Rohu Fish Curry | How to make Bengali Cuisine Rohu Fish Curry | Bengali Fish Cuisine | Fish Recipes

Rohu Fish Curry | How to make Bengali Cuisine Rohu Fish Curry | Bengali Fish Cuisine | Fish Recipes

Good Evening Friends!! today I have got for you a very delicious fish recipe we are using a rohu fish which was of 4 Kgs the portion in between was cut and round pieces were taken out this is approx 750 gms the ingredients taken to Rohu fish curry is 750 gm fish Carom Seeds – 1 tbsp Salt – 1 tbsp Turmeric – 1/2 tbsp Lemon – 2 tbsp and wheat flour – 2 tbsp we will use these ingredients and marinate we will use a sieve so that all ingredients doesn’t fall in one place in this way I have spread them uniformly in the same way add ground spices this is useful for good marination add red chilli powder a very nice and simple recipe a very tasty one. Adding Salt too then turmeric all powders have been added we also add lemon to it now we will marinate it flip the pieces and apply spices in this way we will marinate the whole fish the fish is well marinated now now we will leave it for half an hour in deep fridge and later on we will cook The gravy which we are making today the ingredients used will be as shown now I have onions 4 of medium size cut in round sizes 25-30 garlic Poppy Seeds – 1 tbsp Mustard – 1 tbsp Cumin Seeds – 2 tbsp Coriander Powder – 1 tbsp Red Chilli Powder – 2 tbsp Oil – 50 gm used to make curry Curd – 40 gm Salt – 1 tbsp using all these ingredients we will make fish curry Let’s start making fish curry first add mustard to the hot pan We have Poppy Seeds Add Cumin Seeds roast them on medium heat for 2 mins approx 2 mins have elapsed and the spice is well roast now I can smell the cumin seeds lower the heat of the gas and keep it in a separate bowl in the same pan to make the gravy add oil Oil is well heated now add onions now Now these onions are to made light brown meanwhile the onions get light brown we will use the spices available, grind them and make a paste you can see poppy seeds, cumin seeds I am putting them in a grinder as they are cold now the grinded mixture is ready now now we add raw garlic salt a very different and tasty recipe red chilli powder coriander powder add a little water grind it you can see the paste is ready now I am keeping it in a separate bowl meanwhile we grinded the spices our onions are well ready the color is light brown now we add the paste that we made earlier and we will cook for 2 times I will let you know how that will be done the gravy is well set for the fish to cook it we will add a little water I add water now put the gas on high on high flame cook it for 2 times 4-5 mins have elapsed gravy is 70-80% cooked in this dish now we again add water because we have to cook 2nd time also we add curd and cook one more time now we will shallow fry the fish for that we have taken the pan and lets add oil to it meanwhile the oil is getting hot our gravy is all ready now let’s make gravy for it to make gravy let’s add a little water approx 2 cup you can add as much as you want but 2 cups are proportionate in the same gravy we will shallow fry the fish marination is done for the fish and fish is ready we will shallow fry it and put in gravy meanwhile the gravy is cooking the oil will be heated soon we have added water in the gravy so we now add 1/2 tbsp to the gravy let’s cover the lid for 10 mins oil is heated now now we add marinated fish to it and shallow fry it 5 mins have elapsed we will not reverse the fish and cook from the other side also fry it properly do it slowly otherwise the fish can break in this way we will reverse the entire fish as you can see fish fry is cooked 5 mins one side and 5 mins the other side and the fish is well ready now now take out the fish in a separate bowl in a separate plate do it very slowly otherwise the fish can break as you saw the fish gravy is well ready now I have used Mathania Chilli Next shallow fry fish is also ready Now add the fish to the gravy those who like fish it is a very nice recipe Fish has Omega fatty acids that is in large quantity and you can eat fish daily. It doesn’t harm this fish is ready now now cover the lid for 5 mins and the fish is ready I, Ravi Sisodiya request that this is a very nice recipe of fish I have used rohu fish you must also try and if you like, please share and subscribe. Thank You!!

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  1. Ravi ji rohu fish mein kaante kaise rehte hain …i mean wo chhote chhote hote hsin ya nahi ……we in punjab are not used to kaante as we only eat singhara malhi that too in pakoda form only …..

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