Peaceful Cuisine Apron ☆ オリジナルエプロン作りました!

Peaceful Cuisine Apron ☆ オリジナルエプロン作りました!

Hello everyone. Actually, I’ve been making a “Peaceful Cuisine” apron these last few months. and it’s finally finished, and the shopping site is ready to be launched as well, so I’ll put the link in the description. Please check it out. bye! Just kidding. There are a lot of features I’d like to explain about this apron, so I shot a video with the people who coordinated this opportunity, and actually made this apron. Please introduce yourself. My name is Kin, and I was the one who asked Takashima san whether he would like to make an original apron. I’m Amaji, and I own a towel brand called “thing fabrics”. We decided to make a toweling apron with “thing fabrics”. Could you explain to us about the brand? The company was established in August 2015, so it’s been almost 3 years. Where do you make your fabrics? We make them in Imabari which is located in Ehime prefecture. Fujiwara, a co-founder of the company and I originally started with the idea of making clothes with towels. Toweling is a very delicate material, and it is hard to meet the JIS terms for clothes we can wear outside, so we spent the first two years developing a new material from scratch with the local manufacturers. So you can’t use the material used in towels by itself for clothes? Yes. Its okay to use it for clothes to wear inside your house, but that’s it. You can’t wear it outside. And you finally developed an all new toweling material that you can wear outside? Yes. We had to test the material about 20 times. We were like “It failed again…” and again and again, but in the end, its sort of like cooking in that sense, we made our original “recipe” which could meet the JIS terms of wearing it outside. Actually I’m wearing it right now. It seems very comfortable. Can you show us the sample of the apron? Of course. This is the first sample. So there are two types. This one is made fully of toweling, even the strings. Yes. The strings on this one is fabric. Takashima san, which one did you prefer? To be honest, I couldn’t choose between the two at the meeting. that’s right. I remember we had to take a vote in the end. The votes were pretty close too. And in the end we decided the one with toweling strings were better. Is the length going to change from this point? The length of this sample is 40cm, but its going to be about 52cm. The length wasn’t enough for Takashima san, right? Right. I have the impression that it would be too feminine if it was short, so I willfully decided to make it longer. Don’t worry, we all agreed to that decision. So it’s going to be about 10cm longer? Yes. 12cm, to be precise. That was the longest we could make it. Is the embroidery also done in Imabari? Yes, it is. It’s a little obscure in this first sample, but it will be more visible in the actual product, right? That’s right. So this is the actual product. And this is the first sample. The length is shorter, and the pockets were in the middle, and the logo was embroidered here. The strings were cotton, but we used toweling in the product. The length is longer, and there is only one pocket, and we moved it here. The logo is also in a different place. There are 5 color types. This gray one, Navy, khaki beige, kinari, and red. This apron is made-to-order-only, and is going to be a limited time sale. So it’s going to take about a month for the product to arrive after you’ve ordered it. Its going to be on sale starting today, and there probably won’t be any resale, so I think the next 2 weeks are the only chance of buying this product. There isn’t any talk about a resale or selling it in a store, so if you want to buy it, or know more about it, please check out the link in the description. There’s one more thing I had to say. For those who actually bought this product, there’s a little gift from me. This is a picture I took in Hawaii last year. I’m going to make a postcard with this picture, and sent it to you with the product. Not this one, the bottom one. Is this one better…? Nah, I’ll go with this one. So a postcard made from this picture is going to be sent to you. Oh and this product can be shipped overseas as well. The shipping fees are a little bit pricy, but it can be sent to any country in the world, so please check out the link. That’s about it. Bye! We want to hear your first impression. I think this one looks better. It’s thinner then I thought. I asked my wife about this, and she said the fact that its made by toweling is really convenient, because you can just wipe your hands with it while cooking. She actually said she wants a longer version that covers the upper body. It would be really good if the upper half was cotton, and the other half was cotton. You really can’t see the logo when you put it on, so if the pocket is going to come here, maybe the logo could be around here, under the pocket. But if we’re going to change the pocket, then the logo might be better in a different place. What do you think? I think it’s good. I like that one too. I used to do karate, so I thought that one would be easier to tie. I didn’t know you used to do karate. I think women would like this one, because the materials are different, and that kind of looks cute. I personally like this one. It sort of looks like other aprons that are already out in the world. You may be right… I don’t think I’ve seen any product with toweling strings… Those who think this one is better, please raise your hands. Right, lets try taking a vote. 3. How about this one? The votes split in half. To be honest, this one (with the cotton strings) could be made elsewhere, but this type (with the toweling strings) can’t, and were the only ones that can produce this. But you were saying you like this one before. Yeah I was, but come to think of it, this one is more unique to “thing fabrics”.

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  1. Wow I'm in Matsuyama right now (Ehime) and Imabari towels are very famous here 😀 I have some comments and questions about your apron now…

    I think it would have been good to mention that this product is made of 100% organic cotton (so no plastic is involved)

    Will there also be an apron that protects the upper body? Usually my legs are better protected because I stand behind a counter, but when I fry things (tenpura etc.) oil might splash on my shirts. I am more interested in protecting my shirts/and arms.

    I think the price is quite high for something that just covers a part of my legs. It would be cheaper for me to just buy a towel and tie it around my waist in that case… :/

  2. Nice ~~~ ah I want to buy it even though I don't really cook much, just to support you ^^ ~~ It costs a bit much though .-. Sigh

  3. りょうやさんがつけてみたイメージ映像が見たかった~。コメントにもありましたが、りょうやさんのウェブセレクトショップをやったら良いと思います。海外のセレクト商品も含めて。りょうやさんのセレクトセンスは本当に素晴らしいので。

  4. Seriously are you just going to ignore your subscriber, posting no cooking videos when your channel is about cooking, and then coming out of no where with some merchandise stuff? Do you even care ?

  5. タオル地のエプロンって便利ですね!

  6. わーー!!

  7. それ相応の値段ってあるからね、高いとは思わないけどね。このエプロンに価値を感じる人にとっては妥当な価格。「高い」と思う人はここに価値を感じてないんでしょ。良い悪いではなくね。

  8. タオル地エプロンは、手を拭く前提だからやっぱり質より量かなぁ。神経質だと1回使ったら洗う人もいるしね。

  9. いつも楽しく夫婦で動画拝見させて頂いてます!エプロンとっても素敵です!速攻で2枚購入させて頂きました。

  10. 3000円ぐらいの物なのかな〜と思ったら倍以上のお値段…

  11. i feel like my boyfriend and i would really enjoy these aprons! love the grey and kinari – they're all so cute and seem to have good utility.

  12. I have a quiet challenge/request. I am allergic to tree nuts, as well as fruit that grows on trees. Could you try to make some recipies without those ingredients? (I'm struggling with it)

  13. りょうやさん、エプロンの発売おめでとうございます。

  14. 7000円ねぇ・・・まぁ安くはないけど出せない値段ではないかもw欲しいけどお金ないよwプレゼントとかありません?w

  15. 作り手の皆さんのこだわりと生き生きした心意気を感じてすぐに注文しました。楽しみに待ってます!

  16. Okairi ryoya-kun, it's been a while 😄 congrats!! Those aprons look so nice 👍🏻 Truthfully speaking I would honestly buy this if it had the upper part (a full apron…?) lol I don't know what it's called but the one that covers your chest as well.

    It was nice to see a new video. Thank you 👍🏻

  17. 以前から大ファンで、色々参考にさせていただいてます!りょうやさんの動画みてから、こだわれるとこはこだわろうと思いながらいました。

    届くのが楽しみです( *´艸`)

  18. I really wanna buy one and almost ask a friend in Japan for help. But I stoped my hand after seen the price. It's too expensive for a apron.

  19. この生地なら、逆に値段を、おさえてる感じですね。日本で作るんだから、かなりお得ですね。

  20. Too expensive. Would like better if it was a full apron and not terry cloth. Looks like wrap to use after
    getting out of the shower. Guess you’re trying to make more easy money. Definite turn off.

  21. こういう事は他でやれば良いのに、自分はあなたの料理やスイーツを作っている動画が見たいだけです。

  22. Your videos haven't been showing up in my feed for months ! :'( I missed you, and I'm glad you're taking your next big leap on YouTube <3

  23. これいいな!

  24. お久しぶりです♪

  25. 私はベジタリアンです。最近、貴方の動画を見つけました。素晴らしい動画の数々です。ベジタリアンじゃない方達もこんなかっこいい動画を見たらベジタリアンになりそうですね。私のブログはベジタリアンとは関係ないのですが、ブログで紹介してもいいですか?ブログは最近始めたばかりなので、まだ、だれも見ていませんが……(笑)。

  26. 初めまして 質の高い 動画をありがとうございます。聴きたいのですが 水にこだわっていまづか。お教え願います。 Youko Okazaki

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  28. 色々な方面へ発展することで、本来の軸にも進化が見られたりしますから、頑張ってください。

  29. りょうやさん、初めてコメント致します<(_ _)>




  30. I just found your channel tonight and was upset to find out the sale had ended only a few days ago. Will there be any possibility of it going on sale again in the future?

  31. I am not sure how to take that remark about the length being too feminine as if being feminine were a bad thing. Well, I do know how to take it: I won't be buying this or watching any more of your videos.

  32. 栗原はるみさん的な感じになっていくのかな。レシピ本出して、グッズ販売して…。儲かりそう。

  33. I just have seen today this video. I really wanted to buy 2. I love your videos! Thanks for all the recipes and ideas! Alessandra Chiele, from Brazil, but moving to Portugal

  34. Missed the sale, but I absolutely love the fact that the apron is fairly wide and that the ties are generously long.

  35. Went on your website but it’s telling me the product is no longer for sale? While you be selling the aprons again?

  36. こんばんは!

  37. I think two pockets was a good idea. How about adding a pocket on the left side too? Left-handed people will thank you 🙂

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