Satan’s Hairy (Meat) Balls! Halloween Recipe πŸŽƒ Hilah Cooking

Satan’s Hairy (Meat) Balls! Halloween Recipe πŸŽƒ Hilah Cooking

– Hey dudes. I’m Hilah and today on
Hilah Cooking we’re going down to hell to take a look
at Satan’s hairy balls. Meatballs, that is. They’re crunchy,
they’re delicious. (upbeat music) I’m using pork for the
meatballs because pork is the devil’s meat but you can
also use ground turkey. I’ve got about a
half a pound here. Just adding in some garlic,
some minced up red chili pepper and a couple of green onions. That’s our vegetable portion
and adding some paprika, some salt and some corn starch. And just gonna
mix this together. (light music) Nice pink meat. Just the way we like it. Okay, so what’s
going to be the pubes. What are Satan’s pubes made of? That’s what I ask myself and
then I came up with this recipe. This is some rice vermicelli
noodles usually buy them in a big bundle or even a big
cellophane bag and just get some and crumble them
up with your hands. It might kinda spray, shatter and get all over
the place a little bit. But totally fun. So you just want them about probably no bigger
than a half an inch long. Okay, I gonna get, I like
to make a pretty small. No reflection on
the man himself. I’m sure he’s got
a large package. Maybe Satan’s a lady, who knows? And then roll them
in the vermicelli. Press it in a little bit. Okay, cool. So I’m gonna continue
making meatballs like this. (light music) Last little ball. Let’s fry these sons of bitches. Alright, my oil is
heated up to about 375. It really does need
to be that hot or else your vermicelli
won’t puff up. They should do
something like cool that. Immediately puff
up and get white. It’s kind of like a
cool magic trick. The kind of magic trick that could get you burned at
the stake. So look out. We’re gonna let these fry
for just like a minute or two. Really, at this temperature they’re gonna cook
through really fast. And here we go. Who knew Satan had such
puffy, white pubic hair? I did ’cause I’ve
seen ’em before. (light music) Whoa, that one’s pubalicious. Sorry, I don’t
think that’s a word. For more Halloween recipes be
sure to check out my playlist. I did gummy eye balls last week
and I’ve got a bunch more really good Halloween recipes but for now, let’s try a ball. I just realized these are not
really attached to my head. Okay, so I’m gonna put a little
cock sauce on here because what’s a ball without a cock? Am I right? Course, I’m right. I know everything
about that stuff. It’s a very sexy little bite. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to click this box
down here to subscribe and I’ll see you next week. Have a great Halloween.

71 thoughts on “Satan’s Hairy (Meat) Balls! Halloween Recipe πŸŽƒ Hilah Cooking

  1. Hi, Hilah. Those meatballs look fantastic. Your comedic sense of humor and your creativity never seize to amaze me. What's your favorite beef recipe? Have a great Halloween, Hilah.

  2. Ten seconds in & I'm dead for daysβš°β˜ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Thx again Hilah-I really needed that laugh right now😘

  3. Lol! They're crispy, delicious and hilarious all at the same time! It's the question of the day: "What do Satan's pubes look like?" LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  4. Love watching you always make me wonder what u might say or do next can't wait maybe when I have my first kid I will do cooking videos I make a lot of my own recipes but never have anyone to cook for

  5. you would think hell fire and all satan could just singe the hair off.

    i guess hes flame retardant. (almost spelled retarded).

  6. Hilah, if your son inherits your keen sense of humor I imagine you are going to have lots of parent teacher conferences. Please don't loose your humor. Your son will survive the conferences. LOL

    P.S. Great idea with the rice vermicelli on Satan's (meat) balls.

  7. You should have put the "pubes" in "black food-coloring" first. Satans pubes would obviously be black as coal! πŸ˜‰

  8. No wonder satan's always so pissed off
    Your over there deep frying his balls

    I'd be upset too if someone fried my balls then covered em in cock sauce

  9. LOVE that you're so considerate about the size of Beelzebub's Ball's ! No reflection on the man of course ! HAH … btw do you like the TV show Lucifer ? It shares your irreverent and profane humor, Happy Halloween !

  10. Awesome video! First, I love your music!…thank you for keeping it going!!! Second…Sock Monkey loves your style…his comment "Hila have meat!!!" He was so happy! You look hot, and your food was great!..thanks…you reward us long time watchers! Sock Monkey asks…"where Chef Baby?" …..He out trick or treating?…or home eating good stuff with mom and dad? Sock Monkey would help him develop correctly…understand good food verses crap! Meat good…veggies…only if have too!

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