RICE COOKER Braised PORK BELLY ! Hong Shao Rou 紅燒肉

RICE COOKER Braised PORK BELLY ! Hong Shao Rou 紅燒肉

hi guys today we’re gonna learn how to
make braised pork belly in a rice cooker let’s get started here I have 300 gram (10 0z) of pork belly my local butcher knows me very well now so he gave me a very nice one cut the pork belly into small pieces like this size or even half size if you like we are not going to use any stove today
so blanch the pork belly by pouring hot water into it to get rid
of the rough taste this is the lazy way to do blanching not perfect but still works I’m using the simplest choice of rice cooker only two options cook or warm so if I can do here you can do at home add a little bit of oil in the rice cooker add two cloves of garlic two slices of ginger and a small brunch of spring onion stir fry a bit to release aroma now I’m using the cook mode and you see the spring onion has turn brownish and I can smell style aroma already then add the pork belly fry the meat until it has got golden brown by doing this the meat will develop more
complex and rich flavors and improve the dish significantly so it worths doing this step check out the meat golden brown color is stunning then take them out and set aside then we’ll move to the next step a special technique that we’ll use is
stir-fry sugar it’s okay to have some oil left in the rice cooker here I have
40 gram (2 oz) of Chinese rock sugar Chinese rock sugar has clear taste and less
sweet than white sugar we use it a lot in desserts and also
some other cookings also it will give the dish very nice shiny coating you can easily get it in Asian grocery store just that because they are irregular
lumps sometimes it’s nice a big just crush them into small pieces before you
use them or you can replace it with brown sugar or white sugar but using
rock sugar is the best in this dish great add a quarter cup of water we gonna stir fry it by using water if you are using a stove you can add a little bit
of oil and stir fry the sugar for rice cooker it’s easier to use water what we
are trying to do is caramelize the sugar at the beginning the color is light just keep stir-fry from time to time as the mixture temperature starts increasing the sugars start caramelise now you see most of the sugar has been dissolved the mixture has got much thicker and we have got brownish color then this is good it
serve two purposes first one is to give the brownish color to the dish second the caramelised sugar will give nutty complex aroma to the dish itmakes the dish taste much better then now things are very easy we just
need to slow cook the food add back the pork belly along with the garlic spring onion and ginger add 300ml of your favorite beer or you can replace it with cooking wine 2 tablespoons of soy sauce 1 teaspoon of dark soy sauce to add some color 2 star anise 1 black cardamom or you can replace it by cinnamon bark 1 bay leaf all these spices give additional aroma to the dish it gotta be tasty simmer the whole content for one hour if you use a stove simmer in low heat also stir the content from time to time as we use quite a lot of sugar the bottom can be burnt quite easily during the process your rice cooker may stop cooking that’s because there’s not enough liquid I
cannot control the temperature of the rice cooker so the liquid evaporated quite fast you don’t have to worry because rice cooker never burns your food they just stop cooking simply add a cup of water and then turn
to cooking more again it depends on how powerful is your rice
cooker you may need to add water more than one time it really doesn’t matter after 1 hour the pork belly is done if there’s still quite a bit of liquid in the
rice cooker just let it cook until we stop cooking as we want the sauce to
thicken then the pork belly is coated with the sauce if you use stove bring it
to high heat until the sauce cock thicken the one I have got is perfect
then now we can transfer it to the serving plate nicely place on the serving plate you
can see the pork belly is nicely coated with the sauce then here you go super delicious beautiful braised pork belly in Chinese we call it red braised pork belly because it has very nice red color isn’t it and you see the rock sugar gives a very nice shining coating to the dish it is sweet and flavorful we serve it as a main dish can you believe that it is made just by using a rice cooker never underestimate the power of it I burnt my lips while making this video I hope my personal injury will bring you delicious dishes share this video with your friends and
family subscribe my channel and like my video I’ll see you next time

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  1. lookin nice again…..I should use my rice cooker in dif ways  ………I  notice they use a lot of sugar too add colour and flav……

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