Quinn Cook Interview - July 11, 2019

Quinn Cook Interview – July 11, 2019

Quinn welcome to the Lakers when you hear that what's your first thought uh no I just think of my family I take all the hard work I put in as a young child and just dreaming and the Lakers was like my outlet and I just grew up idolizing every player to ever play here and I'm a dream come true for me who were some of your favorites um obviously Kobe I love Derek Fisher joy farm are on pile of schism are you know so many but those guys really stick out yeah it was that a big part of your decision process hey I've always kind of watched the Lakers time to play for them now um I think this situation um you know what's going on right now with the organization was the biggest decision for me I'm just I thought it was a perfect fit on for me just to come in here and just help out as much as possible to be the best team and I can be try to be consistent all year and you know compete for a championship and obviously on my love for the Lakers added some more to that at the end but I just thought my conversations were robbing just everything that went on no we got it done you've talked about your dad a lot on social media how priority he be right now oh he'll be proud on whatever I was doing um if I was an engineer or schoolteacher I wouldn't matter but the fact that I'm playing for his favorite team are you definitely a little bit more excited but uh you know it's just more motivation more motivation you know I grew up watching the Lakers win championships so oh there would be no better feeling than win a champion for my favorite team we've got some championship experience of your own what do you hope to bring to this franchise um you know uh confidence you know being able to perform at the highest level in this game you know I think that's one thing that was intriguing for me um they intrigued the Lakers about you know pursuing me I'm just you know performing at the highest level um I think my relationship with Braun and AD played a factor as well and you know I'm just excited to get to work now when you when you talk about the Warriors you play with some pretty good players up there what makes LeBron and AD how are they different from those guys how were they similar with those guys um you know I played with both on the NBA and you know they're both no selfless superstars they make the right play obviously they're humble on but uh they're all about the team they're all about the team they make everybody on the team feel you know important um you know they bring the best out of you every single day to come to work every single day film shooting around practice and obviously games um you know they're actually speaking louder than their wares so you know they put the work and that's what makes them special but the way they help their teammates you know reach their not reach their potential but you know try to get as much out of each team right as possible that's what makes those guys special and I saw it firsthand and obviously that are even better now so I'm just excited have you a Rob or Frank talked about your role for this team what you'll be doing um yeah I'll talk to Frank and coach kid a little bit in Vegas and just you know really kind of getting to know each other um and know they know what I can do they know what I bring shooting um you're not going score the ball um I just try to you know guys you know where they need shots and make some open shots and I'm not committed a lot of turnovers and stuff like that just be a solid guy off the bench and like I said you know I play at the highest level these past two years and finals so um I think they they know what I can do at a big stage and was excited and either way you'll be shooting and scoring a lot huh hopefully that's the plan oh no I know where this will be a very unselfish team you know a lot of guys will have shots obviously with AD and Brian out there and coos out there so uh you know it would be a lot of open shots a lot of opportunity to make some shots so I don't have a lot of guys who can do that all right great stuff thank you

44 thoughts on “Quinn Cook Interview – July 11, 2019

  1. “Not help reach their potential but uh help get the most out of each player…”
    Bruh 🙄🤦🏾‍♂️ lol

  2. For reals he is a real one I grew up watching the lakers beat times gotta mention Kobe d Fisher gasol and metta they gave it there all

  3. Sound like a champion team is coming back to Lakers. (at least get into playoff, (no enter playoff for 6 years)hahaha)

  4. Javale McGee, boogie, and Quinn cook. Who else? Might as well call them the warriors 2.0 with LeBron AD and kuz lol.

  5. I don't know the terms, but Lakers signed many minimum contracts, various type of players (Two Warriors, One Raptors, a lots of veterans), probably a weak head coach, gave up future picks (close to a dozen), I would say they probably miss the playoff.

  6. Once again they stacked a team for overrated leblame Lames to win, and the west got weaker and the east got stronger, if you idiots don't see the set-up than you's are just brainwashed minions also. So don't be saying LeBron carried a team to finals like you idiots always try to say sounding like those payola idiots from ESPN who's are elite puppets on t.v.

  7. Wait till Lebron shoots you down and makes you feel like a pussy.
    Wow you really put Warriors in the shade, apparently they never gave you the chance to feel part of the team and all that rubbish you just said. Lol
    Good luck Cook, see you on the court!!!!

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