Pakistani Street Food – ISLAMABAD to BESHAM

Pakistani Street Food – ISLAMABAD to BESHAM

– Hey everyone, my name is Siya Zarrabi, and this is the first of
many videos we’re gonna be releasing on my trip to Pakistan. I was there recently for two weeks, traveling around in Northern Pakistan, driving through the mountains, exploring the culture and the food and traditions. And before I went to Pakistan, I got a lot of feedback from people. Now, generally the feedback was, “Why are you going to a
country full of terrorists?” “Are you worried about getting kidnapped?” “What about security?”,
“What about your safety?” Even my own country,
the government of Canada warned me not to go. Myself, and a group of
influencers from around the world were invited to Pakistan by CPIC. And their mission is to
change the perception of Pakistan to the world. So what are we waiting for? Let’s go to Pakistan. (upbeat Pakistani music playing) Oh, first, let’s meet the team. (intense music) – [Siya] We have Ryan;
he’s a fellow Canadian now living in the UK, and he actually put this entire trip together, and
is a fellow travel vlogger. – Zee; he’s the founder
of CPIC, a business man from the UK and philanthropist. He’s also the comic relief of the trip. Lexie; California girl who
just broke the Guinness World Record for being the youngest person to travel to every country. Pakistan was the third
last country on her list. Brooke; a pioneer in the
travel vlogging world and business moogle from Tasmania. Mike; one of the coolest and most talented videographers in the online space. And a big adventure-enthusiast
from East Coast Canada. Anushae; a local Pakistani
influencer who frequently got stopped for selfies with her fans. Zubair; one of Pakistans greatest
directors of photography. Alexis; a model and travel
vlogger from Romania. And me. (slow clapping) (upbeat Pakinstani music) – [Mike] Oh – [Woman] Yeah, let’s see
how it’s gonna be like. (man laughs) – [Woman] It’s really
yummy. It’s really good. – You think so? – [Woman] Yeah. I think so. – [Man] Yeah, I mean,
it’s kinda frozen inside. – I..I.. – [Camera Man] Like this dude… – [Man] Just do like that. – [Camera Man] Argh. – [Mike] Okay. – [Mike] Is there like, lemon-y taste? – [Woman] I mean… (car honks) (Lexie laughs) – [Lexie] I don’t even know
what you would call that. – [Mike] I like it.
It’s almost like a milk, like a milk pop. – Siya. – That looks right. So what
is it? What is this called? – [Local Man] “Kulfi.” – [Siya] Kulfi? – [Siya’s Friend] This is
the kind of stuff you get on Queens Street West, bro. (Siya chuckles) – [Lexie] Look at this. – [Siya] Oh, like a Popsicle. – [Mike] Is it? – [Lexie] Yeah. (Mike laughs) – [Siya] It’s really nice. – [Local Man] We have so many of – – [Lexie] Do you wanna try it? – [Siya] It’s refreshing
because it’s warm out. – [Lexie] Maybe you should have a bite. – [Siya] There’s also the
aroma of marijuana in the air. (all laugh) Because we are surrounded
by plants and I think that’s adding to the
deliciousness of this treat. (all laugh) It’s everywhere. Look, right here. Literally right here. – [Siya] Cannabis. Cannabis.
Cannabis. Cannabis. It’s all over. (upbeat music) – [Ryan] Hey, Siya! – [Siya] Yeah, wuddup. – What’s up, bro? How you enjoying it? (upbeat music) – [Siya] Oh, it’s great so far! (upbeat guitar strumming) – [Siya] Day one we spent roaming around the capital city of Islamabad. A lot of us were really jet lagged, having just flown in to Pakistan, so we were taking it easy today, because tomorrow was the
start of our big adventure. And the girls even wanted
to buy some local outfits. We drove around the city getting to know each other, we saw some local sights, and we even stopped by the
biggest mall in Pakistan, where we had our first
meal, which is surprising, but it was really delicious. The trip has barely begun,
but we’re already diving in to the Pakistani spirit. But we’re going to need
to conserve our energy, because tomorrow the trip begins to the mountains of Northern Pakistan. (local radio music playing) (clapping to the beat) – [Woman] I wish I knew how to dance. (agreeable laughter) – [Siya] Today we have a
flight into the mountains. We’re going North, Skardu. (rain hitting windows) And our flight was cancelled
because of the rain, now it was back on, now I think it’s going to be canceled because
it just started raining when we pulled up to the airport. And this was supposed to be like a big highlight of the trip. So I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but I hope it all works out. I’m optimistic. “Inshallah”
– what I learned on this trip. (heavy rain) – Okay, so, flight’s canceled. (others grunting and moaning) There’s no flight to Skardu. Now, option two is,
we’re going to be driving to a place called… – [Anushae] Besham. – Besham. That’s an eight hour drive, and basically our tour
was starting at Skardu, the most northern point,
and then we’re coming back south, now we’re going to start from the most southern point,
and work our way north. So the trip has just gone back to front. – [Anushae] Yeah. – And we just inherited
an eight hour drive. (all cheering and laughing) – A little bummed that
the flight is canceled but we still get to do everything that we are planning on doing, um, but now we’re gonna get to see
more of the country side, we can make more stops along the way, because we’re not flying over it. Ya know, we’ve done a lot of road trips in our life, um, we
spent the last whole year doing road trips, so
this is, we get to now do a road trip in Pakistan. Today is an eight hour drive
so, I’m excited for it! – [Siya] We just stopped
on the side of the road this is our bus, and
some people had to use the washroom. (car honking) Whoa. We got some snacks
for the road because we didn’t anticipate
having an eight hour drive today but, we are. And uh, we are about to
approach some mountains. I see the mountains in the distance. Which…Look at this van! (charms clanking together) Ah, I love it. There’s so
much color and so much life and everyone just being so friendly, and shaking hands, and
curious to know about us. They wanna know about like, my parents, and my home, they’re offering me food, offering me drinks like.. (car horn) Just, so much hospitality. (car engine roaring) – [Siya] I saw some sugar cane stalks on the side of the road and there was a stand here, so I wanted to order some sugar cane juice. It’s very popular here and authentic so I’m gonna get some. (motor running) – So this was sugar cane
juice pressed with salt? – Yes. – [Zee] So how does it taste? Is it good? – I dunno. – [Zee] It looks like..Oh,
you haven’t tried it yet? – It looks like old pee. – [Camerawoman] They haven’t tried it yet. – Whoa! – [Zee] Got some kick? (Camerawoman laughs) – It tastes like eggs. – Kinda, yeah. (Zee laughs) – Why does it taste like eggs? – It’s got a bit of, uh,
a bit of sulfur taste. Is that the… – [Zee] Salt. – The salt? – The sulfur. Like eggs. – It’s definitely sugary. – It tastes like if you
put sugar in egg yokes. – That’s a good, yes. (Zee laughs) (car horns) (Mike laughs) A little bit of juice,
a little bit of egg, a little bit of farts. (Zee Laughs) – I..I didn’t..I, uh..
yeah. Anybody want some? (all laugh) – [Siya] What do you think, right? – Why does it taste like eggs? (all laugh) – [Siya] I don’t know! – [Siya] Okay, we’ve now
been driving for a couple hours and its been really slow because the weather’s really crappy and rainy, and there’s road blocks and mudslides, but now we’ve stopped for lunch. Crew’s here, we’re getting
like huge mix platter which, uh, I’m very excited for. We’re hungry and this
is a local restaurant, local food, Pakistani
food which is incredible. Two different types of naan. – [Anushae] And this is plain naan. – [Siya] Plain naan. – Yeah. – [Siya] And then this is beef, here? – [Anushae] No, that’s chicken. – This is chicken? – Yup. – Chicken. – Everything’s chicken I think. – That’s chicken. We have rice. Dal? – This is quail. – [Zee] Dal. – [Siya] Dal which is
split pees? Or lentils? – [Anushae] Lentils. This is chicken. – [Siya] And then this is chicken here. Does this have a name? – [Anushae] Cream chicken. – [Zee] Um, it does. But
I’m not sure what it is. – So good. – [Zee] Mmm. So hot. – [Zee] So what I’d like you to do is mix two of them because
that’s where the art is with it, ya know?
Because when, you don’t mix the curry, put them in
separately, but then when you’re scooping all, get some of that and some of that. – [Mike] Okay, so one scoop of this curry? – [Zee] Yeah. – Is this curry here too? – Yup. – What’s this one, here? – Some white curry. – White curry. – Yeah. – Okay. – Take the naan bread, – Right. – Rip some off. – Rip some off. – Get yourself a nice piece, – Uh huh. – Get in there, face down, – Okay. – Have you got some chicken there? – Yes. – No, you’re not. You need to get more, deeper inside it, yeah. – [Mike] Okay. – See, you need to fill that bread up. Basically break…break the chicken. Break the chicken like this. Now, dip it in the other one. – Dip this in that one? – [Zee] Yes, get this
one, a bit of this mix in there too. (woman laughs) – Like that? – [Zee] Yeah, there you go. Now go for it. – And that’s how you eat curry with naan. Mm. I like that. This
white one is really good. – [Siya] What do you think, Anushae? – I love it. It’s my favorite food. – [Lexie] Oil. Spicy, spicy, spicy oil. – [Siya] Spicy oil. – It’s so good! – [Anushae] Spicy oil. – I can’t stop eating it! – Hi guys, I love spicy Sia. So this is my home country now. I learned yesterday,
one thing you don’t do, is put rice on naan. – [Zee] No. – Because apparently… – [Zee] Nu-uh. – It’s a travesty. I’m gonna do it, right? (Zee and others laugh) – Carb on carbs on carbs. – Lunch is complete. Absolutely delicious! I love rice, I love curry, I love kabobs. I love meat, and the veg,
the spices, the herbs! Mm! Incredible, incredible. So delicious! And now we’re headed- (car horn) Probably on another five hour journey, into the mountains to our location so, I think the rest of
the footage is gonna be a very mountainous and
green and interesting, interesting Pakistani footage. (upbeat instrumental Pakistani music) – So these trucks are
all over the place here. They’re all very decorated
it’s popular here to have your truck very decorated. They’re very extravagant,
very bold, very colorful, very beautiful and
that’s what I’m seeing in the people here, in the culture. (instrumental music) – [Syia] One of my favorite things to do on roadtrips, is to listen
to really good music, while staring out the window. And Pakistan was no exception. I feel like it really pulls me in to the atmosphere of a place. (birds chirping) – [Syia] We’re stopped for some tea, some relaxation, and like, make sure our butts aren’t that hurt. How’s your butt? – It’s hurt. – [Syia] It’s hurt. It’s a nice butt though. (Mike chuckles) – We’re getting more and
more into the mountains. It’s just been like, winding roads going up and down mountains, (kids chatting) like, there’s a near accident maybe every twenty seconds. I will take a coffee. (upbeat instrumental Pakistani music) – The trip is already
off to a crazy start. Because of weather, we missed our flight, and that means we had to
drive for twenty four hours through the mountains, there’s landslides, there’s roadblocks, we
get stranded on the side of a mountain, the trip
is just non stop like, chaos and beauty and things happening that we’re unexpected. Tune into the next video because it’s going to be very exciting. We ride on the roof of the van, through the mountains, we explore
some incredible places, just more adventurers ahead.

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