Pizza Oven and Hidden Pantry Highlight Couple’s Awesome Kitchen Remodel

Pizza Oven and Hidden Pantry Highlight Couple’s Awesome Kitchen Remodel

(jazzy music) (background chattering) – The kitchen was actually
built around the pizza oven. It was one of the first things
after they did the floors. They put the pizza oven in, and then they framed up and around it. We originally were gonna put it outside, do an outdoor kitchen. Then we thought well, we’re in Oregon, so basically we would have a few months out of the year that we could use it. So when we were designing our kitchen he says, well let’s just
put it in the kitchen. – For me it was a match made in heaven. I mean, my favorite food, pizza. Favorite thing my wife
likes to cook, pizza. And a pizza oven in the house. (calm music) – So we’re in the Willamette
Valley in Corvallis, Oregon. Kelly and I moved in about 13 years ago. Even though we’re changing it, I still remember it as a kid, and it’s still that house I grew up in. My mom loved to bake, and she was always making cookies and cakes for us. The kitchen was originally
built in the 50s. It was a small kitchen,
just off in the corner. Yellow laminate countertops. White linoleum floors. Just very very plain, very basic. – In the old space we
were just always kinda, you know, bumping into each other, and we’re both running for things. – We just did the basics
in the rest of the house. The kitchen was our main focus where we wanted to put
a lot of our energy. – So my wife and I are really hands on and we’ve done a lot of work on the house. But when it came to the kitchen and wanted to make our marriage last, we knew we needed to bring in a pro. – So what impressed us most about Schweitzer Design and
Build, before we hired them, was seeing their attention to detail. They were very detail
oriented, we could see projects on Houzz that
they had already done. – What’s really helpful to us is when people, they’ve been on Houzz, they come to us with an ideabook. – Jennifer kinda took the lead
on a lot of the design ideas. And so she would tell me something, what do you think about X, Y, Z? And then she’d go to
Houzz and she’d pull up different examples of how
that would look and work. – They had every detail thought through. Jennifer was sure this
was her forever space and she wanted to design
the kitchen around the way that she and Kelly
liked to work in the kitchen. – Cooking and baking together
is really important to us. We wanted space. To not be limited by
such a small countertop is like, I can just stretch out, and I can make a mess all over my kitchen. (laughing) It was really important to me as a baker that I wanted to have marble countertops. You can get the look that’s beautiful, but I wanted the
functionality of the marble. It dissipates heat, so if
you’re making croissants say, you don’t want the dough to get warm ’cause you don’t want the butter to melt. So you roll it out on your
beautiful marble countertops, and it takes the heat right out of it, and you can just work away. I wanted to be able to use a big island. And so to do that we made a little baking section on the inside. I have pull outs that
have different flours, different sugars, everything
I need right there. And I can just have a big
working space all around me. As much space as I need. There’s no concern that
the marble stay perfect. You know, you can see a little
stain from a wine bottle, or tomato juice that was spilled from after, you know, pizza. It’s like, that’s okay. They’re just little memories now to us. – The countertop goes all the way up to the edge of the window, and then we can pass food to the outside or back and forth. Well if you had a pizza oven, we realized quickly you need
a place to throw pizzas. Ryan suggested, why don’t
we make a vaulted ceiling in there to match the rest of the house? And we went, wow, that really makes sense. So now we have a place to throw pizzas and it also lets more
light into the kitchen. – The lighting was really
important for them. A combination of natural
light, as well as LED. So Jennifer had this really fun idea that she would like her
pantry to be hidden. Very accessible, but just kinda make it so it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb like some pantries do. – I had originally wanted a secret door. It didn’t make it into
the original design. But our cabinet maker, David, was talking about he had just done one. I was like, oh David, I was like, I’m really super excited about that. Can we do that? And he said, yeah, of course. He came up with this really cool idea, it’s two 600 pound magnets
keep the door shut. You just push in one of the cookbooks and there’s a little button behind it. And so, it just pops open the door and you can go on in. In our pantry there’s ample space for, you know, all of our food storage. Two pullout bins for flour storage. We have a big butcher block from 1890 that we can rollout, that we
usually use for pizza making. You don’t have to worry about
getting trapped in there, there’s a glowing green button
that says, push to exit. So you’re all good. (calm music) – What I loved about this project is that it was so unique
from anything else that we’ve done before. There was so much
personality and character added into this project. The wood for the cabinets came from my parents property up in Washington. We went up several years ago, my dad cut the trees
down, all of this alder. Kelly and he put ’em on the
wood miser, cut ’em into boards. My mom and I cleaned ’em up. We had it milled up for the kitchen. So it’s really cool because
that’s part of my parents. Next to the pizza oven we
have a piece of myrtlewood. You know, we were trying to decide how we were gonna have pizza peels, and the scraper, and all of that stuff. We wanted something creative. It was in my grandpa’s junk pile. He suggested, he’s like, you know, this might make a really
cool bench or something. And so we’ve got the copper piping and we mounted it to
this myrtlewood piece. So that’s a bit of my grandpa. And Kelly’s grandpa worked
in copper mines in Montana, so it’s like our grandparents together. We don’t make pizzas daily. But, you know, it can be used
as a regular oven, as well. Which is fantastic. You can cook anything in there. And the wood fire is like really gives it such a fantastic flavor. (sawing) – We have several old-growth apple trees that needed a pruning, and so
they get pruned every year. And that’s our wood for the pizza oven. In addition to the smoky flavor, it gives it a little
bit of a sweet flavor. And then the wood’s important
because it’s a hardwood. You wouldn’t wanna put a
softwood in the pizza oven. It needs to be a hardwood. So a lot of people use oak
’cause that’s more common. But we like the applewood,
a little sweeter flavor. – This is the goal of any builder is to, you know, when you build a kitchen or a huge great room
addition or something, you wanna do it for people
that are gonna use it. And they’re gonna entertain,
and they’re gonna enjoy it. – It’s still the house I grew up in. You know, I still see
that original kitchen even though I have this
big beautiful kitchen now. I still remember all that
my mom would do in there. – And I think the biggest thing is it’s probably brought my
wife and I closer together. Coming home on Monday or Tuesday nights, and just cooking in the kitchen. And talking, seeing what’s going on. Or being able to host and have
friends over on the weekend. It’s worth ever penny. (upbeat music)

22 thoughts on “Pizza Oven and Hidden Pantry Highlight Couple’s Awesome Kitchen Remodel

  1. What a gorgeous kitchen and the inclusion of the generations is awesome. Haha you can grill year round in Oregon dont be fooled, she wanted an indoor pizza oven.

  2. I can't believe her dad actually cut the trees to make the gorgeous cabinets!! How awesome is that!! We love pizza too and make it from scratch every Friday. I am dreaming of adding an oven like this one day…

  3. What a wonderful kitchen! Thoughtful to parents and grandparents. Functional as well as beautiful. My wife and I are in the process of a kitchen remodel, so wondering about the marble countertops. I would love them, but concerned about their welfare as we have some special needs children who aren’t always the most careful when helping in the kitchen.

  4. Great video Kelly and I love how your kitchen turned out. Our plans are a little less ambitious, but you gave us some good ideas.

  5. THIS. IS. EVERYTHING. I. HAVE. DREAMT. OFF!! She speaks everything what I want and need as a baker myself. There's so much life and character in the kitchen that sits so well with me.
    The marble top, the big island table, the space, the crystal stone knobs, the baking space and storage, the exposed bricks, earthy, the mix of modern and rustic. UGHHHHH YES!!

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