Pierogi and the Best of Polish Street Food at a Former Gentleman’s Hotel — Cooking in America

Pierogi and the Best of Polish Street Food at a Former Gentleman’s Hotel — Cooking in America

We’re right outside of Detroit in the town
called Hamtramck and we’re going to Polish Village Cafe that’s still holding
on to its heritage. Hello it smells amazing in here How long you cooking in here?
– Ten years because I come in America ten years ago and come here nd this only
– Only here
– Only here You was a teacher in Poland how many –
– How many years, 27
– 27 years you move like how you see your – I did small children
– Okay
– This is for pierogi for potato pierogi. Make dough. – Later make ball, we cook potato and
make peirogi – And it can be either boiled or fried
This is the famous potato pancake and you make the dough from scratch
– Yes. This is potato this is
eggs, flour, salt, pepper, and mix together it’s dough for pancakes.
– Lots of pepper too
– Yes tastes good! – You put sauce?
– Sour cream. Sour cream or
apple sauce.
– There you go my first Polish pancake. My favorite part is this crispy
texture on the outside but inside nice and soft. A ton of pepper that comes through. A
perfect amount of salt and then that sour cream just cuts to the fattiness of
the of it being fried
– One me, one you. – Fast, fast, fast. One more. And, like this – Order up in the window still eat now Polish village cafes is authentic
through and through. There’s not a table that is that is empty in this
place and you guys are busy
– Yes very busy – Your grandparents were the first to
come over from Poland
– Yes they came to the United States of America in 1900s
– They chose Detroit as their spot – Well they originally started off in Ohio
and then migrated to Detroit for jobs I’m guessing during that time Detroit
was hustling and bustling
– Yes yes the auto industry was really taking off so
there was lots of jobs for people – How did Polish Village Cafe come along
– Polish Village started as a gentlemen’s hotel with a dugout basement our family
remodeled it in the 70s and brought in the Polish food.
– What’s a gentlemen’s hotel?
– It was a place for bachelors. They all live together in a common space and
it was so they you know people weren’t as isolated back then. They worked, they came home, they drank a few beers in the dugout bar and they
were kind of a family.
– How did they get the opportunity to take over a place
– The bar was up for sale and my dad remembered it from his youth – he used to
shine shoes here when he was about eight or nine – and you know it
seemed like a good idea – It was always Polish food from the
– Well it started off – he had pizzas originally, a deep-dish pizza
which is sort of a Detroit classic. When the Polish food came in at
lunch time it took off much faster than the pizzas.
– The first thing that we made
was this a potato pancake usually topped off with sour cream
– Yes sour cream or apple sauce.
– What do you prefer – I put both on
– Both! Okay we’re gonna do it that way
-Just to make sure you get all the calories in there.
– Yeah…There’s a ton of
pepper in there I love those crispy edges soft in the middle the sour cream
and the apple sauce gives it that balance of sweet and sour
– These are pierogi and they’re filled with potato and cheese. Well, you can fill
them with anything really. Mushroom’s very popular, sauerkraut, blueberry, strawberry, apple- so they’re good anyway – Again crispy edges nice and soft in the middle
cheesy everything just feels so homey just right in that comfort zone
– No fancy seasonings, all salt and pepper and basic cooking.
– Yeah this is simply boiled and
then topped off with a little bit of butter
– And this is a very classic way to
eat them.
– You grew up eating this? – Yes, I’ve probably eaten thousands of pierogi
– And this is the one – Hungarian pancake, yeah.
– It’s the same batter here and then top it off with this pork goulash and a little bit of
Hungarian gravy
– This is a popular street dish in Poland but a lot of times
they’ll fold it over so it’s more like potato pancake taco I guess
– Okay! You could see that there’s a carrots in here bell peppers
– Polish people love the
root vegetables there’s hardly a dish that won’t have a carrot in it or a
potato or celery roots just a really homey
goulash over the top you won’t be hungry after that yeah give me a pillow for
sure yeah definitely we’re in Hamtramck and this is a very polish community yes
has it always been majority polish it started off originally I think with
Germans the Polish people were here in the heyday in the 40s and 50s but it’s
always been kind of a port of call for people to start their lives and then
move to the suburbs Detroit was once home to two million plus people
when things went bad a lot of them left but there seems to be a uprising now
it’s a little bit like an underdog City and so I think that that spirit makes
people come together especially Hamtramck which is in the middle of
Detroit is a lot of people’s their beginning so they’d like to come back
and see the city where they their families started into the restaurant
they kind of remember where they came from and remember the the values that
this country really started with growing up as kids and we see the college
burgers and hotdogs and then we couldn’t eat the hamburger because it’s not
hollow our whole play on this was to make classic American

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  1. Polska tradycja w Stanach pierogi z ziemniakami placuszki ziemniaczane wszystkiego najlepszego pozdrawiam kultywowaniu naszej tradycji .

  2. Pięknie,ale czemu placki i pierogi ziemniaczane z tym dziwnym żółtym czymś ? No i pierogi powinny być jednak z wody z lekko przysmażoną cebulką ,albo jeszcze ze skwarkami -smażone to jednak sposób na nie jak zostaną z poprzedniego dnia ..

  3. I like this guy. Very casual, friendly, not trying too hard. Refreshing change from the typical big personality that distracts from the content.

  4. It’s kinda odd how they didn’t show the barszcz czerwony or borscht, regardless it’s a popular dish in Poland

  5. I remember getting knish when I lived in Manhattan at the deli in the morning along with bagel cream cheese and lox

  6. Ask for pączki, placek po węgiersku, gołąbki, ryba po grecku, kiełbasa z grilla or karkówka z grilla z musztardą. Sałatka jarzynowa or galareta!

  7. pierogi <3 when I make them I finish with a little ruffle on the borders 😀 my fav are 'russian' (the ones with potatoes, pepper, onion and white cheese) or fresh cabbage, served without butter, with spring onions and a bit of black pepper on top.

  8. My family has a plainer style of Polish cooking, but I can easily see how a restaurant would want to jazz up their cuisine for customers seeking a sit down restaurant experience. A lot of the dishes are stuff you only really have at Wigilia, Easter or some other special occasion. I'm sure the food I love at Thai and Indian places is dressed up a bit compared to what you'd get at a middle class Indian or Thai family's home.

    My wife and I make potato pancakes somewhat regularly, and they're one of my favorite dishes of all time. We tend to make a lot at a time, at least 50-60, because they disappear fast. My wife eats a normal amount, but I will eat them for every snack and meal until they're gone, which is usually in under 48 hours. Me and the potato are best friends.

  9. We do not eat on streets "taco potato pancakes". For sure. 🙂 BUT – this episode was really great! 🙂 hugs from Warsaw 😉

  10. Whenever I hit poland I'm eating Golonka @ Podwale, Kompania Pivne (spelling?) in Warzaw – the greatest dish in the world at the greatest diner! Absolutely delicious with Cytrynowka (lemon vodka) and Tyskie beer!

  11. If you are polish and your grandmother never made you like 1000000000 pierogis for lunch you aren't polish.

  12. Jakieś oszukane te niby polskie potrawy. Nie widziałam w naszej polskiej kuchni placków ziemniaczanych zrobionych z takiej breji z taką ilością mąki i smażonych na takiej ilości tłuszczu. Gulasz po węgiersku??? Nie wiem z czego został zrobiony,ale sam jego wygląd nie ma z tym kompletnie nic wspólnego. Sorry, ale to co tu pokazano to parodia kuchni polskiej.

  13. Great video and almost everything that was said in it was true, but the Hungarian Pancakes are not really a street food in Poland, and it is not really eaten like a taco 🙂 It's mostly done only at homes or schools now.

  14. Nice to see polish cuisine.. The only thing Americans know about the poles are the polish jokes…

  15. I've lived in Poland for 22 years of my life and I've never seen this "popular street food" hungarian pancake. 🙂

  16. since when are hungarian pancakes a streetfood? never in my life have I seen someone eat them in the street like a potato pancake taco (as she put it).

  17. I'm from Poland and I don't know why they didn't add fried onion to the potatoes and cheese filling. It gives a lot of good flavour.

  18. those dumplings look bad, cake should be much thinner so the balance between the stuffing and cake is better and overall taste is not dominated by it, also the amounts of fat they use… ridiculous. my grandma when she does dumplings you can almost see through the cake and instead of frying them on fat we use salty water to boil them and then we add a bit fat and greaves on top.

  19. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Where can I buy the "polish street taco" in Poland? My husband would love to buy it 😀 I'm from Poland and there is no such thing. You go for this to a good restaurant.

  20. What is that? No greaves and thinly shopped onion on pierogi? That a big no no for me. Apart from that pierogis are overrated. There are many other fantastic dishes from Poland.

  21. nice video, thumbs up! Side note – entering a polish restaurant with a hat on is considered very unpolite.

  22. https://www.facebook.com/BurgerimMiami/photos/a.411802012600547.1073741830.315843142196435/452860518494696/?type=3

  23. Prawdziwy placek to placek ziemniaczany + szklanka mleka a nie jakaś śmietana itd… minimalizm i prostota i taniość -to potrawa prosta -prostych ludzi .Wracasz z roboty i chcesz zjeść i dostajesz kalorie – białko,dużo tłuszczu + kalorie … .A te placki to smakują tylko i wylącznie w PL -wracać do ojczyzny i jeść 😀

  24. They use so much oil to fry the schabowy and pierogi. Plus, no one uses sour cream on the "potato pancakes". Not true Polish food… This stuff has been "americanised" …

  25. 5:15 "popular street fish in Poland…" Clearly this woman hasn't been in Poland lol. I've never seen that 'Hungarian pancake' in my life lol

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    A poza tym świetny reportaż 🙂

  27. Hungarian pancake is a stupid name !!!! Goulash in Hungary is a soup. This is a national dish. Goulash in Poland is a stew. The idiot associated these two dishes. You have a pancake in Hungarian, it has nothing to do with Hungary. And so they do bad pierogi (dumplings) in this restaurant! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=on5Ayp-2Uuk She should go to Poland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ro4rThLucuA&t=304s He made a film in the poorest place in Poland Podkarpacie.

  28. Will never eat here, no gloves when mixing food, totally gross ! Health dept needs to pay them a visit and set them straight or shut them down!

  29. When I grew up in Poland (kielce) I love potato pancakes with gravy or wild mushrooms sauce I have never tried with sour cream neither apple sauce please try with cold butter milk with pinch of fresh dill.

  30. You weren't right outside of Detroit, you were smack dab in the middle of Detroit. Hamtramck is surrounded by Detroit.

  31. This is like really fast recipe for pierogi, the best way to make them is to boil them, and you shouldn't give sauce all over it, maybe some fried onion (small pieces) and bacon (small pieces too), and I'm almost sure that these pierogis are worse than these in my house (we are making "filling" ourselfes, and i think she bought it), also this Hungarian thing (idk how it was called in English) shouldn't be that caloric, maybe put paper towel under it for couple of minutes. Sorry if my English is bad.

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