Nightcore – Please Eat (Lyrics)

Nightcore – Please Eat (Lyrics)

If only i could love you enough to give you what you need if only i could be for you the hand that feeds cause i know you can only starve so much til you like how it feels (this is a damn good song) sitting on a throne of bones staring at that cold meal it’s not your body that i love but it’s the shell you’re inside of and you’re killing it, you’re killing the only piece of you i can touch it’s not your body that i need but that’s what sleeps next to me and you’re killing it , you’re killing it you’re killing it please eat ((^-^)/ free hugs) if only i could make you believe you deserve everything every spoon and bite, anything you want to eat (are you crying?) cause i know you can only starve so much before you die there’s parts of you already gone i can never revive it’s not your body that i love but it’s the shell you’re inside of and you’re killing it , you’re killing the only piece of you i can touch it’s not your body that i need but that’s what sleeps next to me and you’re killing it , you’re killing it you’re killing it please eat

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  1. Recently I started eating more I don't feel good tho I feel like I don't deserve to and one day all of the food I'll eat will show and I'll be fat again but I've been more active lately so I try to eat so I have enough energy for the day but it still gets me sometimes some times I just think of starving myself again but now I have other people to think about I have a girlfriend now and she is everything to me I can't cause her that kind of pain I'd hate myself for doing that to her she deserves the world and she doesn't deserve to be heart broken by me being selfish

  2. I really Have a problem with eating. I dont want to eat, couse i dont want to get even "bigger". My parents dont care about it. All they care about are their Jobs. I told my friend, and she's fucking happy That I'm gonna be finally skinny.
    My other friend is always Talking about how much calories she ate, how she burned it and how much weight she losed. It's fucking hard Looking at The mirror and dont cry. I really hate myself. I want to be Perfect. And I Know I will couse no one can stop me away from That. Sorry I had to write it.

  3. The sad thing is, my nan commented that I ate a lot when I was four. And at only four and didn’t eat as much. I don’t now, I’m trying, but it’s hard. And it is weird how it was always there.

  4. I remember I first heard this song when it was just skip one meal a day and no one noticed a thing I remember “cause I know you can only starve so much till you like how it feels” I never got that well 3 months later down 40lbs refuses food constantly told by family I’m soo skinny friends say I have disorded eating habits and I finnaly understand that line.

  5. I've started starving and tried to commit suicide last year I told my best friend she started crying I'm sorry I dont want and cant stop even though I love you as a friend and more than a friend your the only person that loves me thank you for being next to me even when I'm lost in life❤

  6. Guys, please read this! I know you are listening to this song because you’re going through something, and I know that even though you know it’s wrong this song is only making you want to hurt yourself more! I know because I was you, I had an eating disorder too! So for the love of God please don’t do it! It’s so much worse than you know! I am lucky, and I am alright! But please please listen to me, stop hurting yourself, physically or mentally and I know that’s much harder said than done but trust me, I Understand you! Please take care of yourself

  7. I almost became anorexic because of my family. No matter how little I ate, they only noticed when I did. And even then I ate so little but it was junk. That was the first thing I ate after hours, almost 8 hours. Yet they say “You at too much and are fat. Everyone notices it.” I tried to eat less. To days ago, I ate a few chips. My extended family told my parents. Said I was stuffing myself. I want to vomit everything out. I want to take everything out but I’m scared to vomit. Saying this hurts. They do it in public, everywhere. Say I’m fat and everyone notices how much I eat. It hurts so fucking much. And I want to vomit every single thing. I only eat because of depression and it’s binge eating symptoms and because if I don’t, I get severe headaches and nausea. I’m in my bed at 11:20 crying softly as my parents are awake.

  8. I'm tired, I'm depressed and i'm hungry but I can't eat. please help me, I'm not seeking for attention but I'm seeking for help :')

  9. Such a beautiful hard-hitting song. "you can only strave so much till you like the way it feels" anyone who's had a food restricting eating disorder can relate to that

  10. Please eat

    I mean I would but I don't want to I don't need to it's been so long since I last are now it hurts to eat

  11. Everyone thinks that anorexia is just starving yourself, but it’s so much more than that. It’s feeling in control when your life becomes too much. It feels good to obsess over something and eventually starving feels good .Soon the hunger cues fade. You could have Gordon Ramsay’s cooking in front of you and have little to no desire to eat it. The thoughts become so overwhelming when you stray from the disorder. They scream at you to come back, they say eating is bad for you. Sure, eating healthy foods is an option, but food is food. It makes you feel full, and that feeling is something we fear. Or at least I fear.

  12. "please eat"
    sorry I can't,my body don't wanna let me eat.
    my mind is making me to not eat.
    to pass the lunch and breakfast.
    and also supper
    I'm only eating 1/3 of dinner.
    maybe I'm not feeling great and I'm feeling like I'm going to faint,I don't care.
    I just hate myself for killing me inside.

  13. Me: trying to be healthier by eating less and having more healthy food.

    My mom: slams 5 packets of crisps, a brownie and a full pizza on the table

  14. I don't eat
    My grandma is pushing me to eat with bringing home food that i love ,
    I GET SO MAD i always say stop bringing food bring it for yourself i don't need to
    I eat 1 or 2 pieces of bread at that's my food for the whole day

  15. I’ve never SUCH a serious issue with eating but I have struggled somewhat. Time to time I would skip meals or eat a really small portion. I remember even starting to feel faint sometimes. And my stomach was GROWLING. I just wanted to be beautiful. Have a slim figure, have a slim face, but I became so TIRED of this society’s definition of beauty. Being a certain weight does not define your beauty. Being a certain color does not define your beauty. Having a clear face does not define your beauty. Everyone has their own unique beauty. So please just stop caring about what others think. You are special. You are not alone❤️

  16. i hate when people call other people “fat”. the reason is because who the HELL said that a flat stomach is the stomach you need to have?
    parents? relatives? friends? “popular” kids? your idols? boohoo they can take their negativity out the door. everyone is perfect in their own way!

  17. I used to look down at the comments with heart breaking story’s and be like ‘you poor thing’
    Few years later and now I’m writing my own.

  18. Shit, my childhood best friend died 2 weeks ago from her malnutrition, she's been battling anorexia ever since we reunited 2 years ago, her motto was quite literally 'as long as I die looking good and slim I'm fine' she was 3 and a half stone when she died and she was 12. She also has other siblings that have died, father is in jail for life. Miss you Ali 💕

  19. I'm not hungry.😃

    I'm hungry!! But I can't eat! If I start to eat I will be ugly!

    I will be fat… Then no one will love me…

  20. I know it says please eat, but I'm eating less and less, but my friends are trying to force me to eat at school, and it makes me want to cry because it shows that they can about a useless peice of crap, that wants to end it all, if you feel like you should, please dont, someone need you, you may bring smiles to some faces, you are useful, please… dont… end the life you started

  21. I don’t eat and this song is sad but it’s not gonna encourage me to eat I’ve already cut myself and every time I eat I wanna throw is all up sorry for bothering all of u with this just don’t care about anything I said here soon I’ll be gone

  22. When I was younger I would eat a lot but one day in 1st grade a boy called me fat. Now whenever I see food I say ew. I hate when I have to eat because even when I eat a bit I wanna throw up. I'm less fat but I still feel so fat that I cover my whole body so no one can see how fat I am.

  23. I eat . But when I eat something has high calorie I get sad and Icry then I try everything to burn calories I ate.then I think "if ı didn't eat i would be better.But ı kept eating and ı couldnt stop myself" Then ı feel something inside like a baby or something has more weight than I can carry.( I'm sorry about my englısh I'm not good at speaking English but I needed to say something . Because if ı didn't it ı could get crazy .)

  24. Ok am I the only one who has a therapist say "YOU CANT SPIT OUT YOU HAVE TO EAT" yeah…my therapist says that alot idk wat it means tho! xD

  25. This song is so beautiful! Even though I don't know anyone with either the issue of bulimia or anorexia they are so important to me and I want to help everyone who has them!

  26. The sad thing is…

    I’ve tried to starve myself.
    I’ve tried to throw up after I eat my food.
    But I can’t go one day with out eating too much.
    I can go one day, where I’m not wasting my money on food that isn’t even healthy for me.
    Idk what to do, there’s so much more to the story but I don’t want to get help

  27. This night sound weird but I don't eat much because I'm a trans and In my head I think to not eat the more thinner my curves are and my breasts don't look as big so I look more like a boy…I also do it for my size because of the other boys and girls..

  28. I haven't eaten properly on two days. My mum noticed but everyday she forces me to eat but I just throw it back up again. I say I'm fine but I really just want someone to come over to me and say that they know I'm lying and hug me. I don't want to die I just want to end the pain of living. A few minutes of pain is better then living a whole life of pain right?my friends have noticed how I cover up my wrists. I cut. I have a set of write bands and I wear them over the cuts. My friends also noticed my eating pattern… They are such good friends I'm so lucky to have them! They do this thing where at lunch they try to get me to eat and if I do they follow me just in case I go to the bathroom to throw it up. I want to eat but whenever I see food I feel so sick and I start to think that if I eat then ill be huge and fat and that. I always look in the mirror and point out the worst things about my body such as
    I'm really self-conscious of my shoulders, legs, nose, chin and belly. Those are my least favourite parts. I hate myself and I have tried jumping. It's come to the point I've been on the bridge but my friend came past and saved my life. I was so close to jumping off but I was lucky enough to have her there. I went to my therapy session and my therapist asked my mum what's wrong. My mum said that she just wants her baby girl back. I couldn't hold the tears anymore I started crying and huged her. I live you mum… Sorry for saying all my problems…i just feel like I have no one to go to and this is better then going to my therapist so I guess I thought to express my feelings here… Your beautiful and keep smiling it looks better on you! If people say otherwise just think hahaha I don't care because I'm better then you anyway! You have so many people who love you but you don't realize it. Your weight doesn't matter! Your amazing inside and out. No matter what your going through just know that you'll pull through. You👏are👏amazing👏❤️

  29. I know that I'm ok but for me, I'm overweight. There's nothing wrong with that, but I'd feel better if I got skinnier. I know the limit, I'll eat when necessary. I want to be skinnier, that will make me more confident and I'll be happier. You should eat, but you must know when you should stop eating/eat more.

  30. Anyone who wants help but doesn't want to talk to someone irl or someone they know, then my amino username is the same as my youtube name, I'm here to talk to anyone ^^

  31. People always say i’m skinny but i’m really not, i’m fat and i wish i could be skinnier but my mum’s always on my sisters case about eating so if i don’t then i’ll be in trouble. I try to eat less but i can’t go long without meals so i can’t just starve..

  32. Thank you….
    I haven’t eaten in four days… maybe five? It’s gotten to the point where I’ve stopped counting… and I hate that. No one notices… I don’t really have any friends, and my mom says I should lose weight anyway, so she doesn’t care much. At first I skipped breakfast… then it was lung too… and after a month or so I wasn’t eating anything, and I’ve just been going in a downwards spiral for the last few months and I’m slowly getting worse and I don’t know what to do…
    But, for right now I’ll eat, even if it’s only a little bit… it’s something

  33. This made me cry silently I feel fat and when I was skinnier I went to the public pools feeling not that great with depression then all of a sudden I hear these woman look at me and say UGH SHE LOOKS LIKE A POLE! And walked off some people have called me anorexic walking stick and now since I put on weight they laugh at me and point it out that I'm fat WTF SHOULD I LOOK LIKE?! I should just die or something

  34. personally, i dont starve myself but honestly i wish i can be skinny

    i fucking hate my body and everything, yet everytime i try it just comes back

    i fucking hate it

  35. Does anyone know what "there's parts of you I can never revive" means. I know that eating disorders can cause problems. But I'm not that deep thinker

  36. well i have an eating disorder not anorexia but i sometimes eat and dont eat for days and well sometimes as well cause i want to be skinny and stuff like that. This hit me though cause for the past 3 days i havent eaten but now im eating at least an orange and penut buter

  37. this is so pathetic how did i get here XD this comment second be full of girls thinking there's something deep about food, or for that matter, no food

  38. I really wanna send this to my anorexic friend…
    But the lyrics about love would be weird

    But I still like this somg

  39. If you want you can read this .
    I feel really fat and I try not to eat to get skinny,but my parents make me eat,when I move out I'm never gonna bye food so I can get skinny and I don't care if I get anorexia I just want to be skinny so I can feel ok with myself
    My friend helps me,I don't feel as depressed now,thx bff

  40. I'm a trans guy and I'm pansexual
    I have depression
    Anger issues
    Gender dysphoria
    Sadly, the list is endless.
    So I really just wanna die.

  41. This is always in my recommendeds… Youtube really cares about me, does it?
    On the start page it also always shows me "send this to your best friend without context" videos-

  42. 697 calories today. It’s the end of the day and i just can’t bring myself to eat anymore. I want to but I can’t. Hopefully tomorrow I can get more food in me.

  43. I'm getting a little chubby in my stomach. I'm a nonbinary kid in middle school, 6th grade. I haven't been eating too much lately, I used to be a great eater. I rarely eat, all my friends are guys and even they noticed how skinny and little I eat now. Well…nobody will ever date me anyway. What's the point of taking care of myself? I want to feel better about my weight if I can't feel better about my life. Now I am 60 something pounds and is 5'1. I don't know if I'll gain weight or lose anymore…nobody cares though. Sorry if I'm rambling. I know this is unimportant

  44. Nah, kids at school got used to seeing me not eat lunch. My parents don't have to know. The only person who told me not to starve, and he left me after promising not to. He broke his promise, I'll break mine.

  45. What some people don't realize is just because someone eats doesn't mean they don't have anorexia. That cheeseburger you saw them eat could have been the only thing they ate in the past 2 days…

  46. This makes me feel so guilty…I used to be anorexic,and I think I still am…but lately I turned into a binge eating cycle,and I don’t know how to stop all of this
    I just wanna starve until I’m not able to breath

  47. I cant eat, when i eat i feel guilty, sometimes i binge and restrict with a limit of 400 calories a day, i just want someone to support me and help me threw this, im NOT happy, i need a friend by my side to help me threw this, i want to be normal without worrying about calories or my weight, i wanna feel the warmth of happiness in my heart again not the shiver coldness of depression and loneliness

  48. bisexual, attempting to starve self, female and dating a girl, self harming, has tried to commit suicide twice. i have issues and my grandmas religious. im slowly breaking, even though my friends are trying so so hard to help..

  49. I don't even have an ED but for some reason I'm triggered. Like yeah, I stopped eating for a bit and was exercising like crazy but I was never ill.

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