Rice in dove meat

Rice in dove meat


>2 kg meat Dove
>1/2 kilo rice ( washed well )
>1/4 kg liver ( ground )
>1 tbsp tomato paste
>1 tsp Garlic ( finely dice )
>3 piece onion ( finely dice )>1 piece Tomato (whole)
>1 piece Onion (whole) seasoning :

Bay leaves
Black pepper ( pepper )
All -Spice
Dried Lime
salt Saute Garlic and Onion
Until it becomes dark brown
Put the minced liver Stir until liver is cooked
Add the tomato paste
Add the other ingredients such as cumin
black pepper
All- spice
Dried lime Mix well and taste
Put the rice made ​​with salsa
Prepare MEAT in a large pan Enter the rice and salsa mixture over the birds
Lock it as seen in the video Boil water in a large Pot
Put the ingredients : tomatoes ( whole) , Onion ( whole ) , bay leaves , cardamon
and a little salt Place the meat in boiling water in the pot slowly Cover it and wait 10-15 minutes
Check if the rice is cooked and then put inside the oven for another 10 minutes in a low heat

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