Remaking and Reviewing our old Nando’s Peri-Peri Chicken Recipe | 2010 vs 2018

Remaking and Reviewing our old Nando’s Peri-Peri Chicken Recipe | 2010 vs 2018

Hey, welcome to Sorted. We’re a bunch of mates in London
looking for exceptional things in the food world that
will help make our and your lives that
little bit better between sticking each other
up and all the innuendos. Now be warned– we
have three chefs, but we give them a
limited air time. And we make sure
all of our ideas start with a
suggestion from you. I’m gooey in the middle, baby. Let me bake. Hi, I’m Barry,
and you are Jamie. Thank you very much. Now you guys loved this
so much that we are doing more recipes from 2010. Ready everyone? So ready. Let’s go back in time. Have you ever been to
Nando’s and wondered how they make that chicken taste so– He’s got my haircut
from back then. Never actually been to Nando’s. Today, we’re reinventing
one of our very own recipes from 2010 in Nando’s
Peri Peri chicken recipe. This is what we call the recipe
lap, which is where basically, we make up as we go along. This was back in the time
where we would just literally grab anyone and ask
them to be in videos. Hang on a sec. So that’s Mike. Not you, Mike. That’s– That’s Barry’s– Barry’s cousin Mike. And that’s our mate John. So 2/3 of the cooking team
in that particular episode– gone. Yeah. They’re not dead. What are you doing
to that chicken? Oh, mate! You, didn’t need to
put the finger there. Jamie and I, going to make the
old, original sorted version. Ben’s going to do
an upgraded version. And then we’re going to
compare the two at the end to see how much we’ve learned. That is a– Look at the colors on there. And an offering of
salad on the side. It’s Peri Peri chicken sorted. Right. We can do– we can upgrade that. The first thing we’ve got to
do is spatchcock our chicken, which basically means removing
the backbone with an incredibly sharp pair of scissors. Nick is the other side
of the big curtain and is a devout vegetarian. Let’s throw it over. You all right, Nick? Spineless! Why does that chicken
look so sassy? It’s got MC Hammer
trousers or is doing this. Well, I’m going
to cut the chicken into its individual parts so
you can cook each part perfectly rather than the whole
thing in, like, a mean. One thing we learned
from the adobo chicken, the Filipino dish– Yeah? –was to brine it in basically a
mixture of soy, vinegar, water, and lots of spices,
peppercorns, and bay leaves. I cut into the breast to
get all the flavor in there. And I’ve then the same thing
with the peaches on the bone. It looks like when you’ve been
in the bath for a bit too long. We’re just going to go
straight in with a “marinade–” garlic, chilies, lemon juice,
thyme, red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper. You’re going to press that. Yeah. Nah. If you hold that– Yeah. –I’ll do that. OK. Teamwork. This is how you dress
Finn in the morning. Squash it, marinade,
goes all over. There are some exceptional
sounds coming from this video, aren’t there? Ah, see, we’re already
leveling this up. Goes into the oven at
180 degrees for an hour. So my marinade is very similar. Initially I’m
still using garlic, fresh thyme, lemon, except I’m
using lemon peel rather than the juice– chili, but now we’re lucky
we have more availability of chilies in supermarkets. They’re not just mixed chili. So I’ve also got finger
chili and bird’s eye chili. So I have three
chilies, pretty hot. And I want to keep
it red and I want to keep it slightly sweet
to balance the heat. So what I’ve done is taken a
red pepper, taken off the flesh, and just put it two minutes
in the microwave just to slightly cook it. That will go in along with a
little bit of smoked water. But didn’t you say
something about not making this pretentious? Red wine vinegar,
same as you guys. Oh, look what you’ve done! Sorry. We unplugged it. Yeah. We unplugged it. And now I can mix
that with my marinade. And instead of
roasting it like yours, I’m going to do mine in
a pan and fry it just get a little bit of a golden color. And because they’re
individual pieces, I better keep control of
it, and the breast might not be as long as the legs. And I can move them around
to get the perfect chicken for each individual cup. Served with chips. And in the video,
chips just appeared. And that is my ideal day. We’re going to peel potatoes,
carve them up, chuck them in some oil, salt, pepper,
into the oven, different shelf, 45 minutes. Now you boys are racing ahead. So I’m going to play
catch up with my chips. Still going to keep the skin on. I’m still going to
chip them, but I’m going to twice fry them– so once about 150 to
cook them through. Then I’ll take them out,
and just before we eat, I’m going to go back into
the hot oil at 180 or 190 to crisp up. Eight years ago, this salad
was thrown on the board just so that everything
wasn’t completely brown. I think what we’ve learned is
to respect that part of the dish too. So what I’ve got is some
rocket and some baby spinach. I got some beautiful color
and crunch from some chicory. And I’m just going to dress
the leaves very lightly, I same ingredient we’ve
been using until now. The lemon we peeled
earlier, squeeze the lemon. A little bit of olive
oil, salt and pepper– it’s all it needs. But it just makes it part of the
dish rather than a last minute thought. And one awesome
tip– we’ve done it for things like
panzanella salad. We did it for things
like the tartiflette. A raw clover garlic just
rubbed on the inside of the bottle is just
enough that when you toss it all together, you get a
little essence of garlic without overpowering. One hour later and we are done. Come on. Put them in my cone. Yeah, yeah. Salad. And that is Peri Peri chicken,
Nando’s style, sorted. That’s what we’re all
here for, isn’t it? Yeah. Yeah. That’s what you all came for. Let’s eat this. Come on. Let’s do it Get to it. Let’s do it. Come on. Come on. Let’s do it. Get to it. Let’s do it. Come on. Come on. Let’s do it. Get to it. Let’s do it. Let’s do this. Oh, I’m pumped for this. Start with a classic– and all that incredible,
spicy, vinegary Peri Peri flavor on that skin is great. Oh yeah, that is succulent. And those chips– that’s the
way I make chips if I am making chips 95% of the time. Mm-hm. I call that a sure fire recipe– you know, something that
just is great and so easy. That is one of those. Top work, mate, and top
work eight years ago. Mmm, come on, then. Same ingredients. All that I did– a little bit
of smoke and a red pepper. All we’ve otherwise
changed is method. OK, I’m going in there. There’s a lot more on the skin. Like, a lot more stayed
on the skin as opposed to that, which,
some of it’s burned. Wait for it because, oh man, get
into the meat of that chicken. Number one– Oh, wow. –you’ve gone for more
spice in your chilies, which is a very
un-Ebbers thing to do. Nice. Yeah. But I appreciate it. Oh, wow! And secondly, that flavor
goes right through the meat. It’s not just cooking
it on the bone but cutting it into the
bone through the flesh. All the flavor gets in. And I don’t think your
cooking is any better. The brining, I think, is
what makes a difference. And the chips are naughty. Of course they are. They’ve been fried. And you’re not going to go
to that effort all the time. But if you do, It’s amazing. Yeah. If not, that’s the method
I use 95% of the time. Perfect. That’s lovely. Eight years on and
there’s nothing wrong. It goes really nicely with
this chicken, doesn’t it? Oh. Lessons have been learned. Yeah. I’m so glad I went to
that Nando’s that once. Yeah, it is
absolutely delicious. And there was an eating
section to this video. Which is the best bet. Yeah. It is for us. Now comment below and let
us know which videos you think we should recreate. There are some
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