Russian Crepes with Cheese (Nalesniki) – Natasha’s Kitchen

Russian Crepes with Cheese (Nalesniki) – Natasha’s Kitchen

(bright calming music) – Hi, I’m Natasha from, and today I’m gonna show you how to make the Russian version of crepes. There’s just something
so special about crepes. Did you know there are
entire restaurants devoted just to making crepes? And crepes are probably
one of the fanciest breakfast you’ll have. And after watching this video, I think you’ll see that crepes
aren’t any more complicated than making waffles. Just think of them as
really skinny pancakes. So let’s talk about the ingredients. We’re gonna start off with
half a cup of lukewarm water, one cup of milk, four large eggs, four tablespoons of
unsalted butter, melted, one cup of all purpose flour, two tablespoons of sugar
and a pinch of salt. For the filling, we’ll need an eight ounce
package of cream cheese, room temperature preferred, a 16 ounce tub of cottage cheese, a third cup of sugar and 3/4
cups of raisins or craisins. What I love about this recipe is you just put everything into a blender and give it a whirl until it’s well mixed. It’s easy. I love easy. Add everything in this order: the water, the milk and butter, your four eggs, one cup of flour, your sugar, and just a pinch of salt. Put the lid on and mix it just until
it’s all evenly blended. (blender running noise) And it’s done. These are the tools I use to
make the crepes process easier. I start with a really thin edged spatula, and this really helps me get
under crepes to flip them, then a small ladle. And if you don’t have a small ladle, go ahead and use an ice cream scoop. And finally, you need a
really good non-stick skillet. I use the Circulon brand. And make sure that the bottom
is not scraped or scratched, otherwise, your crepes
will stick to the pan. Heat your non-stick
skillet over medium heat and add just a small dab of butter. Let that melt and just
swirl it around the bottom to coat it. Then we’re gonna ladle your
batter into the skillet. And as soon as you do that, make sure that you swirl
the pan right away. Once you can easily get under the edge, go ahead and flip it over. And just saute for
another 30 seconds or so. You can tell when it’s done because it has a really nice golden top. Transfer it to a cutting board to cool. And don’t stack them on top of each other while they’re hot, let them
cool down a little bit. Oh, my God! I can see myself in the
reflection of the lens and this is really freaky. (laughs) Okay. (laughs) Oh, my goodness. I had to eat it. I have to eat one before they’re done. They’re so good. That’s what’s great about things. This makes about 15 really
soft and perfect crepes. You’re gonna love these. Rinse your cottage cheese
in a fine mesh colander. And just continue rinsing it
until the water runs clear. Once it’s done, drain the water well. You’ll see individual
curds of cottage cheese. Go ahead and transfer this
to a flat bottom bowl. Next, you’re gonna add an eight
ounce block of cream cheese and 1/3 cup of sugar. Mash everything together. Once it’s pretty well
mashed together, it’s done. It’s not gonna be smooth. As you can see, it’s still pretty lumpy but that’s okay. Our crepes are ready. The cheese filling is done. Let’s finish this up. You’re gonna start by putting
a generous amount of cheese right in the center and just
spread it out to the edges. Then top with about 10, 15,
as many as you want, really. I’m using craisins but
you can also use raisins. I’ve also used chunks of pineapple, which was really good. And just start rolling from the edge. I like to cut them in
half, you don’t have to, but I do. And then just transfer
them to a Pyrex dish. Alright just finish these up. This means crepes for breakfast
for the next few days. Yum.
I can’t wait. Just cover them with plastic
and put them in the fridge. What we like to do is we saute it up in a little bit of butter just ’til it’s a nice
golden brown on the outside. And then top it with whatever you like. You can put fresh fruit or bread, put some berry sauce. I love it with sour cream. Really anything you can think of. I know you’ll love this recipe. (bright calming music)

50 thoughts on “Russian Crepes with Cheese (Nalesniki) – Natasha’s Kitchen

  1. You had me laughing at your little face crepe, funny girl :)) great video, would love to see more of your recipes turned into video tutorials)

  2. Made these with my mom on Saturday, soo good. We made quite a bit and froze them 😊 thanks for the wonderful recipe!!!

  3. I have always done it with my Kitchen Aid mixer and totally lots more work (sifted flour, added gradually, then milk, then more flour, then water at end. Awesome way to do the dough in a blender. I will definitely have to try if it comes out just as smooth. So, cool. My kids (boys 7 & 9 yo) can already fry them on their own, with this blender way to do the dough they will be able to mix them too now and will do it all on their own. Can't wait to try it. Really good job on the video.

  4. Yum! Thank you, Natasha!
    Never could find a real Farmers cheese here. Rinsing cottage cheese was something I've never done. What does it do?
    Thank you

  5. It leaves you with just the curds. Drain well. If you don't rinse and drain the cottage cheese, the filling would be too runny.

  6. Hello. I could find the video that that you have asked to comment on to revive the free give away..! So here you are I have added you! Your recepies are so so good love watching them!

  7. My moms do doesn't use raises she doesn't use blenders she uses her spatula or whatever and makes it fresh. For the cheese she makes it really good

  8. hi Natasha, your crates recipe is fantastic, thanks soo much, made for breakfast and every body loved them ! I am now thinking of trying out your fillings ♡♡♡

  9. Very interesting that you rinsed cottage cheese. Never thought of that before! Thanks. Here in the States where we live, we can't find the necessary white cheese that is always used in Poland for the filling. I have been using farmers cheese so far.

  10. We call them nalisniki or blinchiki in ukraine…
    Love your videos they are so easy and delicious…
    im only 14 and baked alot of your desserts and my family loved it😊 thank you

  11. i thought that was funny…😀we all do that.. put a mask on..and make our kids laugh a little while waiting for there servings..❤

  12. We call them blinchiki…by the way I didn’t know people rinse cottage cheese kind of odd but ok. Anyways I just use more liquid cottage cheese, no cream cheese and I roll them differently, but this is a nice idea too

  13. Natasha please show how to make "purojki" and "uzbek samsa" your way. It's hard to get dough the right way here in the US. Thank you! I loved your creativity with cottage cheese turning into "tvorog"!👌

  14. For the smartasses, NALESNIKI is another word for BLINCHIKI. The only difference between the two is that Nalesniki is Polish and Blinchiki is Russian. So STILL, it is a slavic food and exactly the same thing. All slavic countries eat this and even non-slavic countries, it is the same thing as crepes.

  15. Thank u so much natashaskitchen for this delicious recipe. Super easy and simple to make. I'm loving it 😍❤

  16. It’s not russian, it’s ukrainien 🙁
    It’s true that they have very similar recipe but it’s still a bit different and it calls bliny… I really like your channel and enjoy a lot of your recipes but it’s been very disappointed every time when you call ukrainien or polish recipes russian …That’s why russians are so surprised, they have no idea what does nalisniki mean

  17. 7 ingredients just for a crepe batter 🤔😱 seriously not needed.
    Equal amounts of flour, egg and milk with sugar or salt added if you wish. Done

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