by veganism. I dont mean luxury food but more comfort food. That dish looks like one must salt it excessively to make it taste anything else than sourish, spicy tomato. It does not look disgusting in any way. Not at all. It just does not look so tempting. We vegans also need better ready to buy comfort food alternatives like sausages, cheese, etc. And frozen pizza for those who like that. And with the last mentioned I do NOT mean pizza on which some optimistic (!) person simply has replaced the cheese with more tomato and/or spinach and a few nutrional yeast… things/dots. That kind of vegan groceries put ppl off from being vegans and prolongs the sufferings of the animals. But Portman seems nice and I love her work for the animals.

  17. I am vegan and I have to say this is unquestionably the most tasteless chickpea stew I have EVER had the misfortune to witness being concocted; I weep for your family's and dinner guests' palates. Love your movies and am looking forward to seeing your latest documentary.

  18. She's definitely not a cook (there's barely any flavor development in this dish), but I can imagine how these ingredients could be turned into a tasty dish.

  19. All the people talking about her bad cooking technique. Do you really think she cooks or eats? She probably weighs 96 pounds. Oh, wow, tomatoes and chickpeas over white rice. I am sure that she and her director husband have nannies for the kids, cooks for the family, etc.

  20. Hunger is the best spice. When you are always starving like Natalie, anything tastes great even chickpeas over white rice.

  21. Probably one of the most unimaginative and plain things one could cook.
    My guess is that she hardly every cooks.
    There is a huge amount of salt and no creativity with the use of herbs or spices.
    That garlic needs sweating in the pan as do the courgettes(zucchini).
    It's the sort of thing a student would cook.
    The volume of salt in that would have probably made it rather disgusting.

  22. wonder how vegan people would be if they where starving ? human beings are omnivorous !! We eat meat and veggies so why go against nature . Hey how about they killing on those beautiful plants just because the don't talk doesn't mean they are not alive !

  23. First time i saw it, i sort of thought that the ingredients are kinda strange combination.. But second thought, i wanna try to cook one 😂

  24. There is no way she doesn't have a chef at home! This is way too beginner!! Like it was the first time she has ever cooked and tried to wing it on camera…. i don't think she even liked it after she took that bite at the end… I'm even know questioning her acting skills… like an "oh my god soooo good" could have maybe sold it a bit at the end there??

  25. This looks so baaadddddd I'm sorry! Nothing is browned, nothing is seasoned…for a dish rooted in the philosophy of living things, there's certainly no LIFE in this dish. I feel this is what happens when philosophy and dogma overshadow a true connection to food. It's more about the absence of meat than the presence of plants. She's saying all the right words, technically, but…the end result speaks for itself. Please don't invite me for dinner Natalie!

  26. All she did was throw canned vegetables in a pot and stir it a little while talking about a documentary she narrated for 😴😴😴

  27. Love how she's using her platform to promote what she believes and stands for. Not all artists will do that. She influence people in a different positive way.

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