RE-MENT collection 3 – Kitchen Utensils (Food replicas) ASMR

RE-MENT collection 3 – Kitchen Utensils (Food replicas) ASMR

Series#18 – Petit Kitchen #40 – Let’s Cook! Series#18 – Petit Kitchen 1. cut-out cookies 2. croissant 3. smoothie 4. shortcake 5. madeleine 6. ice cream 7. kouglof 8. pancakes 9. apple pie 10. chiffon cake Secret1. chocolate kouglof Secret2. gingerbread house Series#40 – Let’s Cook! 1. animal shaped bread 2. taiyaki 3. Kakigōri (Japanese shaved ice dessert) 4. deco cookies 5. crème caramel 6. fruit punch 7. pumpkin pie 8. fruit jelly 9. muffin 10. cotton candy

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  1. When ASMR channels weren't invented yet:

    Btw This was my childhood i love watching this when i was 5 and now im 12… thats 7 years ago!. and thats the age of the vid! LOL

  2. I remember watching a huge variety of your awesome videos ever since I was a little child.. I still love watching your videos

  3. It’s amazing how this was a channel people remembered watching from their childhood, I honestly thought I was the only one until I read the comments.

  4. Moça a onde você comprou eu quero muito comprar eu já procurei em toda loja na internet e não achei

  5. Quien habla español no quiero ser la unica😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. قد سمعت عن قناة جوجو ؟ قناة طبخ ؟ مليت من الاطباق اللي تتكرر كل يوم ؟ حاب اكلات خفيفة ولذيذة وفي نفس الوقت سريعة ؟ خش قناتي وسو لايك وسبسكرايب وادعمني عشان انزل اكثر

  7. Me:I wanna go to Japan so I can buy these but not the horse meat they sell.
    Also me:I wanna go to Australia next after Japan

  8. 1:02 مادري والله. 😂😂😂😂
    مادري والله من وين تجيبها
    زي الايسكريم بس مدري شسمه
    عاد انا الي ادري 😂