Ninja Foodi Chicken and Wild Rice with Carrots

Ninja Foodi Chicken and Wild Rice with Carrots

hi there and welcome to the salted
pepper where we cook for real life using real food and we keep it real simple and
today we have an all-in-one meal chicken and wild rice made with carrots that
we’re gonna cook right in the Ninja Foodi and so let’s get started with that
first thing I have is these carrots that I’ve already peeled and if you want to
check out a quick little video on a trick on how to peel carrots really
quickly you can just check that video up right over there I’ll link to it and I
also quartered the carrots I wanted them in nice sized pieces I mean you could
technically slice them up but I just wanted since we’re doing this as a
dinner I wanted them to be in nice sized pieces
so we’re gonna throw the carrots into the Ninja Foodi steamer basket and pour
in two cups of chicken broth chicken stock will work
chicken broth will work a beef stock would work really honestly what we’re
cooking with chicken so I like to use chicken stock okay next thing we’re
gonna do is put the basket in and get our pressure cooker lid on we are gonna
be putting this under pressure we just want to put that on make sure that we
are to the seal position the black valve on the back is to the seal turn the
ninja foody on hit the pressure we’re gonna do high pressure the time we’re
gonna do 0 minutes and I’ll explain that in just a minute and hit start okay so
this will go around while it’s building the heat and the steam to come under
pressure so while this is coming up to pressure let me explain what the next
steps are gonna be we have a cup and a half of wild rice here which is a wild
rice blend and I will link below in the description to the kind of wild rice
blend that I am using but you can use your favorite
and then we have a seasoning blend and this is made out of stuff that I’m sure
you probably have in your pantry or it’s very easy to get it is simply salt
pepper thyme leaves not ground time but thyme leaves garlic powder onion powder
and a little bit of poultry seasoning and that’s it and we’re gonna use that
to season up this dish really well so I have two pounds of chicken thighs here
you can see that they are not trimmed and they are they’re definitely
rock-solid and I did that on purpose this is a dish where you want your
chicken thighs to be frozen because we’re gonna have to cook this wild rice
quite a while under pressure in order to get it done so we want to start out with
our frozen chicken so that we don’t overcook it
the reason why I picked chicken thighs is because they are so forgiving when
they’re cooked long so if you use chicken breasts with this recipe instead
it may come out to dry even if it’s frozen I’m starting to see steam come
out that means that the pot has heated up and so I’ll be expecting to see this
go to done because once it hits the zero it’s just gonna say that it’s done we’re
gonna do an immediate release and get those carrots out of there that are
gonna sit to the side while we pressure cook the rest of our dinner all right we just came under pressure
the red button popped up and this is gonna as soon as it hits the right
pressure then this should say zero and done okay so we went to done and then it
immediately went to the keep warm function and it’s been on for about a minute all
the steam is released and the red button has popped out so now I can open the lid
and I will keep the keep warm function on just to keep the pot warmed up that’s
gonna help us come up to pressure for the next step just a little bit quicker
so I’m gonna remove this and just kind of let a little bit of the steam go so
you don’t burn yourself and then grab out our basket and we’re just gonna put
these to the side and we’re gonna start on our second part of this dish so the
first thing I’m gonna do is leave this water in here okay now I chose two cups
of chicken stock ordinarily I would do two and a quarter cups for one and a
half cups of the wild rice blend however the chicken thighs are going to
give off some natural stock and juice themselves so I didn’t want the rice to
be too liquidy at the end of cooking I want it to be perfect
so I decrease the amount of liquid in the pot to make up for the amount of
juices that are come gonna come from our chicken so let’s get the wild rice in and I did rinse the wild rice briefly
just to get any debris or anything that might be off of it it’s not as important
as it is with white rice but I did want to just give it a quick rinse I always
suggest that you rinse your white rice very well it takes off the first layer
of like talc and things like that and it just allows for you to have a fluffier
rice I think okay set that over here I’m just gonna move this rice around so that
it is covered in the chicken stock one thing to know about wild rice when
you’re cooking it under pressure it still takes 30 minutes or so so it is
not the one third rule that we use with a lot of other things and it just is
going to take that much time so I have a seasoning blend here and I’m just gonna
use about a third of it and I’m just gonna sprinkle it on the top I want to
season all the layers of this dish that’s good and then we’re gonna take a
few Pat’s of butter and we’re just gonna lay it in there maybe three cuz I want
to have enough yep that’ll be perfect so I’m gonna put three Pat’s of butter and
now we’ll layer with our chicken thighs now ordinarily if I was making a dish
and and the chicken thighs were falled I would season them before on both sides
but since these are frozen it’s not gonna matter we’re just gonna sprinkle
the seasoning on top I’m gonna place these chicken thighs right on top here
and a layer and if you could see I have all my chicken thighs are coming out
pretty nicely that’s because when I buy them in bulk from the grocery store what
I do is separate them and freeze them on like a rack I put a sheet of parchment
down and then I lay out the chicken thighs I throw them in the freezer for
an hour or two and then I put them in the bag and that way I can grab out what
I want and it doesn’t they don’t freeze together in a big clump well some of these will overlap and
that’s okay but I am trying to spread them out as much as I can on this rice
this is about two pounds put that bigger one over there move this
little or one just kind of arranging them so that they’re gonna cook evenly okay all right
and so now I’m gonna do the same thing is put some seasoning on top about a
third of this seasoning perfect three little pots of butter and
you can break them up if you want it I might put one on each chicken thigh here don’t want to miss that little guy there
okay and now we’re gonna put our pressure lid back on and we’re gonna go
to pressure let’s turn it off turn it back on pressure high time is gonna be
for 30 minutes you’re gonna do an immediate release
which I know is a little controversial but we are gonna do it for this dish
okay make sure we’re on the seal mode in the
back and we’ll just let this pot come back up to pressure and let it cook for
30 minutes okay guys so you can see I was a little delayed it’s been a minute
30 seconds so that’s on the keep warm but I’m gonna go ahead and immediate
release right now okay so the button just depressed which means we have
released all the pressure and I’m gonna go ahead and turn the pot and when you
take your lid off do it away from you to divert the steam away from your face and
we’re gonna take a look here and it looks like I’m gonna flip these chicken
thighs it’s looking good though oh yeah they are done totally done now one of
the things with chicken thighs is they may look a little pink but they are
completely done I can tell by the feel of them I’m not concerned about this top
little bit of liquid at all because the next step we’re gonna do is put in those
carrots now I didn’t want to put in the carrots raw because they do take a while
to bake I mean they could take 40 to 50 minutes to bake so what I decided to do
was bake this with the carrots par cooked and that’s why we did the zero time on
the pressure cooked in the very beginning so we’re just gonna lay these
on top again we’re gonna go ahead and season now I may not use all of this
seasoning I’m just gonna kind of use my judgment I don’t want the carrots to be
choose to season too salty but I do want everything to have a good flavor so I
think I’m just gonna just sprinkle it around here so I did not use all the
seasoning and that’s fine just use your judgment on how much you’d like to use
then I’m just gonna put the last three little pats of butter and we’re gonna
get this lid down and we’re gonna bake and I’m gonna say probably maybe 15
minutes is gonna do it to get rid of all that extra liquid
oops I forgot a couple carrots I couldn’t see him I’m so short you don’t
want to miss any of those and you know what let’s get those seasoned – perfect okay so we are going to hit the bake
roast button and 375 is a good temperature for this and I’m gonna do 15
minutes but we’re gonna check it in about seven minutes and just see how
things are coming along in there the only thing I’m waiting for is to heat
the carrots and to absorb some of that extra liquid that’s in there that
chicken broth okay so it’s been seven minutes I’m just gonna lift the lid and
give it a little peak and it is looking really good I think you can go another
three minutes though so I’m just gonna put this right back down and let’s go
another three and then we will check it plate and I’ll give it a taste alright guys so it has been baking for
10 minutes on 375 and we’re gonna go ahead and stop it and open it up and it
looks like the carrots are done and I know the chickens already done I already
know that so I’m just gonna grab a few out here now if you like your vegetables
cooked a little bit more please you could take this a whole 15 minutes or
you can even do it longer you’re not gonna hurt anything in the pot if you
let it cook longer or you could simply keep the lid down and let the residual
heat continue to cook but I like my vegetables on the crisper side so I’m
gonna stop it now and go ahead and clean up so let me move this carrot out of the
way get a nice chicken thigh here just put that on the plate I’m gonna get
another little bit of rice it smells so good now there is some liquid left from
the rice and I think that that from what I’ve read that’s to be expected next
time maybe I’ll try steaming it and see how that works but I know that it looks
good it looks like it is done so let’s give it a taste
alright first let’s dig into this carrot well I know I can tell that’s perfect
for me wonderful texture but again it’s on the
firm side so if you like your vegetables a little more done I would definitely
keep this going for a few more minutes and then the rice I love wild rice because has such a nice
chew to it Wow
wow that’s really good the flavors are all throughout the rights I mean you can
taste the seasoning blend we could taste the stock I absolutely love it and now
let’s look at that check and see how easy it can be part and it does not look
dry at all wow that is like melt-in-your-mouth
good oh my goodness now this took about an hour to make but
it is mostly hands-off so it is really super easy especially when you get home
from work and you’ve got a lot of little things to do around the house you can
put it in let it go and then just turn it on the bake function and let it go
again and then you have dinner and it really is hands off delicious healthy
alternative for dinner so I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please
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20 thoughts on “Ninja Foodi Chicken and Wild Rice with Carrots

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