Recovery, Raw Meat, and Renewed Energy | DM 4.01

Recovery, Raw Meat, and Renewed Energy | DM 4.01

Hey guys! Week two of Dark Mode, I’m feeling really good. My energy is, my energy is honestly insane. Energy has been insane. I am now I’m just, I’m back. I’m back. I am obsessed. I am, all of my dreams revolve around stuff that I want to communicate in videos that I’m making right now. I’ve already finished two of the focused videos for my goal, which is 15 focused videos. I just finished recording the second focused video which is, by far, the most difficult– I’ve been working on this video for months. It is about The System. I’ve mentioned this to a bunch of you guys in the comments. I completely redid the– For those of you that I shared this video with, I ended up completely redoing it. I went back to the drawing board, and I think it’s something truly exceptional and hopefully it’ll be out in the next couple of weeks here. So, anyway, it’s already 10 o’clock. I’ve been working non-stop. These videos take a huge amount of energy because I really– Something really special happens when I make these videos, which is I connect with something, I don’t know what it is yet exactly, but it’s– my essence comes out, there is a– I talked a lot about expression, and how I’ve– One of the reasons I started dancing salsa, for example, was to learn how to use my body to express. When I make these focused videos particularly, something happens in me where there’s a– there’s just pure expression that’s happening, and all of my– my words, my movements, there’s this feeling that– I enter into a total flow state where, we’ve been recording for about two hours, and I’ve been just ultra high energy the entire time, it’s like I– From once we started recording, it’s like within a minute, I enter this space where there’s no time anymore. And it’s just– It feels like we’ve been recording– I have no idea, like when the button clicked, because this camera stops recording after 30 minutes, and this happened multiple times as we were recording, every time that happened it was like, it felt like: “How is that possible?” “It’s only been a minute”. “it’s only been a few minutes”. “How is it? How’s that possible?” “Battery must have ran out or something”. But every time it was– Because we had gotten to that 30 minute point, and– Man! it’s cool. It’s really cool the experience of that. But anyway, I’m going to– I think I’m supposed to have physical therapy right now, so let me just try to eat something quickly and I’ll catch you guys in the next clip. Hey guys! Here I am, enjoying a decaffeinated coffee. One of my rules for Dark Mode is that I can’t drink coffee, at least for the first 30 days, so what I’ve been doing is I’ve just been drinking about three decaf coffees per day. I’m also, as just a little tiny treat, in the morning when I have my decaf coffee, and sometimes in the afternoon as well, I’m mixing in this Keto cocoa that I have, which has 1.5 grams of net carbs, about 1 gram of fiber. So, aside from that little treat, aside from that, I am– I was going to say, aside from that, I’m 100% carnivore, but I think including that, may be easier to say I’m about 98% strict carnivore diet. I have to say, I’ve been doing carnivore now for close to two months, although not perfectly strict. Perfectly strict has been about two– And I can’t even say perfectly strict because I have that that one little tiny exception, but I’ve been perfectly 98% carnivore for the last couple of weeks, and overall, my energy is– My energy’s great. I’m a little tired right now, but if you guys saw the amount of energy that I just put into the video that I recorded this morning, you would understand. I’ve lost my voice– After I finished that video, it was like, I had to– It took me about 10 minutes just to return to this world. In fact, let’s show you a little clip from that video right now. (…)and the system is real, the system is a false reality. And keeping our attention on the things that we can observe directly is precisely the mechanism by which the system remains hidden from us. It is precisely why we remain hidden from ourselves (…) …And we’re back! For me it’s been a second, for you has been… God knows how long. So, anyway, the energy is feeling really good. I think this diet is definitely going to be a winner for me. But again, I’ll try to hold all judgment on it until I’ve had a few months on it. So, in the last episode– I just noticed a bunch of people looking at me. I’m not as as introverted anymore, so I can– The idea of like people looking at me while I record, just a few years ago, would have made my head explode. So, my Dark Mode progress is really good. Last episode we talked a bit about how I wasn’t ready, how I was lacking motivation. Motivation is such a BS thing. It’s not– Any time that I’ve ever extrapolated motivation from things that are external to me, even– The easiest example of this is listening to music, right? This is why I don’t listen to music when I go to the gym. It creates this temporary surge of something that it’s temporary, it’s temporary. Every day that goes by where I adhere to my rules, where I eat a strict diet, and I feel at the end of the day, I don’t feel bloated, I feel nice, and tight, lean, strong, Powerful. Every single day that goes by where I do all of these things, I do all of the things that I know that I ought to be doing, that’s motivation, that’s momentum. I am adapting to a new Mode of existence. Dark Mode is a Mode of existence that is designed to not only help facilitate goals, but to ensure the successful completion of those goals because you simply don’t leave this mode of existence until the goals are completed and your entire focus, all of your energy should be directed towards these goals. Today I started with the physiotherapist which I’m really happy with. It’s going to be a lot of work to be able to get into the shape that I need to be into to climb Mont Blanc in France, I’m going to give it everything that I got, I’m going to buy my ticket, I’m going to show up at the mountain, and I’m going to give it a hundred percent, and I’d be very surprised if I don’t make it to the top. Will I potentially hurt myself? Potentially. But I’ve already got it on my head, I can already see myself at the top and so, it’s really very little that can stand in between me and that goal. I would have to be seriously hurt to not complete this goal. And that’s my mindset with everything and it’s– What’s really enjoyable, and again, there are a lot of things with Dark Mode that I can’t properly communicate. I don’t think you guys couldn’t even appreciate hearing me share with you all, I’ll share them anyway. But when you exist like that, when your existence is predicated on just doing all of the things that you’re supposed to be doing, and you have this laser focus on your goals. For so many times in the past I’ve just, I’ve written down goals in a piece of paper, and to try to make sure that I accomplish them– I’ve done, you know, I always failed at my goals, right? And I’d write them down in a piece of paper, and I tried to read them every morning. Maybe I’d do that for a little bit, and that falls off. I remember one time I even pricked my finger and I signed the paper in blood just to, I guess, as an indication of how serious I was that I was going to complete my goals this time. And it just never worked. So, by adhering to a strict mode of existence that is entirely focused on the manifestation of my goals, and not leaving that mode of existence until the goals are completed, it guarantees that I complete those goals. And it may take– it could take two years. I’m ready for that. I’m prepared for that. I think that’s the mindset that one needs when looking at a specific set of goals. Anyway, the whole thing is, Dark Mode finishes as quickly as you complete your goals, so, that’s entirely on me. If Dark Mode takes one month, two months, three months, if it takes four years, that’s what it takes. I think that is the– Obviously, I don’t think there’s any circumstance under which it would take four years, especially if I am truly focused on achieving my goals. But, if it takes that long, it takes that long. And that’s the– I’m locked in. Period. That’s it. I’ve closed the door and it’s not opening again until the goals are completed. One of my goals– Some of you guys have noticed, some of you guys have commented on, it’s to get back to 150,000 subscribers for the channel, which is turning into my favorite goal because I see a lot of people doubt me. A lot of people that I know personally doubt me. A lot of people thought I was just kind of dead when the original channel got suspended. Tell you what? I was thrown off the cliff, I fell on the ground, and people looked down, they saw that I wasn’t moving, covered in blood, and they walked away. Yeah, I was very alive. I was very alive. And now the comeback begins. And you guys will see it. You guys will see it. So as far as how I’m going to get back to 150,000– How I will get to 150,000 subscribers? The channel was previously at about 125k before what happened happensed. How I will do that? Magic, that’s all I’ll say. Magic. It’ll look like magic, but really, what’s going to be is just really hard work, obsessive focus, eating, sleeping, dreaming about this stuff, but in a way, again, that is consistent with what I know is necessary to get this thing to the end, which is balance. Which is on and off, ebbs and flows. Getting to that point at which I start to feel like I– Where it starts to hurt, and then pulling back a little bit to figure out why did it hurt. Can I go a little bit for– it’s like my knee, like my knee recovery, right? I almost have full range of– I can almost bend my knee completely now, and a few weeks ago, I could only bend it a little bit. it’s the exact same thing. The more that I dedicate myself to my work, just like dedicating myself to getting my knee fixed, right? Again, it’s like with my knee, I would get it to that point where it starts to hurt and then you back off, and then you let it rest for a second, and then you push a little bit more, and next time it goes a little bit further. You get to that point where it starts to hurt, and then you let off again. It’s the same thing with work, it’s the same thing with everything that I’m doing right now. It’s getting to that point at which I start– Because there’s– When I start the day, when I’m doing something that I– I’m in there in a flow state, that’s not removing energy from me, that’s not wearing me down. What wears me down is when I get to that point where I start to get tired, and I push, and I push, and I push. I don’t think it’s so much about pushing as it is, getting to that point, starting to feel pain, starting to push knowing that you can push, but then pulling back for a second, and just considering, like: “Why am I pushing?”, this should be enjoyable, this should flow. Do I need to take a quick walk? Let me take a quick walk. Do I need a nap? Let me take a nap. Do you need some water? Get up get some water. And then you come back, you refresh, you reset, and you figure out that way to get into it, and to do it in a way that doesn’t cost you, doesn’t wear on you. And by figuring that out, and I’ve been able to figure that out to a large extent, I’m able to work at least three times more than the average person. If you ask how I’m able to succeed, how I’m going to be able to succeed with the NelsonQuest stuff, with my business stuff, with everything else that I’m doing, It’s because I work more and it’s not that hard for me. That’s it. There’s a lot of other things. Trying to be humble. But that’s mainly it. Anyway guys, I’m going to get back to work, I’ll see you guys in a little bit. All right, so there she is. Very very very happy with the adjustable lumbar spine stuff. I can remove the headrest if I want to. Just nice and smooth, really high-quality construction. This thing like hugs my lower region, this back part as well hugs my back. It feels like I’m in a hammock almost. Alright guys, anyway. I’m going to get back to work. I feel really freaking good. I haven’t had consistent energy like this in a long time. My last meal that I just had, so I just had dinner, I’ve decided that not only am I going to go carnivore, but I’m going to start dipping my foot into the raw meat pool. So, I think what I’ll do to start is just like gently sear my meats, top and bottom, and leave the middle nice and raw. Eggs, I’m going to be eating eggs raw. I’ll probably even remove the egg white, so it’s just the yolk, because I think I still need to up the total percentage of fat that I’m consuming. I think right now it’s probably about 60% protein– Excuse me, 60% fat, 40% protein, and I’d like to get it up to 70 or 80% fat– I’d like to get it up to 70% fat, 30% protein, that’s going to be my ideal ratio, so I may have to start using MyFitnessPal again to track what I’m eating just to make sure that I’m the right track. Yeah, that’s going to be interesting. I did not expect that I would be here a few weeks ago, but I’m feeling really good and I want to just continue to explore and see where this takes me. I did just have some food that was pretty raw. So, I had some steak, I had a hamburger that was almost completely raw in the middle, and some liver that had just been gently cooked. The liver was not tasty. I’ve got to figure out how to make it tastier, but everything else was pretty good. Just very lightly salted, that’s it. It’s the only seasoning I’m using. We’ll see where that goes. I’ve already knocked out two of the focus videos for NelsonQuest, and I’m going to just start working on another one right now. I think this focused video goal, if everything goes right, knock on wood, I think that it should be done– I’m going to say, let me think… I probably need about a week for each one realistically. In about two months, I think I’ll be finished with this entire Dark Mode inside of three months, including the 150,000 subscriber goal. No, that might take a little bit longer. But I’m going to shoot for three months. Yeah F*ck it. I’m going to shoot for three months, and– I mean, I’m not going to shoot for any amount of time, I’m just going to try to get these things done as quickly as possible. I probably shouldn’t be thinking about putting a time frame on, but if my energy holds up, man… I can do it. Anyway guys, hope you guys enjoyed the episode. I’m heading home in a couple of days for the 4th of July. I have a couple of exceptions for Dark Mode, one is UFC events. So, anytime there’s a UFC event on, I can watch it. I can watch it that day or the following day, and– I just have to… Ideally, I should be doing stretches or something productive. And then holidays. So, any major holidays… I love my family, I’m always going to spend time with my family. I spent enough time not with them over the last bunch of years. This fourth of July I’m going to spend the day with them, trying not to work. But day before fourth of July, a day after fourth of July, I’m still going to be in New York, still working. I’ll make sure I get an episode out. If you guys liked this episode, please give it a Like. Comments, questions, please leave them down below. If you’re not already subscribed. Why? What are you doing? Subscribe, click the notification bell, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode. Bye!

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  1. I find it really impressive that you haven't given up on creating new videos on here despite the channel getting deleted by youtube a while ago and you losing all subs then

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  4. just curious, where do you get these health ideas/research from? Do you order books on going carnivore? Something you heard from friends? Talk with doctors nutritionists? What was it that made you take the leap?

  5. Nelson, you are gonna smash 150k subscribers and will keep going above and beyond. I've never witnessed anyone with so much drive, motivation and belief. Keep going till the very end bro and never stop believing.

  6. Surely consuming foods with high antioxidant amounts such as berries or any green vegetables would aid with recovery as antioxidants have been shown to, and so would warrant including them in your diet? A meat only diet wouldn’t include much antioxidants ):

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    Small question, what's the transcription service you use, it's awesome.

  10. I am wondering what would the expected benefits be of changing the ratio of consumed protein to fats from 60/40 to 80/20 be?

  11. my man, make sure that ur food is not from low quality supermarket stuff, i dont know how it is where you are but western countries have horrible grain fed meat. so i dont know if you can find a good butcher or a direct farmer. but needs to be free range chicken eggs and grass fed beef. as for liver, it is bitter, and that is what is safe to be eaten raw but chicken liver tastes really good and the nutrient profile is close enough. as for your raw beef patties, you have to be careful because if it was grounded at an unsafe butcher, it can have some contamination inside. i would suggest sticking to steaks and liver(beef or chicken) to get your raw meat in and by raw i mean lightly seared, not straight raw because there still might be some contamination outside. and as for burgers, i love them but if u dont ground them yourself, i would say be on the safe side and have them medium well. and add pepper, garlic powder and melted cheese (chedder/gouda) on your burgers. meanwhile steak pepper and salt, and liver only salt.

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