Pasta With Bacon And Peas – Not Carbonara Recipe

Pasta With Bacon And Peas – Not Carbonara Recipe

welcome friends so today in the kitchen
studio for lunch for crew lunch I’m going to make not pasta carbonara so all
of you keyboard warriors can take a step back relax you’ve earned a day off this
is not a pasta carbonara recipe so into this pan over sort of a medium-low heat I’m
putting our homemade bacon it is a smoked bacon I’m making pasta with bacon
and peas by the way so I use our own bacon if this was carbonara I would use
guanciale guanciale is fantastic I have some guanciale it is the cured jaw of a
pig the problem with it is it’s not as easy to come by as bacon and this one is
this one is 50 dollars a kilo so this little piece of guanciale is like eight
bucks bacon wins homemade bacon wins every
time so I don’t want to really fry this you
just want to render it slowly let the fat come out and then it’ll start to
brown in this pot I’ve got some water just coming up to a boil and I’m going
to salt it this is for cooking the pasta and the thing with this dish is you
don’t want to use as much water as you normally would cook regular pasta in if
you’re gonna put it in like a red sauce and you don’t want to use as much salt
because the cheese that we’re gonna use later is is heavily salted and the dish
will just be way too salty in this bowl I’ve got two egg yolks and
I’m gonna crack in one egg a little bit of pepper fresh ground
black pepper and some red pepper flakes because I like a little bit of heat and
we’ll just whisk that a little bit next up is the cheese now you could use
pecorino which is the cheese of choice for this dish if we were calling it
carbonara but you could also use parmesan if you wanted a different
flavor profile and I guess since we’re not making this as a traditional dish
you could use whichever you want or you could use a combination of both and
here’s the deal I’m going to tell you you should drape this yourself I know
that that jar of cheese at the grocery store that’s pre-shredded seems to be
half the price but at least half of that weight is filler and things that will
keep it from clumping together and it’s also stale so you end up using twice as
much to get the same amount of flavor so you’re better off buying a decent piece
of cheese and grating it yourself and you can wrap this up because this is a
hard cheese and it’s an aged hard cheese it will keep almost forever in your
fridge so we’ll just grate some of this up and we’ll move along I’m going to use
both today I’m gonna say that bacon is done pretty
much the point where I will like it so I’m gonna put the pasta in and start
cooking it now here’s the thing you were using less water than you normally would
and the idea is that we want this water to be very starchy because that’s going
to help with the sauce later so one of the problems with cooking more pasta in
less water is you have to be very careful that it doesn’t stick together
so watch it closely at the start next up we mix the grated cheese into the egg
just give that a whisk okay I think everything is coming together nicely
that pasta is just about done the bacon is done so I’m going to turn the heat
off on the bacon you don’t want the heat on in this pan for the next step
and I’m just going to get something out of the cupboard a ladle so that we can
add a little bit more of the cooking water into the sauce okay turn that off
now you don’t want to drink sore drain the pasta you just want to bring it over
and pop it into the pan with the bacon and bring as much of that water over as
you can obviously you don’t want to slop it all over your countertop and your
stove that you have to cook it but you know here it doesn’t really matter too
much okay all that pasta is out now stir it furiously with the bacon grease the
bacon fat and just get that pasta coated with the bacon fat now in goes the egg and cheese mixture and
we just stir and shake what’s gonna happen is everything’s gonna come
together in a really nice sauce and this is the point where you start to look at
the sauce and if it’s a little bit too clumpy or a little bit too thick get
your ladle and scoop in a little bit more of the pasta water not too much
don’t overdo it because you can always add more and you just keep stirring now
add in the peas these were frozen peas we’ve just microwaved them to warm them
up a little bit so they’re not frozen going in you can use any vegetable you
want to put in here broccoli is really nice broccoli rabe
rapini all of those things I would just blanched them a little bit ahead of time
even in the pasta water if you want a safe time and we just stir this together
and that’s it lunch is ready and that’s it it didn’t take me long at
all and that’s kind of what I love about this recipe it’s simple it’s fast its
adaptable you can change up the flavors you can change up what you add to it
it’s something that you can make really quickly for lunch if you work at home or
on the weekend for lunch um it’s also something that you know when you come
home after work and you don’t have much in the cupboard you probably have all of
these ingredients I love this dish come on back and we will do an actual
carbonara which really isn’t much different than this pretty much the same
flavors but we’ll do a real true one thanks for stopping by see you again
soon you

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  2. I know it's summer when I'm eating freshly picked peas with parm, black pepper, ditalini pasta and olive oil. This looks very tasty!

  3. This s actually a carbonara pasta, not authentic though.
    My only take on this dish is the use of fettuccine with peas, it could have been fettuccine with some other vegetables that goes with it in the same bite, or maybe peas with penne or farfelle.
    But still it adds a nice color to the dish

  4. Made this the other day, very nice with the peas. What makes it different, watched a few other videos and apart from a few practical substitutions?

    Love the channel, btw… It's the first one I've seen where I've thought; I can do that too and managed to do it, working my way up from horrible amateur cook so the details given are really helpful 🙂

  5. I grew up on this dish in Sweden, but we use a bit of sour cream and regular cream(i guess its called in english) it's like the swedish version of Carbonara. Childhood memories 🙂

  6. Around here I think a good quality bacon would only be slightly cheaper than guanciale anyway, so if making Carbonara, Amatriciana or Gricia, the minor extra splurge is no doubt worth it. Especially as bacon just wouldn't give the right flavour profile for those dishes, and for me is not something I can make at home. I guess if you can make your bacon yourself, the price difference increases though. Buying fresh pig's jowl to cure and dry age at home might not be an option even for most hardcore home cooks.

    Either way, if you're making pasta with bacon and peas, of course you should use bacon. Otherwise you'd be making pasta with guanciale and peas. 🙂

  7. This looks great, but I was searching for Glen's take on the actual carbonara that he mentions and I couldn't find it. Has it been made?

  8. I made this recipe (2 Oct. 2019).
    I omitted the red pepper flakes. Tastes very nice. I will certainly make this dish again.

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