No food journey in India is complete, until
you visit in legendary food streets of the Jama Masjid and Ramadan is just the perfect
time to experience the culinary heaven that comes alive after the sunset. coz, its time to break the fast.. Hi everyone welcome to my channel spiceler, this is Gauss Bazaz and today I am in Old Delhi Old Delhi was once a Mughal capital built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1639 in the by lanes that still reflect the era gone bye can be found some of the most exotic dishes from the Mughal Era
the recipes are still and close data in secret even after a century. I am joined by my friends in this food
expedition to sample some of the most delicious dishes from the Mughlai cuisine So sit back
and enjoy cause I am going to bring you the taste of Delhi will be walking in the street literally crowd
the first place I am trying at the moment this is a really popular bring in Old Delhi
Jama Masjid area wrestling is called the They put the rock the syrup inside and
there a chance of watermelon they use I am just going to try this drink very nice really
refreshing very amazing and it still at the moment and is perfect for the seat next after
getting up to this extremely popular food joint in the neighbourhood call Aslam chicken
which has been warming the Kapil show ideas for a while now extremely juicy tender and
perfectly grilled chicken pieces are tossed together with lots of water that has some
secret spices to create this magical dish known as Aslam’s Butter Chicken this the hidden
truth give to an increasing we decided to gravity able as soon as possible another popular
really popular sport in Jama Masjid that is Aslam chicken and will be going and
to try some extra spicy mutton grill chicken we have ordered a place a half plate of grilled
chicken with play doh Princess and would cost approximately 220 rupees and there’s a lot
of water flowing on top along with curd and farm really secret spices that they used along
with it and thick chicken is perfectly chat Perfect figure and they serve it along with
rumali roti and some salad and curd along with it and you just have to take into the
plate only file just become a juicy Shankar Order copy Kabab Phase II was really really
tasty to wanted to also try this week about this is with Chicken seekh kabab and see the
chicken is perfectly balanced meals properly despises have been blended together in a perfection
and the colour and the consistency of the speaker of Lok acceleration during administrative
Ago In Forestry Kabab irrespective of the best singer in Old Delhi Sir William must
try if you visit Old Delhi that is Haji shabrati Nihari has been dishing out the most delicious
Nari sin 60 years the owner educated ask on how Anari is slow cooked over low heat for
more than 10 hours for the mean and bones along with the secret spices are put together
with them becomes fall apart tender Where art with another popular sport that is shabrati
Nihari wala we wanted to go in private biriyani first but on the way we stumbled upon its
really popular shop that is the shabrati Nihari wala this shop is from 1957 day on earth is
called Mitra Haji shabrati of this page and we are gonna try then Nari Nari and some freshly
baked Tandoori bread being made Tandoori Roti and sabji Tandur usually traditional tool
for used vehicle was inserted but now the sun Rose has been innervated now and they
are using gas flame students delete it and this guy is baking compress Tandoori Roti
their and there is someone on top of that no one is released when is basically the at
that goes on top and this is the what this is the memory that we can I try update of
marriage and with accompanied with some Race 3 brake press that there I am just gonna go
and take in the plate is really play games software this is recommended is recommended
you have to come and try then marry brown already The meat is really blakely and soft
tennis Goa this is recommended is recommended you have to come and try then marry already
Atopic biriyani Dehradun have chicken biryani and buffalo biryani and they in a short form
they called up of Biriyani will be ordering half kg chicken biryani and half kg buffalo
biryani Angry buffalo biryani Gender and the rise and Hindi and is fighting a perfectly
balanced and their Wings lyrics of 12 Devayani has with food and come and cook to perfection
and I will try some biriyani register collateral Chilli pickle along with biriyani granite
Haji Mohd Hussain. Is really really problem you can see the frying
difference chicken and the chicken is bubbling away in 24 Rajasthan is a celebrity in capitalism
father entertaining us a good eating the food lovers for a really long time is this is this shop 40 years old I will give you a little
clay model chicken and 5.5 and you find Haji Saheb 1 years old Jama Masjid and he has been
treating the customers in Jama Masjid for around 40 years Strawberry and that
mango train lassi in marketing yts.ag very cool point and decide to go and the mango
ice cream is very popular lady Friday price Emirates in sugar syrup and along with some
trees and some continent as ACP dealers in 40000 I don’t know putting you can say analysis
places and And it just a really amazing my favourite what language
do they also good Thank you Place of luxury brands of ice cream along with photo 2017
rupees that’s it at the break of first day light in the morning most Namaz people start
the fast and they will be fasting throughout the day till in the evening after the sunset
movie wanted a complete Ramadan experience as the night progressed people started to
clean and wind of the shops to eat a final we called salary before the begin their fast
at the call of the alarm at the sound of the Earth on the streets became deserted and shops
closed at people started gathering at Jama Masjid Moth in the mall tomorrow the street
Suite light up again and welcome foodies for another field we are having that and calling
it a night at night but remember I am done for the day kindly like comment and subscribe
my channel 50 I am boss for that I am finding out for today see you in the next blog.

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