Parents disapprove of their drag queen son’s look while out to eat | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Parents disapprove of their drag queen son’s look while out to eat | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Durian should be here any minute You know why is our son always late to everything I think he gets it from you Hi mom and dad Oh Darry Are you kidding? What? You didn’t tell us you’d be dressed like that for lunch You know I have a show later; I’m a drag queen What’s the big deal? Drag culture. It’s been a part of the mainstream for quite some time now. From Tony award-winning Broadway musicals To block-buster movies (You still have a lot more to learn before you can become a full fledged queen.) And popular TV shows Chantay you stay In a recent episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race a contestant opened up about his family’s reaction to his drag career My dad may have been a little off set in the beginning I remember he said to me I don’t have a problem with you being gay but you guys just don’t dress up as a woman Today this son dressed in drag is not welcomed at lunch with his folks You’re out in public with us! It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing, I’m still your son! No, no, no, no, no, you are not our son when you’re dressed like that. No, you’ve told us all about it. But to see you sitting there like that Well. If you witnissed this show of disaproval. What if one of our friends sees us? Come on, Darry! Please leave the costumes on the stage What would you do? (Excited welcoming) How are you? Welcome to the show Joining us. Today is Monet exchange I am Monet Exchange and you better get your currency in check girl. Monet was a charismatic contestant on season 10 of that hit show RuPaul’s Drag Race Together we’re going to break down the action behind the scenes outside the Parkview diner in Brooklyn, New York (Chattering)
Hey mom and dad! (Awkward silence……) DAD: What is this?
MOM Oh my god. You look like a clown He looks like a clown I’m embarrassed for you and us. when you see young Jackie. You see yourself Oh, absolutely, and
That could be you. Oh it It has been me. I can’t believe you would do this in the middle of the day like this What is wrong with you?! After watching the family interaction… Do you walk around like this all the time? It’s not okay This first customer tries to put it all into perspective for our parents There are worse things. This is half full there are worse things that’s his job. Would you go to the show? To see that? That’s right, honey, stop I’ll go to the show anyway. Oh but don’t you think it looks like a freak? I wish I had a body like that. Are you guys doing they’re actors? Oh I am so glad She said she wasn’t going to the drag show in a couple of seconds I was going to say give me the ticket I Was I’ve been to them that they’re hysterical Jackie why are you watch your body? it’s mostly Spanx and I Give you my address. Will you come over make me? Have a nice day and this this is what you do. Okay, since I can’t stand I can’t be here with you guys The moment our parents storm away from the table Jackie receives compliments And comfort oh Go go go go. Yeah And again ask them. How should I handle this? What should I which I love? How should I? As long as you doing what you love Whose party Our special guest Monet wants to meet these women as well. Oh my god you ladies were of How do you feel girl I mean again in our community? We don’t always feel safe and I hope that there’s people who can make me feel safe like though you do What is your message to people who think that this is weird not normal to people who think that minor business This man makes it his business to get involved when he sees Jackie hurting Thank you Wow all the way over there and when Jackie joins their table, that’s how you guys had to take that So sorry, honey another hug from a complete stranger From all the way over here. You yelled something. What did you say there? You’re not gay but You can be own person without your parents They raised you but you gotta develop me blossom and be who you want to be as a person But we’ll all of the days diners agree with the person this son Wants to be this is an embarrassment to your mother and I I’m gonna go to the bathroom When Jackie leaves the table and now he’s gonna go cry our parents talk to this couple Can you believe this? Did you see that? Yes That’s my son I feel sorry for you Do you have a a son? Yes. Well, how would you react to it? Myself here way sir as a father. What would you do there is the most accepted That is a real reaction to how people feel That’s the reality We’ve heard the server center. Oh, absolutely Totally she continues adding support for Jackie We’re gonna break it time for us to say hello You felt for the parents. I have two feelings. I feel bad for the parents But I also feel bad for him. I really do. I have a son. I love him more than anything else the whole world There’s nothing that he could do. That would make me Resent him in any way whatsoever. I may not like it. We may have discussions about it But I’ve never lose our child of mine over anything like that And then we meet this woman so captivated she can’t take her eyes off What’s happening? I went to school to perform and this is what I wear my show This is the Jackie that I was telling you guys about. You should be proud of this son that you raised This th-this is what I should be proud of Would you be embarrassed? This is my my smiling she’s here I just came from cemetery 1 myself When our family takes a moment to process what she just said this man at the next table Jumps in my son’s game field. He came out Jackie leaves the table and he continues What happened to you His whole thing, Don and Brian trying to bring more it’s not him he’s born You know what? It just came out when it came out and you’re okay with that We step in to say hello to both diners either She was crying I was crying with him. I couldn’t thank you because I told him my son died When you have your son This this is the way he wants to be but you have him, you know, you can pull you I can’t go myself. I Think parents have to accept the children the way their what’s the key to understanding and dealing with it? I think you just have to open a heart. You just can’t be closed You know, you have to be open you have to be accepted and that’s the way I’ve lived my life My son is gay. He opened my eyes, you know, yeah

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  1. I always piss my partner that if we havin a child I would want it to be a gay. Coz it gives me a relaxing and funny vibes. Well, my mom would love too. She always went to a comedy bar.

  2. Truthfully though, who would go to lunch with their parents in drag? Seems like a lot of effort expended just for a bite with your 'rents!

  3. If that was my son I would then have the strength to dress in drag like I always wanted to right down to my pink panties… 😝…

  4. I love the way he’s dressed
    Why are the parents so mean
    He is being himself
    I would accept my child the way he or she is

  5. If that is my son first I will talk to him why it is messed up and send him to Nigeria 1 year in boarding school he will learn his lesson the hard way lol lol lol lol lol lol.

  6. I don't think any drag queen would do that to their parents unless they were trying to push buttons.

    If you know your parents don't really approve of that profession, why rub it their face?

  7. The first group of people were so kind and hilarious! The woman was so funny yet comforting and the two men were so nice about the Drag Show! I hope when I come out I will get similar reactions to this!

  8. Oof if i had a son show up like that hey guys my son just became a freak of nature im going to commit game end or try to drink my problems away

  9. I feel terrible for the woman who lost her son. No parent should ever have to bury their child. If I had a child and had to bury them I would feel empty for a long time

  10. parents should be protective even if your son is gay bisexual pansexual anyting even a drag queen it does not matter and if my son if I have one if my son came to dinner or lunch or breakfast anything like that have been like okay that's fine I'm not a judger

  11. I love drag queens very much and I have a friend of mine who is a drag queen in Adelaide called princess laya and I love her very much.
    If I see a drag queen being disapproved by their family and friends I’m gonna hug them and let them chill out with me and my friends.
    Along time ago in Australia before people love drag queens, lots of people were so judgemental about drag queens back then but now here there are not!. That is why I love drag queens so much and if people have a problem with it, then they are judgmental people who came from the wrong boat.


  13. The last one was heartbreaking, when you lose someone that close to you it hurts even more when you see others not care about those people that are close to them.

  14. oh fuck off with this. If my son showed up to a dinner dressed like an idiot id be upset. Regardless of the context or intention behind it. Looking like w clown when were trying to have a nice dinner is grounds for ridicule.

  15. i don't know why… but if i see a drag queen in the open like that, being vulnerable and not boisterous… i feel sad for them and i would definitely help them out. but if they are loud, i feel that they could probably hold their own. HAHAHA

  16. I get that it's his job and he wants his parents to be understanding, but showing up to lunch in public with your stereotypical white parents like that?? That's a no-no. You could just dress normally, and I'm not being hateful towards drag queens or whatever. It was just an impractical choice, you need to give your parents time to adjust with your lifestyle because tbh- if I was in that restaurant I'd think it was weird too.

  17. To me, I don’t have anything against drag Queens. But, I find it very very bizarre. I know it sounds hypocritical but I mean.

  18. He so beautiful and so kind he should not be treated like that it doesn’t matter if ur trans or gay or lesbian or straight or a drag queen we are equals and we are human it 2019 like grow up people 😭😭❤️❤️❤️💜💜

  19. I find there is a contorted view of love in this world in which people think they love (yes, even parents), when in actuality, they love the view of the other person they desire to have. You can’t love someone if you don’t accept them. If they aren’t hurting anyone else, and in what they are doing, they are self-actualized and fulfilling themselves, that should make you happier than anything as a parent; to know your child is happy and living THEIR truth, not anyone else’s. I’d be proud as hell that a kid I raised has the courage and self-awareness to be who they are.

  20. Sorry, I'm LGBT and I think this is unrealistic. I don't have any problem with drag queens but dressing like that randomly at a restaurant in the middle of the day is not normal and it will draw attention, and it's really not about LGBT issues at all. I 100% agree with the woman at 5:45 "I understand everybody has to do their own thing but there's a time and place".

  21. Any bitch who would have conditions about accepting someone for harmless things shouldn't have children. It's a fucking human being, not a designer dress.

  22. I am generally ok with it but not the obnoxious,loud,attention seeking part of drugy queens. They generally go in groups cause that is where they feel safe it's their pack strength in number etc but when they get together it just becomes a circus. It's like they are competing who will get the most attention in a room. It's a restaurant people just want to go have a nice meal and socialize. Visually they look like a psycho obnoxious rooster on the loose in a chicken coop. Socially I might as well go to a funeral dressed as a disco ball and party while people are mourning their dead. That is the part people don't like not that you are dressed like a flamingo.

  23. This show brings so much tears 😭 there’s always good in this world and I believe In that, the acceptance should always start from the family, as part of the LGBT community we should al be accepted for who we really are x I love love love this show and thanks a million x

  24. If I looked this gorgeous then I would never complain 😭😭 like, from hair to body to makeup? Honestly gorgeous honey

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