Negative Calories Food list: How Can You Lose Weight With So Called Negative Calories (2019)

Negative Calories Food list: How Can You Lose Weight With So Called Negative Calories (2019)

hello friends welcome to Fat2fit if
you are really concerned about weight loss
it might be worth watching this video right till the end now you see once you
consume food not all the calories you consume is available to be used or
stored in the body for future use let’s say you consume a food that contains
around 200 calories of energy off the 200 calories say 40 calories is
excreted or the body may be in the form of fibers or undigested food in addition
of the remaining 160 calories a part of the calories maybe around 20 calories is
used by the body to digest and absorb the remaining food this is referred to
as the thermic effect of food or TEF the thermic effect of foods is higher for
proteins as compared to carbohydrates and fats and perhaps this is another
reason to include extra protein in your diet for weight loss now you see out of
the 200 calories you’re left with 140 calories which can be used to provide
energy or stored in the body for future this is referred to as the net calories
however are there foods that has fewer calories than it takes to digest them or
in other words are the negative calories let us see what research has to say
about this but before that please subscribe to Fat2fit, please subscribe to
Fat2fit there’s not much evidence as far as
negative calories foods are concerned except for few trials here and there one
such study conducted with 15 females using hundred grams of celery which
contained around 16 calories it was seen that out of 16 calories only 2.24
calories were use this goes to indicate that celery does not create negative
calories but it is still a great tool for weight loss as it keeps your hunger
at bay there is no evidence that food can possess negative calories thereby
directly contributing to weight loss but foods typically categorized as negative
calorie items tend to be high in water as well as in fiber so the consumption
may lead to weight loss because you consume less food overall hence it is a
good idea to include a lot of these so-called negative calories food in the
diet especially if your aim is weight loss I hope the session has been
informative to you and like to thank you for watching it stay tuned for more
valuable information backed by science Jai Hind

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