Rogan Josh | रोगन जोश | Kashmiri Style Rogan Josh | Chef Ranveer Brar

Rogan Josh | रोगन जोश | Kashmiri Style Rogan Josh | Chef Ranveer Brar

You all know that I worship Ghee! So, if I am starting a recipe with mustard oil, the recipe has to be special! Can you guess the recipe? I will reveal it after the break! Oho! We don’t have a break here! Alright…I’ll tell you After the ‘Cook with Ranveer’ music! Come on…play the music! Rolling &… Action!!! Rogan Josh! A delicacy which has a dish hidden in it’s name and a name hidden in the dish Rogan…Josh! Need I say more? Isn’t it? And for the story of Rogan Josh, It is very important to understand the story of Kashmir And… And one myth that I want to bust at the very beginning is, That Rogan Josh is inspired by Mughal Cuisine Or that it is inspired by Mughal cooking It is not! Uhh… Kashmiri Wazwan is also not inspired by Mughal cooking Uhh… The Mughals took from Kashmir When Emperor Jehangir went there The interaction happened where the Mughals took something from Kashmir Whatever Kashmir received, was from the ‘Silk Route’ Welcome back! Alright…So we are cooking Kashmiri Rogan Josh! And… And whoever told you Kashmiri Rogan Josh is cooked in Ghee Thank them for misleading you all these years Thank you for that! And whoever told you that… Kashmiri Rogan Josh has That’s the clove spluttering And whoever told you tomatoes are added to Kashmiri Rogan Josh Thank them for misleading you all these years And those who told you that Kashmiri Rogan Josh has a lot of ‘sauce’ A lot of gravy Thank them also…for misleading you all these years! Kashmiri Rogan Josh Is a compulsory dish in any Wazwan And there are two ways of cooking it The first one… Is the Hindu style The Kashmiri Pandit style and the other is the Kashmiri Muslim style The Kashmiri Pandit style Is what we are cooking! And the difference between Kashmiri Pandit style and the Kashmiri Muslim style Will be explained by… ‘Shri Shri Ranveer’ You know the history of the Kashmiri Pandits for me is an extremely romantic saga How they Uhh… They… Some believe Kashmir was named after it’s inhabitants being descendants of Kush The Kashmiri Pandits who first settled in Kashmir And that first it was ‘Kushmir’, which later became Kashmir Uhh… But the history is very fascinating How Uhh… According to the climate They embraced certain practices. Like… Uhh… They included meat in their diet But still refrained from eating ginger, garlic And all other ingredients like tomatoes which arrived later Hmmm… And… They also did not include chicken in their cuisine Isn’t that amazing? And… Today, you know, just as you turn back books Uhh… Of Kashmiri food The beautiful confluence between Kashmiri Pandit and Kashmiri Muslim food is amazing It’s like two parallel roads Uhh… You know… Running to each other At the same pace And at some points they converge And at some places they cross And… For me that’s the beauty of Kashmir! That everything has these two beautiful representations The Kashmiri Muslim food and the Kashmiri Hindu food That’s the most amazing part! And every time I see a Kashmiri recipe, I want to understand how it is made across both genres! Because that’s the beauty of it See…Wazwan could be anywhere in Kashmir Whether in Hindu homes or Muslim homes Rogan Josh is a must! There are seven such dishes which are always cooked! And Rogan Josh is one of them And… Rogan Josh is one of the first courses to be served So…the Chief Waza (Kashmiri Wazwan Chef) Adds the best cuts of meat to it So…Rogan Josh has mutton ribs and The back leg of lamb. Not the shoulder! The rump is added And… Leaner cuts of meat are added! And the subsequent courses of the Wazwan Use different cuts of meat But the good ones, prime cuts of meat go into Rogan Josh So here we are cooking the mutton We are roasting the meat. The story has just begun Now we will take the curd Actually Kashmiri Pandits consume meat because of the compulsions of weather, but… They still don’t eat ginger and garlic So, even their non-vegetarian food does not have ginger-garlic So, to balance the ginger-garlic, They add asafoetida Saffron goes into the curd More Ginger Powder and less Fennel Powder Many households don’t add Fennel Powder at all. They only add Ginger Powder Take Kashmiri chillies, if they are available, Deseed them, And… Then grind them And then use them! Mutton stock is added to prevent the spices from burning Ok…so let’s start by breaking a myth Uhh… If we are talking about Wazwan, it is important to talk about the Waza! And the Waza… They are the kings of Kashmir! You know, Uhh… Because Kashmiri food and Wazwan wouldn’t exist without the Waza! And that romantic representation of Kashmiri food wouldn’t exist And in this case, many people propose a theory that the Wazas were… Inspired by the Mughals Or that Wazas were Mughal cooks But it is not true! Because… The history of Kashmir dates back to a period before the Mughals And the influence on Kashmir Is more from the ‘Silk Route’, which means… It has Persian influence, Turkish Ottoman influence The Seljuk influence that came before the Ottomans And on the other hand, Tashkent and Samarkand Lend a Southern Chinese influence But for a long time Kashmir was cut off from India as we know it today And therefore… Kashmir has given to the Mughals It has taken very little from the Mughals After Emperor Jehangir, A lot of Mughal food was inspired by Kashmiri Ingredients and recipes So Kashmir has only given to the Mughals. It hasn’t taken anything See… the Ghee is leaving the sides Now you can smell the aroma of the spices The Fennel Powder The Ginger Powder All the whole spices! Now, we will add a little…Just a little… Mutton Stock Just a small amount. Not like Punjabi recipes…Ok? And… We will now cover it with a lid And let it cook In a ‘Rogan Josh’ Kashmiri red chilli adds a lot of ‘Josh’. It lends a deep red colour to the ‘Rogan’ But traditionally, two ingredients are used to make it red ‘Mawal’ is more widely used Mawal is a flower. The Cockscomb flower! It is a red coloured flower shaped like a Cock’s Crest That flower! And the second ingredient Is this Ratanjot (Alkanet Bark) Ratanjot… Sometimes also known as Ratanjog is easily available It is the bark of a tree It has a striking deep red colour It looks like a plain, meek ingredient I will show you how ‘meek’ it is! Here we go… Let’s see how ‘meek’ it is! See, it’s revealing it’s ‘true colours’ Did you see how ‘plain’ and ‘meek’ this Ratanjog, Ratanjot is! This colour is the ‘Josh’ That everyone looks for in a Rogan Josh! This doesn’t come from tomatoes! And this colour leaches out in Ghee or oil Hmmm… If you boil it in water, the colour will leach out, but it won’t be as strong and deep as this The uniqueness of Rogan Josh is that ‘Rogan Josh’ has a dish hidden in it’s name and a name hidden in the dish Uhh… Because Uhh… Uhh… If there is ‘Josh’ in the Rogan, then you have Rogan Josh! And… The dish represents the name and the name represents the dish And that’s what I find the beauty of it And another myth that we need to break Uhh…When it comes to Kashmiri food, is… Uhh… Kashmiri chilli myth. You know… We add Kashmiri chilli powder in everything I will also add it In this recipe or have already added it in the recipe Uhh… Kashmiri chilli is not used in the powdered form in Kashmir at all! The chilli is taken And assistants like me first deseed the chillies It is then soaked and ground And then passed through a sieve So that the fibres don’t come in the mouth And… There is only one kind of chilli in Kashmir which is used But…Uhh… This…Uhh…Uhh… Kashmiri Chilli, Fennel Seeds, Ginger Powder and Black Cumin ‘Shahi Jeera’ which is known as ‘Black Cumin’ This combination is what really defines Kashmir Is what really makes Kashmiri food. For me at least! Such a romantic story, isn’t it? Now if you want to see the colour of the ‘Josh’ Which Ranveer has gone ‘all out’ for in excitement! Look at this! I did manage to get some ‘Punjabi style gravy’ after all! You won’t find so much ‘gravy’ in Kashmir The meat has cooked really well! Falling off the bone! See… Aha! Look at this colour! It is one of those dishes… Till you cook it yourself, you can’t believe how a dish can be so delicious with such few ingredients It is so delicious! If you are not sure, cook it and see for yourself! And I still can’t believe that you have subscribed So please subscribe to reinforce my belief! Let’s go!

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