100 thoughts on “Palestinian Food – RARE “Zarb” BBQ Arabic Cooking in Bethlehem + STREET FOOD in Palestine!

  1. This was one of the best days of our lives! Cooking Zarb with a family in Bethlehem! Traditional Palestinian BBQ! Next up is Naples, Italy! Hope you are enjoying the longer format videos! Follow us here : https://www.instagram.com/chopsticktravel & https://www.facebook.com/chopsticktravel

  2. While you say the religious issues were far beyond the scope of your little videos you definitely showed favoritism to the Christian side of things and how particular “blessed” you felt to be walking in the steps of Jesus. However while standing at the Dome Of The Rock you failed to mention that this was the spot where Muhammad ascended to heaven. The sights were beautiful but I could have done without your Christian gushing. But Luke FINALLY said bĀgel like the rest of the world!!

  3. Luke
    I love your videos.
    Thank you for the statements of Justice towards the Palestinians. You've had first hand experience with real Christian Palestinians in Bethlehem. Few Americans would believe that there are Christian Palestinians left. These are the descendants of the followers of the disciples of Jesus. They are as badly treated as Muslim Palestinians simply because they are Palestinians only. American and European pilgrims to Jerusalem or frequently prevented from meeting with the local Palestinian Christians by orders of the Israeli government. Do you want to make sure that they will never gain sympathy of the pilgrims or hear their stories of persecution. The separation wall is nothing but a reflection of apartheid policy of the Israeli government and expression of sense of superiority of the upper hand at this time… Palestinians are not terrorists. They're like everybody else, they want to live enjoy life, food have a family and go to work. They also want freedom in their land. Thank you again for this informative & entertaining YouTube series that you made.

  4. You must go to jordan too 🤩
    Im from Palestine but was live in jordan
    You are so kind thank you for this amazing video i haven't see Palestine in along time

  5. If you wanted to avoid controversy you would have not referred to Judea and Samaria as “Palestinian”, my only defense I can think on your part is you are young and naive. Please show both sides of the argument if you want to make a stand.

  6. Kindly remove females and music from video not allowed

    Follow Islam because no salvation without Islam

    Read Quran ALLAH your creator is talking with you

  7. That way of making tea, roasting chicken, the use of spices….mmmm I really love Arab way of cooking, Never tried It but I am sure I would love It!!!

  8. I rather watch your videos on trying food from around the world then other youtubers videos of trying food around the world lol

  9. I thought that there were 20 persons for lunch! so much food for 5 persons? the oven was a pollutant.Did you waste the food?

  10. I was tearing up in all of your videos in Palestine. Especially at the end of this one i could hear the emotions in your voice, it's like you got attached to this place religiously, historically and through the food and people♡ God bless you brother i love you, i was missing this so much and being able to see this again through your videos means so much to me and making me really emotional ❤🇵🇸 Thank you Luke

  11. سلام خاوتي ممكن دعم قناة اخوكم في الله الجزائري بشتراك ربي يعطيكم الفردوس انشاء الله . سلامي 🇩🇿🇨🇭❤

  12. Thanks for showing that what the media would have us perceive is not generally the way things are. It makes me excited to see how folks from other countries want to share their culture and wonderful food with others. The love and pride that goes into cooking and sharing with others is evident in the smiles and laughter.

  13. Beautiful video. The video is also very good. I wish i had a chance to try this food. I always wanted to visit Israel and i think, that i will visit it. I especially love the city of Betlehem, because Jesus was born in it. I think, that it is a beautiful city.

  14. প্যালেস্টাইনের জন্য ভালবাসা আজীবন! Love Palestine from Bangladesh.

  15. I really love to visit Palestine someday..I wish I have a Palestinians friend so i can visit their house and get to know more about their life,foods and culture..Greetings from Malaysia❤

  16. Love your footages, and the editing is clean. And, the music is lovely.

    Sinfully gorgeous food tasting; simply informative, very engaging and respectful.

    After all, vlogging is all about us, our world and our hearts as one.

    Thank you for making your vlog so uniquely gorgeous. Your travel food vlog will not complete yet, unless you travel to our gorgeous country and its beaches.

    – much love from your new subscriber here, from the Philippines🇵🇭

  17. glad you guys went to palestine an saw the other side an enjoyed the food an giving us a good insight on palestine as well as keeping a open mind an showing great food an the great side of humanity no matter where you go in the world 🙂

  18. Arabic food land arabic traditions arabic language arabic structures But some people nothing to do with arabs….. chrismas Easter church wine Pfff palestine if for palestiniens no space for strangers

  19. If you are sitting in the glasshouse do not throw stones.
    That is the reason for the wall in Palestine. Isreal does not exist.

  20. I absolute
    Love you get it right out of the way no political or religious views we are just here to enjoy everyone's food…love it so beautifully put..thank you

  21. I love your videos but please say the names of the things you eat and please describe the ingredients. I was wondering what the tea was made off? That delicious cheese dessert what is the name. How would you saw hello and thank you in Palestinian? Just some ideas as its very interesting.

  22. I like these videos. But, lumping Tel Aviv & the West Bank together, confuses viewers. Israel is an occupying military entity that has been enslaving millions of Palestinians for over 70 years. To run this brutal occupation, US gives them billions of US tax dollars. At this stage of the game, many Americans are asking "why are we funding this monster, Israel"? Good question to ask. Hopefully, the BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanction movement against Israel), will succeed.

  23. "The issues that Israeli and Palestinians are grappling with is far beyond this program"?
    Really, Luck? How hard is it to understand that Israel is a military occupation force, enslaving millions of Palestinian for 70+ years? Sad to say it but it is true, 🙁 I don't enjoy looking at you any more. What a shame.

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