Scrambled Egg Sandwich | 5 Minute Low Calorie Breakfast

Scrambled Egg Sandwich | 5 Minute Low Calorie Breakfast

Hey everybody and welcome
to the video. This is Josh here and today
we’re making open faced scrambled eggs sandwiches. Now this is a staple
breakfast food of mine. I know you all are always
asking me what I eat. On a usual day this is one
of those recipes that might not be the prettiest
but it is delicious and it is a regular
often staple for me. I’ve had a few variations
and iterations of this over the years but this is my
current favorite starting off we’re going to preheat our
non-stick pan to medium low and we’re going to crack
three eggs into a mixing bowl mix up those eggs
thoroughly with a whisk really make sure they are fully fully
whisked and incorporated together. Now that our pans preheated
we’re going to put down a little bit of oil. I’ve been doing some testing
lately with coconut oil. This is what I used
in the video here. But I would definitely
recommend olive oil over coconut oil or you can
also completely omit this step if you’re trying
to save on some extra calories. Next we’re going to dump
in our scrambled eggs mixture and add in a few spices going
to be adding salt pepper garlic powder and oregano stir
this up thoroughly and make sure that the heat is kept down low. If you notice it cooking too
quickly don’t hesitate to turn that down. You want to be constantly
stirring the eggs to make sure they keep that nice
fluffy consistency. And as you notice them
starting to solidify. I like to kind of morph them
into a scrambled Patty of sorts. I always do as best
as I can to make it into the shape of the bread. I’ll be using you’ll notice
after about two or three minutes. The eggs are almost
completely solid with the top exposed side being
a little bit wet. That’s when you know
it’s time to flip. So be gentle try and get
your rubber spatula under there and flip these and let
the eggs cook on the other side. This is right about the time
where you want to toast your bread. I’m using a little bit
of a higher oat and nut bread adds a little
bit of extra protein. I think it’s a good hearty
bread to hold up for the sandwich. After a couple of minutes
on the opposite side. Our eggs should be about done. This next step is definitely
a unique one. But trust me it is delicious. Instead of using any sort
of cheese for the sandwich we’re actually going to use
a serving of hummus the hummus adds a really
great creaminess and you also get a lot more fiber and protein
compared to using just cheese. So spread that hummus
evenly on the plate and then put your egg Patty
directly over the top of that. I always like to eat this as
an open face sandwich. You can also top it with
different things like chives or sriracha
like I’m doing here or just plain on its own. It comes out just to about
400 calories. It’s quick it’s easy, these are ingredients. I usually have around
the house and it fits into my day very very well. Hope you has enjoyed this one. Be sure to like the video
if you do and check out the blog bearded fat loss dot
com for all the ingredients amounts and more information. But until next time I’ll talk
to you all later. Have a good one.

7 thoughts on “Scrambled Egg Sandwich | 5 Minute Low Calorie Breakfast

  1. Not the prettiest meal, but so delicious! Never would have guessed the hummus would pair so well. What's your most surprisingly food combination? 👇👇

  2. So good! I like to grill some red and yellow peppers as well as a good amount of zucchini first and then pour the egg mixture (I add a little water to the eggs for fluffiness) over the grilled concoction in the pan. Then just like you've done, work it slowly until cooked to my desired consistency. It's a great way to start the day. I eat this two days a week (4 eggs minus the bread – I'm still trying to lose, not maintain yet). Cheers and have a great weekend.

  3. Looks so good Josh. As always I find myself watching and pretty much in awe of the camera and video editing skills. Have a great weekend. Time to eat my pizza….lol

  4. Thanks Josh will give this a try to make a change from porridge every morning
    I did great with my sugar free September and have lost 12 pounds
    Which means another 3pounds and I will be under 15 stone (210 pounds) for the first time in about 6 years
    I took your advice and started small and cut out sugar
    I also tried to have smaller portions
    But I feel really motivated to do another sugar free October
    Also try and start exercising
    Will be revisiting a lot of your older videos! But that's always a joy of course xx

  5. Hi Josh, I typically eat egg sandwiches during the cooler months when good fresh fruit isn't available so I'll be back to them shortly. I often add jalapenos to my scrambles instead of hot sauces and sometimes both. The hummus idea is a good one. I'll give it a try though I'll be using it a a condiment as I'm trying to break my bread habit both for the carbs and the fact that GF bread is terrible. We need to get together for coffee soon before the holiday season sets in for real.

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