Ochazuke Ideas (Japanese Green Tea Over Cooked Rice) お茶漬け バリエーション – OCHIKERON – CREATE EAT HAPPY

Ochazuke Ideas (Japanese Green Tea Over Cooked Rice) お茶漬け バリエーション – OCHIKERON – CREATE EAT HAPPY

Hi Everyone welcome to Create Eat Happy. This is Ochikeron Today I want to show you how to make Ochazuke. Ochazuke is Japanese green tea over cooked rice You can use leftover rice and left over toppings and any toppings any toppings are ok If goes great with rice And then you pour over some green tea or dashi stock or even hot water But it is super easy recipe you can make it with available ingredients I wasn’t sure if I should make this video because there is no special ingredients you have to use to make this As I said you can top it with any available ingredients , even just kombu kelp is enough Anyways I hope I can give you a idea to try it out Ok let’s make Shiso Kombu Chazuke first This one is perfect for vegetarian people You can use Scissors to cut Shiso leaves Then place it on a bowl of rice with the other toppings Then pour over some green tea to finish Now let’s move on to Ume Chazuke This one is also perfect for vegetarian people Make shredded Nori seaweed sheet and put on the rice Then place the rest of the ingredients on top Pour over some green tea to finish Now let’s make Sake Chazuke Remove bones from grilled salmon break it into pieces and place them on top of the rice Then place the other toppings Pour over some Kombu Dashi broth or green tea is okay The last one is Tai Chazuke You want to marinate the fish in soy sauce for about 30 minuets Then remove from the marinade and coat with ground white sesame seeds Place the fish on top of the rice with other toppings Pour over some Kombu Dashi stock or green tea is ok And now it’s done Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this tutorial

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  1. please correct if the title translation in your language is wrong. thank you 🙂 or i can add if it is not available in your language~ "Japanese Green Tea Over Cooked Rice"

  2. you can add subtitles in your language from here:

  3. I always have green tea in my house but I just drink it.Now I can cook with green tea.So crazy 😀

  4. love how you've been offering so many recipes for vegetarians and even vegans 🙂 keep up the great work!! can't wait to try these recipes out!

  5. お酒の後はシャケや昆布や梅が最高!食欲が無い?時は鯛茶漬けが良いです!FNNの「トクだね」は8~9:50。この前のは10:58~あちこちで人気かなwちっちゃい子供はこぼすのを気にせずに食べるのが自然で楽しいんだけどwピアノは弾き方が単純でなくmusicalityがある感じw

  6. I really love ochazuke, but my mom was the one who made it all the time, I'm so happy you made this! Now I can make it anytime by myself! 😀

  7. my mom said if you want your baby become beautiful or her skin red and white, you have to drink bird nest

  8. One of my favorites is ochazuke, perfect for a light snack/meal.あっさり、さっぱりかつ美味い

  9. Hi ochikeron!! I go to a culinary high school in Korea and we made eel chazuke with kombu dashi and it was soooooo good😭😭❤️❤️ Thanks for the recipes, I'm gonna make for my family❤️❤️❤️

  10. Awesome!! I was looking for some recipes about this 😁, you save me! 本当にどうもありがとうございました! 🙇

  11. I had no idea this was a thing! I work in a tea store so i have an awesome variety of Japanese green teas to try this with 😍😍😍 thank you for sharing Ochikeron!!! 😊😊

  12. This is very helpful. Thank you! I always want to make this dish the authentic way. Just not sure what to put in 🙂

  13. Ume Chazuke saved me in my pregnancy when I felt sick all the time. I feel kinda dumb and excited seeing that I have all the ingedients in my house to make it. Have a different prune. Its an orange salted one but I think the taste would be the same. Arigato!!

  14. When she's old enough, you should explore different types of lessons for your little musume-chan. 😀 She's talented at all things musical and dancing, it seems.

  15. お茶漬け 美味しいですよね。


  16. 美味しそうですね。シェアさせてくれて、本当に有難う御座います!!レシピは簡単だし、日本語の字幕を入るのは簡単に日本語も練習できます。絶対このチャネルのレシピをやってみたいんです。これから宜しくお願いします。_/(-_-)_

  17. I love ochazuke. It's about the only Japanese dish that I can manage to make without burning my face off.

    Most times, anyway.

  18. Hello Ochi! I had bought some green tea noodles but not sure of what I should serve them with, do you have any ideas besides eating them cold or hot in some kind of broth? That'd be great, I love your easy homemade recipes and daughter so much 😃💖

  19. 鯛茶漬けぜひやってみたいですね。子供さんのでる動画は楽しいですね。すくすくと野草のように育っていって欲しいものですね^^。

  20. this looks so good! I love seeing the everyday kind of meals like this, it's not always something easy to find if you're just looking for recipes, so thank you! 😄

  21. I just watched the program and kind of disappointed.
    It featured that I live on making videos but not the creative aspect of the my recipes which I talked for over 2 hours. Plus they called some of my viewers but they didn't use any clips of them.
    I think I should NEVER EVER trust TV people.
    That was a CRAP!!!
    for those who watched, i am very sorry for your time… nothing interesting 🙁


  22. This looks yummy! Definitely something I can make with leftover rice and whatever I have in the fridge ^_^

  23. my mom used to make this for me! I had no idea what it was or that it was even an official dish! now I know and I can make it myself ^^

  24. Thank you so much for these ideas! My favourite it salmon ochazuke with green tea but now you have given me more variety to try. 😊

  25. Can shio kombu be made using kombu scraps from making dashi? If so I'd love to know how. Feels like a waste to just throw them away.

  26. This is so weird for me. When I lived in Japan my japonese friend love this dish but I never understood how is this. So weird to me put the tea in the rice bowl 😅 need to try this to break a paradigm. Thanks for the video!

  27. I have never heard of this dish. Last time i read a manga and it was mentuoned there. I was absolutely interested in this dish. Thank you ochikeron for showing this recipe.

  28. Thanks for all of the great recipes. The #3 Sake (Salmon) Chazuke really caught my eye and will definitely try with the Dashi broth.

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