RAINDROP CAKE Recipe Mizu Shingen Mochi – You Made What?!

RAINDROP CAKE Recipe Mizu Shingen Mochi – You Made What?!

Greetings my lovelies! Hi, it’s Emmy, and welcome back to another “You Made What?!” Today I have a recipe for you that was requested, and it’s called “Raindrop Cake”. I’d never heard of it by that name before but in Japanese it’s called Mizu Shingen Mochi And it’s a type of clear…jelly…cake. So I learned about this a couple years ago on my friend Mosogourmet’s YouTube channel. and if you don’t know them I shall put the link down below and so I got the recipe inspiration for today’s recipe from them. I did major tweaks but I got my initial instructions and inspiration from them. And if you like these kind of fun, experimental recipes be sure to subscribe for more ‘makin! All right, let’s go ahead and get started! Okay, to a medium saucepan, we’re gonna add 450cc of filtered water. Next you’re gonna add 1 gram of granulated sugar and mix this really well until it’s nicely dissolved. Onto the sugar solution, we’re gonna sprinkle 1 gram of agar agar. And I use the “TELEPHONE” brand and I found this at my local Asian market. Next, on medium-high heat, we’re going to warm the solution up, until the agar agar dissolves. And you don’t wanna stir this too much because you don’t wanna create too many bubbles, so just swirl it in the pan. So after a few minutes, you wanna check to see if the agar agar has dissolved, and once it’s dissolved you can remove it from the heat. So here are the molds I used, they’re actually used to make spherical ice cubes, but they work perfectly for this project. Pour the mixture into your mold, And you can either use a sphere mold like I’m using here, Or you can use these half-spheres as well. Then place the molds into the refrigerator until the agar agar sets; and this time will depend on the size of your mold. So it took me three times to get this recipe right And I just wanted to show the first two attempts, So if you have any trouble you can kind of problem-solve with my examples here. So this is attempt number one, using the Mosogourmet recipe, And as you can see, not at all clear and very very hard. So for attempt number two I scaled way back on the agar-agar and still frosty and not jelly enough. So let’s see how attempt number three goes… Here is my little mold And I am going to unmold it and see how this turns out. See, here it is. This side’s a little concave, but hopefully this side… And there it is! (delighted laugh) ..show you how it… …rolls. Isn’t that marvelous? It’s perfectly spherical. And…clear. Love it! There it is on my tray. And traditionally this is served with kinako and kuromitsu. And kuromitsu is a kind of dark syrup — brown sugar kind of syrup. I couldn’t find it at my local grocer so I’m going to use this instead And this is some dark honey. It’s forest honey and it comes from Germany. My little….sphere is running away. And I’m going to put a dab of that…on the side. So I did find some kinako — and kinako is roasted soybean flour. And It’s often served with desserts. So I’m going to put a little… …bit of that… …next to my… …mochi. And add a little dollop of honey as well. There’s that. There’s the raindrop cake! And it’s so beautiful I don’t want to eat it. So let’s try this by itself. And there it is. It just kind of… breaks. It looks just like jello. Alright, let’s give that a taste. Itadakimasu! And it tastes like water. I put a little bit of sugar in there, but It’s practically undetectable. It has a really delightful texture to it. It’s a very, very soft gelatin — unlike any kind of jello I’ve had before. And it tastes like water. So, I’m going to have a little bit with some kinako — which is some of this roasted soy powder — and I’m gonna have a little honey on there as well. So now it’ll be much more like a mochi. All right, here we go. Mm! And it has a kind of a little bit of a sweet, peanut buttery kind of taste. And the texture is still kind of very watery and jello-like. It’s very, very interesting texture. It’s just — for just a second it’s like a jello — and then it just instantly dissolves into water. And in terms of how desserts go, it’s pretty bland. But… A really fun novelty thing to make and once you get the proportions and the recipe right, it’s actually pretty simple to make as well. But definitely a showstopper Definitely gorgeous and yeah, there you go. Raindrop cake. Alright, I hope you guys enjoyed that, I hope you guys learned something. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe! And I shall see you in my next video. Toodle-oo, take care, bye! Then you place one end into your tea, and you use it like a straw. Here we go! And it works… beautifully. [seductive jazz music]

100 thoughts on “RAINDROP CAKE Recipe Mizu Shingen Mochi – You Made What?!

  1. if other flavors could be added without compromising the texture that would be fun to make a bunch of them having different flavors but all of them being clear so it would be like a surprise every time

  2. This is not my phone, my nameis chuck, but im pretty sure you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Jello is jello, however you are amazing to behold

  3. The agar agar made it solid. After the heat boiling cool down, it will be a jelly. It will be jello after that yes, solid. Yet if you smash it, it will smash like the jelly at the end.

    I believe it was agar agar raindrop.

  4. but it’s not a cake. thats like the brits calling everything a pudding. grrrrr! but on a up note, its a great indicator that your table is not level. ha ha ha

  5. Hell , that’s no cake 🍰!!! You are so silly !!! Gelatin water 💦 and sugar is just junk !!! It’s NOT CAKE 🎂 !!! Thumbs down 👎 for this STUPID channel !!! 👎👎👎👎👎😖😖😖😖😖😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠👎👎👎👎👎

  6. Can't decide if you should throw it against the wall or eat it. It looks so bouncy. If I ever need to go on a diet, this will be on my dessert menu.

    Your really don't look like you enjoyed the rain drop cake ☔️☔️ 😂

  7. Interesting I would probably have this with very finely chopped kale & fruits a slice of lemon or lime naturally would make it refreshing on a very hot day

  8. 3:48 and it taste like water, what do you expect it's a raindrop cake.

    Sorry if that sounded mean I just want to say that it's from the name. And it looks perfect. Also you described the taste letting me know that you did it… 😄

  9. I'm curious cause it says raindrop "CAKE". Its clearly says in the title of the video then wtf, its only a jelly thing'y anyone can do it and its clearly not a " cake" 😂😂😂
    Just watched 2019

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