Quick & Easy Congee | Jok | Rice Porridge – Thai Breakfast Recipe – โจ๊กหมูสับ แบบง่าย

Quick & Easy Congee | Jok | Rice Porridge – Thai Breakfast Recipe – โจ๊กหมูสับ แบบง่าย

Sawaddee Ka
welcome to Hot Thai Kitchen today I’ve got another breakfast recipe for you
it’s a popular staple breakfast item in Thailand but it is originally Chinese I
am talking about “Jok” which is what we call it in Thai but in English it’s
referred to as congee which I think “congee” is an English word
I never thought about that maybe it’s not English you can also call it rice
porridge it’s basically our version of savory oatmeal now what I’m going to
show you today is how to make a quick version in less than 15 minutes using
leftover rice okay and quick versions of food is what I am all about these
days with this baby coming any day now but if you want the long method the
traditional method of making jok I do have a video for that and I’ll link to
that in the description box below alright let’s get started so two things
you need for this quick version to work one you need rice that’s already cooked
so any leftover rice will be fine and you also need to have some chicken stock
or pork stock ready which you can use store-bought but if you want to know how
to make a really good Asian style stock I will link to the videos in the
description below okay so I’ve got some rice here if your rice is cold I like to
nuke it in the microwave first because when rice is warm it’ll absorb liquid
more readily make it go faster okay so that all goes into this blender here I’m
gonna add just enough of my stock to blend it not everything just enough to
get it going and the consistency is sort of up to you if you like it coarser you
don’t have to blend it as much if you like it finer you can blend it more but
what you don’t want is a smooth puree okay we’re not making a cream soup here
still want like broken bits of rice I just like to take it up pour it and
just look at the consistency yeah maybe a couple of blitzes more OOP that’s it
perfect so I’ll show you the consistency that I like and then with the leftover
stock this is why we saved it you’re gonna add to it so you can rinse all the
little rice bits in the blender okay so now I’m gonna turn that on and this
needs to simmer for at least 10 minutes if you’ve got more time longer we’ll get
a smoother softer consistency but in the spirit of quick version ten minutes is
the minimum that you need all right so now while that is going we want to make
our meatballs pork meatballs is a classic thing that we always add into
our dough in Thailand if you want to add other meats go for it but I’m going to
show you a really quick way of making delicious meatballs so I’ve got some
ground pork here you can do ground chicken if you want you don’t want this
lean though you want some fat in there it’ll keep it nice and soft okay so now
I’m gonna add some garlic which I pounded in my mortar and pestle but you
can grade it with a microplane or finely finely mince it or you know what just
use garlic powder I mean in the spirit of quick food throw in some garlic
powder no one’s judging some white pepper or you can do black pepper if you
want some simple seasoning I got soy sauce and some fish sauce and then this
is completely optional but if you want a nice aroma you can do some toasted
sesame oil get ready to mix everything up and I like to use my hands to get all
of that mixed in for a finer texture you can also blitz this in the food
processor but again we’re trying to be quick and reduce the amount of dishes
that we need to do so you really want to knead all that together really well it’s
also better if you use gloves that actually fit your hands rather than
using Adam’s large size gloves and then it’s slipping off all the time
so that’s done now here’s a tip if you want to make extra of this freeze some
either like form little balls already and then stick them in the freezer and
then you can just throw that into soup throw that into whenever you make congee
and you don’t have to make this every time alright so after 10 minutes you
should have this thick luscious thing right here as you can see the rice is
nice and plump again if you have 15 minutes do 15 it’s gonna be even softer
but 10 minutes is sort of like the minimum requirement I think I’m gonna
add just a touch more water you can add more stock if you’ve got some laying
around just because right now it’s a little too thick with the meatballs
which we have oh by the way I forgot to add sugar to meatball mixture so I did
add that while you weren’t looking and just a touch of sweetness subtle subtle
sweetness I find goes really well contrasts nicely with sort of this salty
congee Oh before I add I’m all over the place today before I add the meatballs
let’s season this first I got some soy sauce and this is totally a me thing you
can just do soy sauce but I like to add little fish sauce as well makes it
better because I’m gonna be dealing with the meatballs when I just turn this off
for now cuz when a thick thing is bubbling sometimes it jumps and then
lands on your arm and it’s the worst kind of burn because it’s super thick
and it just stays there so I’m just gonna turn this off while we check with
the pork so whip the meatballs I’m just gonna use these two teaspoons just to
create bite-sized balls and it’s going directly into this pot and then you just
keep doing it by the way I should point out that the amount of congee that I
have here is actually half the recipe I just have so much congee at home right
now you need to make the full recipe so this is more pork than what I would need
for this but as I said it freezes really well so I’m just gonna freeze the rest
and you can make it as big or as small as you like you can sit there and make
perfect little like what the French called a “quenelle” shape like this if you
care but seriously… who has time for that okay so that
looks good to me I’m gonna turn the heat back on and the pork will only need to
simmer for like three minutes that’s all it takes for them to be done when add
just a touch more water here there we go and the flavor from the pork is gonna go
into the congee making it even more delicious mmm
all right so a few minutes gone by the pork is completely cooked of the congee
looks perfect so now I’m just gonna taste this for seasoning mmm mmm perfect
feel free at this point to add more soy sauce if you don’t want this to be
darker add some more salt if you just want a little bit of more seasoning
without the color salt will work just fine
that is delicious what I’m gonna do now though I’m gonna add just a pinch of
julienned ginger which you can save till the end but I like it to have some time
to infuse into the congee itself as well maybe a little more all right
let’s surf it up without quick that was right faster than making pancakes in the
morning and when you make congee at home you can really load up on the pork cuz
we all know that when we go to a congee like a dim sum place and you order a
bowl of congee it’s mostly rice and even the rice isn’t this concentrated it’ll
be thinner there’ll be a lot of water not that much rice and then not that
much other stuff so I like to make my own extra garnish of course with some
more ginger some green onions I like a little white pepper too all right let’s give this a taste give
it all the stir oh by the way for our patreon members
with access to the show after the show for this episode I’m going to talk you
through all the different types of rice porridge that we have in Thailand
because we have quite a few of them so if you want to know more about becoming
a patreon member I’ll put the link in the description below careful it’s hot congee burns like
nobody’s business such comforting goodness there is
nothing like that first bite of warm soft congee in the morning it’s just so
comforting so soothing and it’s got that familiar flavor of just pork and rice
and pork stock mmm it’s just so good and it took only like literally ten minutes
for the rice while the rice is cooking you make your pork you put the pork in 3
min le mie it’s a 15 minute ordeal you can totally do that on a weekend as long
as you’ve got some stock and some rice ready man it is just so good and by the
way you can freeze this if you’ve got extra you can freeze it and then just
heat it up in the microwave that way too so the recipe as always will be on hot
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100 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Congee | Jok | Rice Porridge – Thai Breakfast Recipe – โจ๊กหมูสับ แบบง่าย

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  3. Filipino version is arroz caldo!! Soo good and comforting on cold/rainy days or whenever feeling under the weather!

  4. We have basically the same food over here in the Philippines, Pai! We call it “arroz caldo”, and we toss some chicken and egg in there 😁 Anyways, you look blooming as a mother, stay charming! ☺️

  5. Yessss this actually is my favorite breakfast, and I love to eat that when I'm sick as well. Makes me feel better 😊

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  8. Yep, the word congee is from the Tamil word kañci. FYI, the Tamil language is spoken in Southern India and Sri Lanka. BTW, "porridge" is from the Old French word potage, which means soup or stew.

  9. I think its all asian…..we also have that in philippines…. the famous is chicken…but i wll try that meat balls…then we ear its best with lemon, lime or calamansi…. with toasted garlic… wow so yummy

  10. Mmmm just released a video of jok cooking from scratch. Us cantonese peeps have this joke where if you call your friend and you get a busy signal (on their landline lol this doesn’t apply to modern day) it means they’re making congee – because you have to stand there and stir for hours so you gotta call a friend for company 😅👨‍🍳 man I feel aged lol… this is a great tip pai, I always wondered why people don’t half blend the porridge in a blender…now I know it works 👌❤️🙌🍚🍚🍚🇨🇦

  11. In the Philippines we have different names for congee. Lugaw for plain congee, arroz caldo for chicken congee and goto for congee with intestine.

  12. This looks so good! You’re glowing btw, I feel like you’re gonna be a great mom. I hope you speak to you child in Thai

  13. For those with rice cookers; if there are a lot of rice sticking to the pot you can add water/stock to the pot and boil for 5 to 10 minutes and get instant jok!

  14. Hi!
    As a mom and baby no. 2 is coming. I love your quick & easy recipe and also freezing curry video. Please have those more, it will be very helpful. Thanks.
    By the way, you look amazing. Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy. 😍

  15. Hi Pailin, Congee is from Dravidian (South Indian) root Kanji, ganji which is taken into English during colonial period. People in India call it a poor man's food, which is accompanied with salted pickles, shallot onions, chilies and other condiments like fried dried fish as well and eat in summer.

  16. Hi Pai! Any reason why you omitted adding sugar to the meatballs like you did in the original recipe? Hope mom life has been going well!

  17. It is like the chinese chicken soup u eat when u are sick. also it is vietnamese, eat with the fried cruller bread on top and scallions.

  18. In viet we call this chao. Theres a local Cantonese Viet place near me that has the best fish congee its especially good with a side of the chinese fried dough.

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    Because india and china have had much cultural impact on the thai people and some aspects are clpser to chinese culture and other to indiam (food and religion is more similar to the ones in china while old architecture, litterature, customs, traditional clothings or the language is more indian influenced)

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  32. I have No idea if this is a Swedish of Scandinavian thing, but we do rice porridge at Christmas but served with sugar and cinnamon 😊

  33. i made this with small blender and i didnt tell my mom cause if i was, she'd kill me! because she thought its a very weird method. glad i'm not the only one thought about using blender 😂

  34. Oh wow I'm from Tamilnadu, South India. We call rice porridge as kanji (congee) too !! It is so very common here except with the modern people these days who think that kanji is poor people's food except that it's not ! It's a very very good healthy food !! 😊💕 btw I loveeee ulundhankanji which is very very tasty especially with spicy sour sauce or chutney !! 😍😍😄👒

  35. Wow I so love this to eat whilst in Thailand , check out my video of me and my brekky 🤣🤣.

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    Thank you for watching!

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