Palak Paratha Recipe – Spinach Paratha recipe – Punjabi Palak Masala Paratha

Palak Paratha Recipe – Spinach Paratha recipe – Punjabi Palak Masala Paratha

Namaskar! Welcome to Today we will make spinach parantha. Spinach paranthas can be prepared in two ways. Either take finely chop spinach leaves and mix it in wheat flour, prepare a dough and make paranthas of it. Or prepare a spinach stuffing separately, fill it in dough balls and make stuffed spinach paranthas. Both tastes equally delicious. Today we are going to mix spinach in wheat flour, make a dough and prepare the paranthas. These paranthas are very scrumptious. So, let’s start making paranthas. To make spinach paranthas, we will knead a dough first. Take 2 cup (300 grams) of wheat flour. Now we will mix spinach in it. Take 200 grams of spinach, remove the stalk and wash the leaves 2-3 times. Place them on colander, let the water drain completely. When leaves are completely dry then chop them finely. So, this is finely chopped spinach. Mix spinach into the flour. Now add 1/4 tsp cumin seeds and 1/2 tsp ginger paste. Then add 1 finely chopped green chilly and 1/2 tsp of salt or taste. Add 2 tsp of oil. Mix everything really well. Add water in small portions and knead a firm dough. Keep the dough little firm than required for making chapatti. We have added ginger and green chilly into the flour, we are making little spicy paranthas. If you dont want to make it spicy, specially if you are making it for kids and they don’t like spicy. Then skip ginger and chilly, that means add salt and cumin seeds only. It will taste equally delicious. It will taste equally delicious. For this we have used little less than 1 cup of water. Around 2-3 tbsp of water is left. Cover the dough and let it rest for 20 minutes. After that we will make paranthas. 20 minute is over. Dough is also ready. Now we will make paranthas. Grease your hand with some oil and knead the dough again to make it smooth. Dough is now ready. Now let’s make paranthas. Heat a tawa to make paranthas. Pinch a lump from the dough. Make paranthas little big or small as desired. Roll the dough ball into peda. Dust it with some flour and roll it into 3-4 inch diameter. Now pour and spread some oil on it. Pick from the edges and close it completely. Flatten the dough with the help of fingers. You can shape the paranthas in round, triangular or square. Make it as desired. Here we are making round parantha, so we layered it. Now again dust it with some flour and roll it into 5-6 inch diameter parantha. Don’t roll it too thin. Keep it little thick. Now the parantha is rolled. Pour some oil on hot tawa and spread it evenly, to grease the tawa. Place the parantha on tawa and let it roast from bottom. Meanwhile, similarly roll another parantha. Parantha is cooked from the bottom as it is little dark on the top. Flip its side and let it cook until brown spots appear. Now, parantha is cooked from the other side as well. You can see it like this or else it will take 1 minute to cook. Apply some oil on top and spread it evenly on the parantha. Flip the side and spread some oil on the other side as well. Keep the flame medium and press it gently with the ladle, like this and cook it till brown spots appear on both the sides. Parantha is now cooked completely. Transfer it on the bowl placed over a plate or directly serve it into the plate. When paranthas are served directly from the tawa, it tastes even better. Likewise, prepare the remaining paranthas. Now we will roll this parantha in triangular shape. Dust some flour on it and roll it into 5-6 inch diameter parantha. Pour some oil on it and spread it evenly. Fold the parantha into half, like this. Now apply some oil on it and again fold it into half, as shown. Flatten it with the fingers. Triangular dough ball is now ready. Dust it with some flour. Now roll little thick the parantha in triangular shape. Parantha is now rolled and roast it similarly as done before. If you want to make square shaped parantha, then similarly make the peda. Dust some flour on it and roll it into 5-6 inch diameter parantha. Parantha is now rolled. Pour and spread some oil on it. To give it a square shape, fold it like this and again fold it from opposite side. Again apply some oil on it and fold it from top and bottom. Square shaped dough ball is now ready. Dust it with some flour and roll it into little thick parantha. Maintain the square shape of the parantha while rolling it. Well, round parantha is easy to roll but it is also not too tough. Keep practicing and you will learn to roll it. Parantha is now rolled and roast it similarly as done before. Now the paranthas are ready. Here we have prepared 8 paranthas with this much of flour. Spinach paranthas are ready to serve. We placed the paranthas on bowl because if you place them hot directly on plate then they will become soggy. Placing it on the bowl keep it nice and crispy. Now the paranthas are cooled down, place it on the plate. Here we have made round, triangular and square shaped paranthas. Round paranthas are easy to roll but carefully roll the triangular and square shape. Triangular and square paranthas have more layers so they taste even more delicious. By the way, all the paranthas are delectable. So, make them as desired. If you follow the suggestions then they will become amazingly tasty. When you knead the dough, let it rest for 20-25 minutes to set then it will be rolled easily. Take extra care while roasting them, keep the flame under control. Put the flame low if the tawa is too much hot, roast it until crispy and increase the flame if tawa cools down. This way paranthas will become more scrumptious. Serve this spinach paranthas with chutney, curd, raita, pickle or with any sabzi you like. So, definitely try these spinach paranthas at home and relish eating. Share your experience on See you soon with another delightful recipe. 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  1. I love you mam , your voice your way of describing everything is very appreciable ….going to make for my daughters

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  3. Very colourful 😊, kya aap paratha fold karte samay tel lagane ka reason bata sakte hai mam, meri mom bhi Yehi karti thi, lekin woh sade paratho ko fulane k liye, kehti thi, yahan to fulana nahi hai fir kyu lagate hai??

  4. Aap ki bataye recipe ke anusar main ne Ghar pe palak ke parathe banaye…bahut achha was very tasty with achar chatni.

  5. Nisha Auntie, thanks so much for the recipe! I tried making the parathas and they turned out terrific! ❤ I had a question – while rolling the dough, you added some oil, then folded it, and then re-rolled it. Can I avoid that step of adding oil? Or is it a necessary step? I was thinking of adding less oil, so would love to know what you think. Thanks once again for your recipes! You are the best! 🙂

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