Painting the Kitchen | DIY Budget Mobile Home Remodel #25

Painting the Kitchen | DIY Budget Mobile Home Remodel #25

hey everybody my name is Sam and I’m
Angela and welcome back to Green Acre Homestead and today we are going to
start painting the kitchen first up is to go ahead and start trimming out the
kitchen with these little two-inch brushes and while Angela starts that I’m
going to start taking the countertop back away from the wall to allow her to
go ahead and do that part as well this suspense killing you I want to see it now bright all right while she’s doing that I won’t
go over here on the countertop and we’ll start taking this apart I never finished
doing this joint right here so that would be easy enough to take
away and then I’m going to take the rest of this and kind of pull it off the wall
here and I think we’ve got an extra brush it’s not Super Duty nice awesome
quality but good enough for me and I’ll go ahead and start trimming around the
countertop edge as best I can and around the windows and stuff so this should be
interesting as interesting as painting can be I’m sitting down on the job all right so
give us some of your awesome painting tips and techniques I don’t really have
much live on the hands looks like your primary technique there yeah this one
isn’t as bad yeah I was thinking as I was trimming should probably come up
some ideas or things to tell them you know techniques just put the paint where
it’s supposed to go and try not to put it where it’s not supposed to go that’s
it the Thai paint all right I’m gonna go down to the workshop and get the paint
roller and maybe get lost and some kind of a project or something down there and
wait for Angela’s just to text call me to come back up so how’s the video
quality on this video video video killed my cannon so got the new camera that
we’re filming with and this is actually a GoPro it’s the hero 8 black because
any more names you can have for something the cooler it is no doubt still learning it a major concern for my
biggest concern with it is the quality of audio it’s got these little
waterproof microphones that are great for action cams but not so great for
really getting good audio so hopefully that’ll get better but alright welcome
this workshop and welcome to the fun game that I play all the time called
where’s my tools try and find it paint roller should be around here somewhere
Isaac was playing with the other day I was working so it should not be too
buried you guys see it just let me know how just holler out there and I’ll I’ll
hear you there it is yeah it’s been rolling
around the woodchips but that’s it all right that’s all I need
it’s kind of cold Meru make up to the house now it’s doing I am going to make a pumpkin
pie tonight somebody was requesting it so I’m getting the recipe down so I can
go to the rest to the restaurant to the grocery store alright that’s everything
that’s done good enough for now I want to let it dry for maybe 30 minutes or so
and come back and hit the rest when I need to I know I’ll have some painting
around the windows here with the new purple drywall underneath the cabinets
as well and then over here in the corner where we’ve been coming up the apples
and baskets for sure and he’s done again but tray is dry and it’s time for a
break okay all the paint is drying I’m a good hit with what I hope is gonna be
its last coat some parts have taken three coats some just two so this will
make a total of three to four coats for the whole kitchen in the various spots
we found that the hardest thing to cover up was not this purple drywall it was
the apples and baskets those guys do not want to disappear Wow we are done painting and what do you
think Sam kicked it today I didn’t kick it I was asking about the paint though
hey it’s different it is different right now we’re feeling like it really clashes
with the cabinet’s but to clear you guys in on what we’re planning to do we’re
gonna paint our cabinets white so when that’s come in this confirmed it for us
yeah so when that’s done it’ll make it look a lot better we think right now
it’s kind of dark and kind of a little too warm feeling so we like a cold
kitchen I don’t want to feel warm at all that and we have a couple of Corner
molding pieces that we have yet to get that so it’s not totally finished
feeling so yep that so yep but anyway we’re happy with it being painted it’s
all one color now right no purple no white no apples and baskets boy those
apples and mascots were hard to get rid of that’s okay don’t worry they’re not
totally gone because our laundry room is still flying the apples and baskets flag
real proud yep so well thanks for staying with us today and coming with us
as we painted our kitchen all right we’ll see you guys next time
if you’re new here hit the subscribe button there’s also a full playlist
below of this entire mobile home remodel that we’ve done see you guys next time you

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  2. Wow, YouTube never even notified me that you had a new video up. I just happened to be scrolling through and seen it there. Kitchen is looking great, but if you ever go to paint again, get some Kilz or Kilz II primer and primer everything first and then go back and paint it with the color of your choice.

  3. Love the yellow!! It's such a "happy" color! Totally fits you guys!! ❤
    I AM a bit sad about the white cupboards..( but it IS your house so my feelings don't count! Lol ) I was hoping you would go with color…like dark on the bottom, white or light on top…with either stain OR paint…but that is the stifled interior decorator in me! LOL….It WILL look awesome though, and leaves a lot of options for decor! Not sure what your style is in that respect, but vintage, mcm, french country, primitive Americana etc would look great! Looking forward to the next video!! ❤❤❤❤

  4. I wasn't sure about the paint color when you opened the can. I'm not a yellow person BUT when I saw it finished, I loved it! When the cabinets are done, it will be just the bomb. Great job!

  5. Love the color!! When you get the cabinets done it is going to look awesome. I say this as I am just about finished with a yellow and white kitchen make over..

  6. Oh, that is going to look BEAUTIFUL with the white cabinets. I think it is coming along quite nicely. Great job guys. 👍

  7. Hi! Doug & Ashley said the same thing about there kitchen wallpaper. They couldn't cover well. It kept coming thru. I think maybe it needed to be washed & primed then pointed the wall. I 💘 the color you picked out! I agree the cabinet should be painted white. I love your videos, you guys rock! LOL

  8. White cabinets and trim will make it very cheerful in there 🙂 I've chosen white cabinets with black handles and pulls. I haven't heard yet….what's the floor to be? BTW the audio is just fine on the video with the new camera on my computer. And your "happy work" music is spot on! It reminds me of commercials when I was a child on the modern marvel of the "all-electric" kitchen.

  9. Love you guys. Love the color of the kitchen. painters tape is a painters best friend. The quality of the new camera is great.

  10. The color looks like my Lilting Lily from Valspar that we painted the guest bathroom and the hallway. I love the color. We live in a mobile home, also and had to use two coats of primer to cover the dark stripes on the wall in the bathroom. I now need to figure out the dining/ sitting room color and the kitchen color. We just renovated both bathrooms and they look great, but when you are Seventy years young it gets a little harder and slower going. Love to watch what you are doing to your home.

  11. Oh! Good job you guys. Your kitchen is looking fresher already. I've missed so much, been awol, but I am one of those who are kinda glad to see the back of the apples and baskets 😂. Blessings to you all ❤

  12. Those “apples & baskets” have a protective coating to help keep grease from being absorbed into the drywall. We had similar covering in both bathrooms and our kitchen. You really need a coat of primer so the paint will adhere and nor peel (been there, and learned a hard lesson on one of our walls). We also found that by adding some drywall mud to our paint, it helped hide minor imperfections on our wall and gave the wall a textured finish. We were painting over existing drywall unlike your new drywall. The kitchen looks fantastic!

  13. As soon as you opened the paint can I was like, oooooOOOOOOOOoooooo beautiful!! Do you already know what you are doing for your floors but want to keep it a surprise for all of us? Video quality is awesome..

  14. The new camera looks GREAT! The sound is fine on my TV but might want to get a headphone users opinion. I really liked your music choice for this video, I kept waiting to see little animated birds or something show up to help you paint. All in all great quality, I think I like it even better than your old camera.

  15. We know where your cabinet receipt is now, in case you lost it, lol. Love that butter yellow! The first yellow I picked for my kitchen looked like a school bus when I got it on the wall – WAY too bright! Your color is perfect.

  16. Question lol did you film making that pumpkin pie? I like the color and completely agree with you white cabinets will look great tyfs and the video quality was great to Blessings to your family and I pray yall have amazing Thanksgiving

  17. I would say the audio us great….you asked us to shout if we saw the roller….I shouted and you heard loud and clear and went straight to it!! 👂👂👂😉….lovely colour and I'm so glad you'll be painting the cabinets….get a matching cabinet door for over your fridge…put a shelf to match the width and depth, Angela, you will still have your cupboard space but better 👍😀. Don't worry, I can keep finding jobs to keep the main man out of mischief 🥴😉xxx

  18. Looks like a soft yellow. Love that color. My craftroom is that color with white trim. Love it. 65 degrees tomorrow..may paint a bit some(need to finish painting some kitchen spots. Light gray)

  19. I love that paint color! I just painted some cabinets in my laundry room. I used zinser primer, rustoleum chalk paint and top coat(only 1 thin later of top coat. I used a wooster high density foam brush and roller (cheap at home depot). No brush marks and people say they look like they were factory finished.
    You guys work so good together ❤

  20. The wife and I painted our old house with yellow walls and white cabinets and it look good. I'm trying to get her to let me do the same thing in double wide. It has spices on the wall. Oh you guys are doing great.

  21. I absolutely love the color. White cabinets would look good but white wash would look better with the paint color. Btw, the picture and sound is awesome! Thanks for sharing, God bless!

  22. The kitchen looks great even though I'm not a fan of yellow, it looks bright and cheery but will look even better when you paint your new cabinets white. I give you credit for being able to paint without masking or a drop cloth and not spilling a drop of paint! Hope your pumpkin pie came out delicious. I haven't made pumpkin from scratch since I was a little girl with my Dad, but my hubby and I have grand plans to make a huge one on our porch into multiple pumpkin pies. Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless!

  23. Love the color!!! Did you not need to prime first? That will help especially with the apples and baskets you have to do in the future. Your flower bouquet is so pretty with the walls 🙂 White cabinets will look very nice.

  24. you guys are some thing else i love warm feeling great job shock me when you said you were going to paint the cabins white i think that is great

  25. It's nice to see things coming together. I for one am just dying to see what you do with the floor! Are laminate/vinyl planks in the offing?

  26. when we removed slats between wallpapered panels in our mobile, we taped & spakled the spaces between, sanded & re-spakeled, sanded again..then painted, could still see difference of slightly textured wallpaper and primed seams,,after 3 coates of paint, decided to give up and wallpapered over painted walls. priming did not help, yours looks fine. good luck, lots of work, but looks great. space between sink cabinet & stove may be filled in with a narrow 6in go 9in cabinet (whatever fits) that can hold baking sheets, muffin pans, cutting boards. middle shelf can be removed if need be. thanks for sharing your hard work

  27. Yikes! No caulking?! That would have made everything look way more professional. I would have primed the purple specially when using a light color.~Re: sound quality. I'm wearing headphones and the sound was fine.

  28. Should have used the paint and primer all in one for the paint and taped and mud the corners for a much better look. but hey its your guys kitchen and it looks good

  29. I have a painting tip. Put a lot of hand lotion on before painting and it will wash off much easier.

  30. I love that Butter Cream color!!!! The cabinets are fine, but painting them white will really set the whole kitchen off 🙂 Don't forget the pantry/laundry room!!! Looking great you two!

  31. It looks so much better guys I love white cabinets y’all home is going to be beautiful when y’all finish prayers and hugs 🤗

  32. Video quality seems nice audio quality is acceptable. One thing I did notice is the auto stabilizer moved around a few times but not bad. Now you can get your camera wet and not worry about it

  33. I am officially disappointed. I wanted a pecan or walnut stain for your cabinets. Stain for wood; paint for plastic and metal.

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