San-nouji Terraced Rice Fields – Shimane – 山王寺の棚田

San-nouji Terraced Rice Fields – Shimane – 山王寺の棚田

The terraced rice fields of San-nouji, are the pride and joy of Shimane residents and are considered some of Japan’s best. With about 200 rice paddies stretched out over a hillside landscape 300 meters above sea level, San-nouji terraced rice fields are also a place for people to experience farming activities such as planting and harvesting rice thanks to a local initiative in the form of a “Tanbo No Gakko” or agriculture school. This video was made in Cooperation with the Shimane Prefecture Tourism Promotion Division. Learn more about Shimane at

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  2. Just left Shimane. It’s losing its status as Japan’s best kept secret as the years go on, so go while you can! Hands down the most beautiful place I’ve been in Japan.

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