Pan-fried Rice Cakes with sweet bean filling (Bukkumi: 부꾸미)

Pan-fried Rice Cakes with sweet bean filling (Bukkumi: 부꾸미)

(upbeat pop music) – Hi everybody! Today we are going to make sweet stuff! Korean traditional sweet dessert or snack is called “bukkumi.” Isn’t it cute name, “bukkumi?” We are going to use sweet rice flour, so I’m using Mochiko. And also we need some sweet stuff. This is sweet red beans,
canned sweet red beans it’s called “tong-danpat.” You can get this at Korean
grocery store easily. With these two ingredients
you can make it in ten minutes Korean traditional
dessert and snack bukkumi. But some of you guys living far away from Korean grocery store, you can’t find this kind of canned sweet
red bean paste at home, and I’m going to show
you another way, method. So this is, I’m using this
mung bean, dried mung beans. Original color is green,
but all skins are removed and dried, so yellow. Really pretty yellow color. So I’ll just make the
two kinds of fillings. But if you are busy,
just you can pick it up from Korean grocery store, just make it, or you like to make two kinds and then you both methods
I’m going to show you. First what we have to do
is soak this mung beans, dried mung bean. I’m using half a cup. And then, wash. Scrubbing like this. So you need to wash, scrub this. Because you will see the color, really beautiful yellow
color is coming out. Just soak these. This is I soaked two hours ago. I will show you the difference. Two hours ago. And this is just now. The size is huge difference. This one is soaked already, let’s strain. Okay, strain the water, like this. And then put it in the pot. So 1/3 cup water. A pinch of salt. Around medium heat. You need to keep an eye on this, because we don’t burn it. then medium heat, ten minutes. Meanwhile let’s make
chewy delicious dough. and this plastic bag. I can measure easy. one cup. One cup. And let’s add quarter teaspoon salt. This one cup of sweet rice flour we are going to make four bukkumi. We need to add really hot water, so I’m just boiling my water here. So this mung bean, around
six minutes after, you will see. lots of bubbles are coming up. You need to really keep an eye on this. 1/3 cup plus two tablespoons water. Hot, hot water. And two tablespoons. One, two. And then this is too hot,
so use a wooden spoon or rice scoop just like me. Keep mixing. Okay, and then I’m going to use my hand. Make it really one lump like this. So we made one lump. I’m going to wait. Meanwhile, this guy is going
be more stick to each other. Tightly wrap with plastic wrap like this. I’m going to take care of my mung bean. Simmer, low heat, almost no fire. I’m going to garnish this. pumpkin seeds, and jujube. red color, green
color, it matches very well. Tip part. Like this. Cut around the seed. Like this. And then roll. Roll. So this is sticky inside, so they stick to each other easily. Let’s go back to our mung bean. Ten minutes over medium heat, five minutes simmer, almost no fire. Okay, and then, turn off the heat. With your wooden spoon
or any spoon, just mash. You see, really fluffy,
without burning the bottom. See, bottom is clean. We need to make these guys sweet. I’m going to use honey. I can’t help taste. Mmm! Delicious. Next, let’s take care of the dough! (laughs) Rice flour, little bit we may need, yeah? Like this. This time, more seriously, we knead. So, I’m going to divide
this guy into four pieces. And then, make ball. Nice, beautiful, four equal sizes. This is for four serving. I think this guy’s too big,
so I’m going to put it here. And then roll them out. Okay, I made one. So, roll them out like
this around size 5.5 inch. Five to six inch. Okay, nice. With this amount you
can make more than four, maybe eight you can make. I’m going to make two with this, and the other two with this. These two we need these? I’m going to use two
types of oil, cooking oil. This is grapeseed oil, but you can use any cooking oil, corn oil, any oil. And this is sesame oil. Sesame oil makes this
bukkumi very flavorful. Drizzle oil and sesame oil. And then, here. 40 seconds after, when the edge part is, you will see the cooked, and then turn it over. Put this in center, and fold. Make it half-moon. When it’s cooked, you can see it like expands. This dough expands, and
looks fluffy inside. Okay, done. So, this is cooked, and another one. Same method. Oil, and just a little
sesame oil, and mix. Stir this like this, and then. And then turn it over. Whenever I make my bukkumi I
always think about my father. My father already passed
away, long time ago. He loved, loved this. Anything made with sweet rice
flour, glutenous rice flour. Very chewy texture, he loved it. He loved corn also. Maybe I got it from my
father, I love also, anything like a chewy stuff, gooey stuff, with glutinous rice flour,
and plus I love also corn. (laughs) So, whenever I make this
I’m thinking about my father. Beautiful! I think we need more oil. Sesame oil. So, next, sweet red bean paste. And scoop some like this. Nice. I’m going to put another one here. So you can serve just like this. When it’s hot, more tasty. But I told you we are
going to do some garnish. this is honey. Then this. Isn’t it pretty? And this is two. I’m going to have my
bukkumi with my coffee, just as breakfast today. I’m going to taste my mung bean first. Very chewy. Sweet red bean. Mmm. Delicious! Crunchy outside, chewy texture, and some sesame oil flavor,
and this is perfect! So, this is Korean traditional bukkumi. Name is also so pretty. It sounds delicious, isn’t it? If you are busy, just pick up, you know canned sweet red bean
from Korean grocery store, just make it in ten minutes. We did a garnish today, but you don’t have to
garnish, but actually a little bit garnish really
make it upscale, isn’t it? Today we made bukkumi. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time! Bye! (upbeat pop music)

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