Salmon Dreams Sushi Roll Recipe

Salmon Dreams Sushi Roll Recipe

Welcome back to another cooking video, I’m
Chef Devaux and today I’m going to teach you how to make the Salmon Dreams sushi roll.
It’s named after the Facebook fans who chose that name. If you also want to choose a name
the next time I have a sushi roll that doesn’t have a name then go like my Facebook page
to have a say in that. You can check it out right now by clicking
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below. Without further ado, let’s get cooking.
Alright, I’m just going to clean the board then I’m going to take some sushi grade
salmon. If you don’t know what sushi grade fish is, check out the link on the top left
corner of your screen for more information. Now I’m going to take a very sharp knife
and just start cutting. The first cut is just to start at the right angle, a 45-degree angle.
Now I’m going to place the palms of my fingers against the fish and just drag the knife through
in one swooping motion in order to make sure you don’t saw as you cut through it. You
want it to be one smooth cut all the way through, and you want to make sure that they are a
half centimeter thick, that’s about 1/5 of an inch, and I’m just going to keep cutting
until the entire piece of salmon is done, or you can just do as much as you need. I
just go all through all the way with it. Once I’m done I’m just going to put this
back on the plate with some cling film or plastic wrap over it and keep it in a cool
place like the fridge until I need it. Now we take a Nori sheet, which is the seaweed
component of the sushi or algae, we cut this in half because we only need half. Then we
put 120-grams of sushi rice, cooked and seasoned. If you don’t know how to do that, click
on the link on the top left corner of your screen for more information on how to cook
and season sushi rice my way. Just spread it out nice and evenly and don’t press down
to heavily, you want it to be very fluffy. Then here I’m going to flip it over onto
a bamboo rolling mat. The one I’ve got here is specially non-stick so it doesn’t stick
to the rice, but if you don’t have one of these just put your bamboo rolling mat inside
a bag. This is some tempura shrimp, I’m just putting
it on, I cooked this beforehand, and I’ve shown how to make this in another video. If
you want to go see how to do that, click on the top left corner of your screen. And for
the outside ones I’ve just put the little tail on the outside. And here I am just putting
some julienne cucumbers, that’s just a thinly sliced cucumber, and I’m putting it all
the way across. There we go, now to roll. You just pull it
over and then close, and then you want to just lift it up and then roll that forward
sealing the roll, and roll forwards and then press again firmly to make the roll.
Now we’ve got the roll, you want to take the salmon again and you want to start layering
it on one by one just like this, you put one after the other with a very, very slight overlap,
not much. Then once you’ve covered the entire sushi roll, just like this, you take a piece
of cling film and you place it over, this will keep the salmon onto the sushi roll when
you cut it. Just press it on with a rolling mat just like this and then lift it and now
we cut. I just damped the knife in some water so the
rice doesn’t stick too much and I’m cutting it in half here, then I’m going to cut the
halves into quarters and then I’m going to double back and cut the quarters into eighths
and this will make your traditional eight pieces of sushi.
The outside ones will have the tail of the shrimp sticking out which is kind of a nice
thing to have on the plate. Once you’ve finished cutting you just go
back and re-firm it up with the bamboo rolling mat, this will make it nice and pretty because
it might have jostled around with you cutting it. Take the cling film off and then now,
just look at that sushi, looks great. A beautiful ceramic plate always adds to it. If you want
this same ceramic plate you can get it by clicking on the link on the top left corner
of your screen, then just place the sushi on it and I’m going to top it with a little
bit of masago. This is some Japanese seasoned fish roe, it’s very delicious, I even like
to eat this stuff on its own so it’s just great on top of sushi.
Voilà, Done! This is the end of the video, I hope you enjoyed
it and if you did don’t forget to hit the like and share button somewhere down there
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Thank you for watching, hope to see you guys next week—goodbye!

71 thoughts on “Salmon Dreams Sushi Roll Recipe

  1. Hmmm.. i think my "Salmon Dream" came true!! An delicious piece of sushi, ready to make.. im really gonna try this out huh?! How about YOU 🙂 Thanks chef!!

  2. Está increíble me gusto mucho.
    Cual es la receta De los camarones??
    Que marca son sus cuchillos??
    Gracias saludos 😉

  3. Do you recommend a pair of knives for someone just starting this art? All your stuff is beautiful by the way

  4. So sad, I don't enjoy shrimps, just going to replace it with something else I guess!
    Also, this video looked like faster than the others, more fast paced. I don't know if it was intentional or not.
    And sorry for being picky, but "Japanese Plates" was spelled wrong as "Japnese Plates".

  5. Looks tasty. Your advice about not sawing is very good, too. So many people seem to saw instinctively.

  6. I've made several of your recipes and all my friends are impressed. I really appreciate you taking the time to do these videos. The techniques I can keep for a lifetime so I think you're awesome.

  7. Amazing salmon sushi roll. I am not sure if I have asked this in the past but can you make a brown rice sushi? The only way I get it to work is with over cooked brown rice. Would love to know if you have a version. Thank you 🙂

  8. Anybody else noticed there is an "a" missing in the "Japanese Plates" link in the top left corner? Anyway, great video, I love your channel since you got me into making my own sushi!

  9. can you do more with avocado, and show how to cut it the best way for sushi rolls?
    that would be great, avocado sushis are my favourite 🙂

  10. Hello Cheff, I am 17 years old and I realy Love Sushi. I live in Germany and I want to know where i get the non stick rolling mat??

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  12. I'm a certified sushi addict since the first time I ever tasted it. Aaaand salmon is life, I once literally cried because of salmon. You are so awesome I love how detailed you are, you make everything look so simple and delicious. :)))

  13. one question…. after you're done with the sushi do you just gobble it down by yourself or have friends over? 😅😅😂😂

  14. How come every single ura-maki roll that I make falls apart easily even though I think I press it so hard? Please, answer if you can. Thanks in advance, thansk for your all videos as well! Wish you all the best, cheers!

  15. There is a sushi roll I like at a local restraint that is not on their menu so idk if it has a name but it is: cooked salmon and an avavado slice rolled in sushi rice surrounded by seaweed, then tempura fried and covered in 2 lines of sauce, 1 Unagi sauce and 1 spicy orange sauce. It's super tasty!! And my favorite sushi but idk the name so I always have to explain it to the waiter.

  16. With Half a sheet of Nori the roll is too small in my opinion . I like the idea of only using half a sheet because you get twice as many rolls, but the finished product is small and underwhelming..when you buy sushi at a restaurant the diameter of the roll is large. I think maybe I need to use a full sheet or Nori.. what do you think about this ?

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