Raspberry Chipotle Glazed Ham | Thanksgiving Recipes

Raspberry Chipotle Glazed Ham | Thanksgiving Recipes

What’s good at everybody hey welcome
back to my channel smoking and grilling with me “A B” you guys read the title, you
know what time of year it is. Listen we getting ready to do a Glazed Ham, but not
just know any old glazed ham we’re getting ready to do you know what? I call this a Raspberry Chipotle glazed ham listen this is really all
about the glaze because listen we’re not trying to like reinvent the wheel we all
know how to make a ham and if you don’t all you got to do is when you buy a ham
it’s probably gonna already come precooked
all you got to do is peel the label off and look at the back and they tell you
tell you how long it should be the whole shebang so really it’s all about putting
that glaze and their presentation and before we get ready to go over these are
the ingredients I’m getting ready to preheat this oven right now because like
a lot of times I forget to show it so listen I’m gonna start saying it like in
the very very beginning now want to set you over to 325 degrees that’s doing now
we can ready to go over these ingredients and make it happen alright
we getting ready to go over the ingredients start off by saying listen
if you’re new to my channel you’ll notice that every time I pick up you
know any of my ingredients you’ll see the description come up on the screen
and then it’ll show the quantity and also it’ll be down in the description
box below with that being said let’s get right into it
I’m a strong about just showing this hey listen when you get yourself a ham it’s
probably going to come in something like this you know it means which is own type
of glaze if it does we’re just gonna discard it I just got it out here right
now just so you guys can see it I’m gonna put it in refrigerator on the use
it for something else okay right here okay got a nine pound ham
okay so just want to show you that and then also if you peel it back the
instructions is on here you know how to make it so we just put that there
this is real simple and again listen we’re making a raspberry chipotle ham
glaze now I got two cans but there’s a Chipotle you know peppers this is an
adobo sauce just got two of these listen I’m using 1/3 cup of brown sugar
alright third cup this right here is a tie you know
vinegar you know just hey listen this is just a regular vinegar I’m just showing
you the brand that I use you know I get that some time and then right here
listen for the seat listen this right here is the raspberry look red raspberry
seedless this is what you want you guys you want to get seed lism you don’t want
it with the seeds to listen in to mess up your presentation trust me when I
tell you it’s gonna be a little bit more expensive
you know since they had to do the training but it’s gonna be well worth it
now I’m gonna be using this to check my temp this is the meat stick you guys
know that I’m a gadget person but you want to talk about having a gadget that
is truly functional this right here has replaced everything I’m gonna show you
I’m gonna do a video to show you guys you know how this works you know what
this is all about but you’re gonna start seeing this and every one of my videos I
can’t live without it all right got the meat stick this is just to breathe for
the Wi-Fi crying now so the first thing I want to do is I’m going to clear this
right here and give me a station I’m gonna open this up this is a nine pound
ham you know we’re gonna do the math we’re gonna figure it out we’re gonna
put it in the oven and then we’re gonna start cooking these glaze so stay with
me now once you open your hand you know any of the juices it’s okay to put them
in your roasting pan that’s alright and don’t forget to
remove you know that bone protector okay look got it out of the package what I’m
gonna do is I want to put we gonna call this two-faced so what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna place my ham face side down there you go I just don’t want it to be
cooking in his juices and I want everything to just run down here now
what I’m gonna do is I’m getting ready to use my meat stick
now you know we got a ball right here you want to get this in here like this I
mean you know I don’t really like want to mess my meat up so I’m going to right
about there it’s got to do a line right here then
again don’t forget you guys I’m gonna go ahead and do a review on this hey this
is a must-have now I got that in there what I’m gonna do is I’m a cover it with
some foil we’re gonna set our temperature because we’re gonna need 15
minutes for every pound this is a 9 9 pound ham so let’s go ahead and figure
that out right now Alexa what’s 9 times 15 so that’s 135
minutes so 2 hours would be 120 and 15 minutes
so we got 2 hours and 15 minutes let me go ahead and get it covered after we get
it covered I’m gonna put it in the oven set that timer but we wanna set a timer
for an hour and 15 minutes because the last hour that’s gonna be going to start
basting it with that glaze and we’re gonna reposition this ham so let me get
it covered now I want to take this time to show you you know this right here
this is the app that works along with the meat stick now as you can see it
says 51 degrees and then you know what you can customize it if you can look up
at the top you see as a glaze down so once I hit that to the left over there
and ours that’s the ambient you know temperature is saying to 77 degrees on
the outside but 51 degrees you know internal now super-easy
listen what you want to do is now you want to cover it right so when you cover
it it’s up to you you can cover it you know completely and seal it but for me I
do a loose cover I just want to protect it and keep it from browning so much but
after that and then we’re going to put it in the other
okay knit while we got the ham in the oven what we gonna do is we’re gonna go
ahead I’m gonna go ahead and start making you know making the glaze I’m
going to just start by putting this in here again you guys can just see see
this is the way to go okay look I’m starting off with you know
using the preserve putting that in there first with the being honest with you
everything that you have put aside you know to make the glaze in no particular
order just go ahead and just like dump it into the pot and then we can hurry up
get some on some heat onto it that right there is you know the brown sugar and
then I’m coming with your vinegar you know I just like super easy I’m trying
to figure out like what am I gonna say you know I mean because this is really
truly self explanatory now you can do it you can use one all the way up to three
cans of these our chipotle peppers you know and it’s adobo sauce but I can I
don’t really do hot you know I mean this right here gave it a nice little bite to
it so I went ahead and used two cans that’s what I know you usually use then
I have no issues with that now what you want to do is you want to go ahead and I
put it on a medium high because I wanted to bring it to a boil and there you go
you can see it right there border then when I removed their top we’re not gonna
put the top back on it reason being we want it to like evaporate we’re gonna
cook it down so you think with thick enough you know really really easy you
guys you could just see right there and just starting to thicken up already
either tailed away a simmer right now you can see the thickness in the liquid
right there that’s our glaze folks now when that
comes out of the oven then we’re gonna start you know go ahead once it comes
out of the oven we’re gonna go ahead and start basting it but once we got to
desired thickness I just know right there if not might not
be as thick as you guys might like it but I know right there once it starts to
cool it thickens up now go ahead and get yourself a strainer what we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna strain it those are peppers and any other things
that you know and I came off with the peppers or whatever we just want to have
straight liquid and that’s gonna be our glaze you guys now you know now you’ll
notice that it’s really not draining as much right that’s because the peppers
are gonna clog up the screen so what you want to do is get yourself a spoon or
you know a silicone you know spatula or something like that and you just want to
like move it around just sort of all of the impurities and I’m not even gonna
say they really not impurities just all of the pepper and everything they’d
released and stay inside of the strainer and then we can just get peer glaze
right there now after an hour and 15 minutes we want to go ahead and just
bring it out of the oven we’re gonna remove the foil and because listen it’s
already cooked what we were doing was we were just protecting it and keeping it
from browning so much and we were just putting some heat into it
and remember we’re trying to get to an internal temperature of about 135
degrees now you just want to get yourself you know based based into what
you just saw right there now I’m gonna go ahead and just
reposition this because now you started out with it being facedown now we just
want to get it you know so that the face is facing our you know what I mean so we
can see the slices so listen we’re gonna go ahead get some of the glaze and then
we’re just gonna start basing it over the top now I’m just putting it over the
top like this right now but you’re gonna watch what I do I’m gonna go ahead and
get myself a knife and then we open up some of those some actually we gonna
open up all of the cuts and the slices you know I mean just so that we can get
that that raspberry glaze we want to get that all the way down eat down all the
way to that bone you know I mean so that way each one of your guests when they
pull from that they gonna get that amazing flavor now as you can see there
it is just open it up and go ahead and just add your glaze throughout and then
we’re gonna go back into the oven and when we go back in the oven we’re gonna
go in listen we’re gonna baste it four times
so listen every 15 minutes we’re gonna take it out and we’re gonna start adding
some more glaze onto it and again that’s gonna be a total of four times and after
that we’ll have that internal temperature and then boom it’ll be done
now we’re coming out for base number two you know so same thing that we did the
first time you know what I mean we just want to go ahead and continue to just
keep putting that amazing you know glaze on the top and then you know what there
with that brown sugar in there listen it’s called caramelized inside of that
oven then you want to repeat that all the way up to four times which will leak
on an hour back in the oven and then when you’re done this is what you got
right here and then everything that had dripped down right there listen that’s
glaze and that’s good too after I come out there last time I like to just hit
it and keep it nice and moist actually I save all of the all of that glaze I put
it in some type of a pouring dish I make sure it stays warm and I put that out
you know so the guests can like pour it on any piece of ham that they have now
that’s what you want to have now if you remember in the beginning I have that on
that kale it might not look the best on the back end you know what I mean
because I didn’t really get enough but this huh if you put that green base down
get yourself some orange slices and this is just an idea you guys that way you
can see and get your mind wrapped around you know what your presentation but that
right there is what I call the raspberry chipotle ham glaze ain’t at its best so
tell me what you guys think about this one here it’s super easy to make and
don’t forget we’re not trying to like to reinvent the wheel all we doing is
really just heating up to him we’re looking for an internal temperature of
about 135 degrees right so once we achieve that you know what then we put
it out there with that glaze on it and you know what just let everybody look at
it all I can tell you is like the aroma that’s gonna be going around you know in
your house or when you’re you know your guests get there you know and your
family hey listen this is gonna be it right here
this might outshine your turkey hey so without that being said listen if you
new to my channel let me take this time to say hey thank you for watching you
know what don’t forget to subscribe and like this video and tell everybody out
there there’s channel out here to simplify on these
recipes and taking the mystery out of cooking and if you’ve been watching me
for a minute you know how we’re going to get out of here folks I’m out of here

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