100 thoughts on “Pro Chef Learns How to Cook Ostrich Eggs | Bon Appétit

  1. Piggybacking off of Cameron Warburton's comment, Delaney should get a talk show where he makes the guest a cocktail based on their personality and interviews them

  2. 20:15 I low key really liked that the camera was in place and there was like a half second and then Molly comes in rushin

  3. Ech, the one thing I hate about ostriches, is their big ol fluffy bodies and these *bald, weirdly humanish, PINK legs*, it’s just…eeegghhhjhghjskn

  4. it’s like a documentary about one girl’s exciting, frightening, strange encounter with a very weird yet lovable egg

  5. Knowing how much those cost..and how much you can get for even just the shell hollowed out right..it hurt me every time she cracked on haphazardly.

  6. The only question I have is how many of those short sleeve, long pants rompers she has. I swear she is always wearing one

  7. This was the best Thanksgiving present ever. Thank you molly and crew and ANY other responsibly human !! especially loved the John George too many first names egg switch up.

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