Welcome to a brand new episode of
Mumbai ke chuppe rustam. Today I’m standing at Worli,
at Worli’s Gandhinagar area. Because I’ve heard we get
Nagpur’s Saoji cuisine here. Yes. Saoji food is very spicy and fiery. And is found less in
selected places in Mumbai. So let’s go and eat Saoji cuisine,
the fiery Saoji cuisine. Saoji is a style of cooking, we have to
order for the Saoji spices from Nagpur. It’s not made from these regional spices
like malwani and others. Sauji chicken made at home is
spicy and oily. What all do we get in Saoji here? In Saoji we get, Saoji mutton,
Saoji chicken, Saoji paya curry. Paya is called Khoor in Nagpur,
and here we get paya curry. And in veg we have Patodi, Baigan bharta
and dal kanda. I’ve heard that Saoji cuisine
means non-veg food. So it’s not like we only get
non-veg food right? In Saoji we have veg too, like patodi. Patodi, dal kanda is famous in Nagpur. I’ve come here for the first time, and
I’m someone who has eaten Saoji in Nagpur. So as I’m coming to your hotel for the first
time, what are the things that I should have? In Saoji, Chicken mutton is famous. And in Veg, Patodi. You can taste all these three dishes. Is it too spicy? Spicy and oily. In Nagpur they eat more spicy. So we have now heard the talks. And learnt few things like,
the food made with saoji spices.. ..whether it is mutton, chicken or veg,
is spicy, oily, and too tasty. So.. come on. So I have my table full as always. So in front of me I have hot and
with spices, Saoji chicken curry.. Saoji mutton curry, and another
Nagpur Vegetarian speciality, Patodi. And bhakri and chapati. So we’ll not waste the time, let’s start. First I will taste Bhakri and chicken curry. Now you can see how eaily
this chicken broke, it’s that fresh. We eat so many types of chicken curry. And we also eat authentic kolapuri
malwani etc. There is chicken curry made with
Saoji masala, it’s Nagpur special. It is something out of the world. And when the chicken
has been cooked so well.. ..and spices have marinated in it
then it tastes delicious. Let’s move on to Saoji mutton curry. Most famous in Saoji, is Saoji mutton
and I just ate that. Trust me on this, the one I ate in Nagpur
and this one, does not have much difference. I can vouch for it that this is the
proper Saoji mutton curry from Nagpur. This curry is actually
completely filled with spices. We’re talking about eating, we’ve eaten
non-veg but cannot cheat the vegetarians. So there is such Nagpur speciality, Patodi. It’s made in the saoji style,
same spices but is vegetarian. The besan sabji and gatte ki sabji, that
we eat, it’s similar to that. So now we will eat Patodi. It’s like this, made of gram flour. Wow. Wow. I can’t even think, in this veg dish there
are so many spices, it’s rich and tasty.. .. there is any saoji dish, I’d never
heard before but I ate it today. Trust me on this, this can be rated at a
high scale, it’s very tasty, very nice. So all the veg lovers, they don’t have
to be disappointed that.. ..if I’m eating saoji it’s non-veg..ofcourse
saoji means non-veg in first priority.. But this veg dish is also too good. So now, chicken, mutton and
patodi is waiting for me. So I’ll eat and we’ll talk later. Nagpur has come to Mumbai for me,
so I have to eat it okay. Damn.. I’m sweating. I mean..In life, I have a habit
of eating spicy. Everytime, I’ve heard from my friends
that eat saoji, eat saoji, at saoji.. Today I’ve eaten Saoji. The Nagpuri spice, the nagpuri flavour
is completely different. It’s very rich, very amazing. So actually do try this, saoji masala,
saoji chicken saoji mutton. So now I’ve eaten so much,
I need some rest. I’ll rest, you keep watching the episode,
and like, share and subscribe. And come to this place, eat and tell me
in the comments how the food was. So okay, keep watching Mumbai ke
chhupe rustam season – 2.

30 thoughts on “Saoji Express – SPICY SAOJI MUTTON – BEST SAOJI CUISINE In Mumbai – S2 Ep 7 – MKCR

  1. Omg Thnx a lot Prajish for Exploring Saoji Food In Mumbai.. It s actually Very difficult to Find Saoji Food In Mumbai.. I will definately visit this place 👌👌

  2. I never liked mutton preparation in any of the making styles of Maharashtra, but 4 years ago when I was at Nagpur and had a piece of it, I fell in love with Saoji mutton. Though one takes time to acquire the taste of any cooking style, but I am sure that Nagpuri style of Non-vegetarian food goes unsung, though they have limited dishes to offer.

  3. Thanks a lot for the information. I was in Nagpur and during the winters I have literally taken bath in it😂😂😂… that curry is to die for… desi chicken shahuji is a must try… Will try this in Mumbai

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