38 thoughts on “Pt 1: Calorie Restriction for Weight Loss?

  1. Either we've been lied to or the seller aree really dumb to think that calorie restriction (aka volume food) works and do not get us binge like crazy 😛

  2. I've seen health magazines with a title "eat less chocolate to slim down". But they had a few pages of "tasty deserts", just so contradictory lol

  3. Really good stuff mentioned in this video guys and the way it's presented is so easy to follow and enjoyable to watch!! I think a lot of people are gonna benefit from watching this!

  4. Top notch perfect video guys 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼😊😊😊 I'll be sharing this one around 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  5. I always take an old roommate I had as an example. The guy was super cut, looked like a statue and he ate like an animal. To maintain that physique he had to eat a ton of calories. Sure he was a guy and he's goal was to gain muscle, but in the end he didn't calorie restrict to lose fat.

  6. Thanks for doing this. I just recorded videos talking about weight loss as well. it seems so many people come searching for easy weight loss every spring and they don't realize that everything they have heard their entire life is essentially a lie that maybe they didn't know in the 50's but they certainly know now.

  7. Love this video! I remember all these thoughts going through my head when I was restricted my calories to 900-1200. That was a very sad time

  8. If being vegan means you can eat as much as you want with no guilt and no health issues I don't see why everyone isn't vegan! I love eating as much as I do! Calorie restriction suckssssss!!!

  9. there is no grand conspiracy to keep people fat via calorie restriction.. You two have swallowed the Durianrider dogma whole.. The reason for YOU TWO being lean and eating "unlimited" calories (even though you too also set a number of calories to eat) is that you're active, every single day and are in a calorie deficit. You try and act like you're not very active for people your age, but you are. and that's why you can eat in excess.. You move your body. Also, being vegan is a boon… eating whole plant-based and plant foods will always be better than a SAD diet…

  10. What do you guys think about "pets" such as dogs and cats? Cause most dogs are happy in their homes but some vegans don't like it what do you think?

  11. I'm so tired of people promoting low carb, low calorie diets while displaying their extremely lean physiques built off of starvation + extreme & unrealistic exercise.
    When you follow these fitness gurus on snap chat, you see a whole other side to their "lifestyle." They literally do train themselves to eat less…some master it and maintain it for YEARS. I don't get why a person who eats extremely "clean" ex)meals consisting of chicken and veggies with no carbs, would need to exercise 2x a day (4+ hours intense workouts) ??? How is this realistic to the average person or even sustainable to burn WAY more calories than you consume? (Meanwhile curbing cravings + allotting cheat meals)?
    It's such a shame that people promote this as healthy, sucker people into eating MORE animals and to buy their supplements/stimulants just to achieve a lean/ripped physique. I can't tell you HOW MANY TIMES I have fell for this lie and I am so glad I found veganism 🌿

  12. I always get DM's on instagram from fit teas, skinny coffee, fat fighters etc, to promote their products on my IG, so annoying -.-

  13. Great video! It's unfortunate that the diet industry is so fuelled by money that it has to trick its consumers into staying fat.

  14. Today I read on the front of the Daily Mail that calorie restriction is an amazing cure for diabetes (old news, but it's not a quality source by any stretch). Why starve when there is a better way! Are animal products that important to you that you'd rather starve than give up that rasher of bacon???!!!???

  15. I have recently gained weight for the first time since becoming vegan 2 years ago- I overcame depression and lost 15 lbs.  I don't really track my calories and exercise, but I try to go on 3 mile walk/runs at least 3 times a week. Is this too little exercise? I suddenly feel so lost, confused, and angry. I don't want to gain all the weight back! I am 4'11 and I know I should eat at least about 1,450+ cals a day, and I definitely am. I guess I am wondering if  there such a thing as over eating on this lifestyle? I have such a small frame how much would be too much?

  16. Great video guys! I'm still super bummed because, unlike many other people who start losing weight from just going vegan, I've struggled to lose weight. I'm obese so dropping pounds is a priority for me. I can't stick to just eating clean (super low-fat, mostly veggies, no junk food, etc). I've tried upping my calories but that just makes me feel sick, not satisfied. I gained a lot of weight doing this. Didn't drop any weight even though I started working out more often and harder. Any advice? I really have to stop myself from wanting to say "screw it" and go back to calorie restriction.

  17. Im planning to go vegan as soon as possible. I'm 14 and only eat 300-400 calories a day (after exercise) ive been practically starving myself for a week and have only dropped 2 kilos. Which im sure i will regain if i dont change my eating habits. Is there any tips for how teens can become vegan and how its possible to eat vegan when the rest of the family eat meat?

  18. All calories ARE created equally…but "100 calories" of bananas doesn't equal "100 calories" of meat. Because you aren't actually getting exactly 100 calories of both these items. You actually absorb less calories from the bananas than the meat because bananas passes through faster. So technically, the calories are the same, but they're not the same haha 🙂

  19. Yet there are still vegans on YouTube who think that calories matter! HighCarbHannah for example. Go watch her video called "the truth about calories" or something like that.

  20. hey guys awesome video, i hope it is okay for me to use clips of it in a video that I am making for my family 🙂 (The video willl be on YT)

  21. I agree with this, but how can you lose weight then!? you NEED a calorie deficit to lose fat, even if you're a high carb low fat vegan!

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