Protecting Our Seafood and Marine Resources

Protecting Our Seafood and Marine Resources

NOAA Fisheries [ music ] NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement Protecting Our Seafood and Marine Resources New Bedford, for the last couple of years, by dollar value, has been the leading dollar landing port in the United States. It has a wide diversity of vessels that offload here. Scallop vessels are one type. We have ground fish vessels that catch New England ground fish such as cod, haddock, yellowtail flounder, winter flounder. We also have clam vessels that catch surfclams and ocean quahogs. We have lobster vessels. We also have vessels that fish for red crab. Officers from my office just recently finished inspecting the offload of the Elizabeth & Niki. Now, we’re waiting for the offload to be completed to make sure all regulations and laws have been met. Scallop vessels such as the Elizabeth & Niki typically fish anywhere from one day up to two weeks. Their catch can range anywhere from a couple hundred pounds all the way up to 40 or 50,000 pounds. The price for scallops today ranges anywhere from $10 a pound to $13 a pound, depending on where the scallops are caught, the quality, and how fresh they are. [ No smell. Good color. Nice firmness. ] When fishery patrol officers board a vessel like the Elizabeth & Niki, typically the first thing they do is greet the captain and make sure that the boat has all applicable permits that it’s required to have for its catch on board. [ Thanks for your time, captain. ] [ No problem. Anytime. ] One of the things that makes a special agent or a fishery patrol officer so unique is the on-the-job training that takes years to learn the nature of the fisheries, what’s involved in each of the fisheries, and also to comprehend the regulations that are in place. We have fishery patrol officers that do a lot of the inspection work dock side and inspect catches and offloads and then there are special agents. Special agents concentrate on fraud type investigations, consumer safety type violations where there’s product substitution for one type of seafood with another, and consumer health issues that are associated with seafood. [ music ] NOAA Fisheries Special Credits and Copyright Thank you – Whaling City Seafood Display Auction, New Bedford, MA, F/V Elizabeth & Niki Music Killer Tracks 2013

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  1. N.O.A.A the people who predicts weather ( & quite badly if I might say . ) Has it's own armed law enforcement wing ?!?!  ''My friend's the more & more you lit big brother government tell you what, were & how to do 'anything' is the day that all those who have died for are freedoms death's are ''vain'' !

    Trust in your self, in your family & community,''your not stupid or criminally minded people'' !  Your all God's children with his inalienable right to FREEDOM !  Pleas cherish it, love it, LIVE IT !!!

  2. Very interesting. Great to know that NOAA Fisheries are regulating the fishing industry. Many Americans are unaware of all the public health work that local, state, and federal officials do to keep us safe. Thank you!

  3. N.O.A.A Fisheries, to your mind, do you consider freshwater fish either wild caught or farm raised? because I need to know if it's either one when I'm buying seafood.

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