1. Fish teryaki platter at CB is Life. I dont know how you ate all the rest of the stuff because id be mad full after that alone.

  2. I'm so happy that goof is getting his karma. It made me sick watching what she went through. I hope that if you were one of her haters and are coming back, that you learned a lesson.

  3. She’s over here moving on and people still bringing up the drama she was in. People never let go man. Lol.

    Anyways, this food looked amazing. And I bet it tasted amazing. Seafood is amazing all together man! Loved the video!

  4. Suddenly everyone likes her. That’s why we should stay out of a drama that we have no direct information to and not pick a side. Now, the hate comments for her from now on would be minimised.

  5. The video was great and so are all the other videos but i have a suggestion
    Its up to you but i think you should also try some desserts because alot of places you've visited look nice and if their are some desserts that you wanna try could make a video of that? We would appreciate it but still like always love the content <3

  6. im fucking dead at everyone sucking her dick in the comment, she took down a channel, lied and manipulated ppl too, we can move on and forgive her but dont act like she didnt deserved a reality check at this time. Either yall are 13 or youre just stupid but life isnt all black or white with evil people on one side and angels on the other one ✌🏿 i said what i said

  7. veronica went from not wanting to share food with nobody to ‘grab some while we eat’ i love this growth from her🥺✨

  8. is anyone going to comment about the quality? veronica could you increase your quality to 1060p because i wanna see the food clearly and it is hard to do that with the quality that you have right now but i love ur video tho

  9. mukbang community: Drama that for some reason has her name in it


    Everyone: wow didn’t know it did that. 👸 😊

    Haha omg I love her!! All jokes guys, but seriously Veronica is the best!

  10. Honestly can I get an extra plate like I love seafood and I haven't had crab and lobster for a while now. Also what is that yellow rice you have at the bottom left.

  11. Great video! Captains Boil is very delicious, but I dislike the disposable gloves they give you. I suggest you bring your own if you have small hands.

  12. I’m kinda mad at how people who didn’t support her before and most likely bullied her.. are now here being all sweet to her.
    I mean yeah she deserves all the kindness but where were y’all when she needed it the most!?
    I am glad to see she’s getting all these apologies though. She deserves them all!

  13. Um I'm so sorry but why do ppl always make fun of ppl how they eat they can eat free and as they want dont just make fun of veronica shes an amazing person but you dont rlly know hows her life in rlf so pls dont judge her 🥰

  14. Everyone says 'You're disgusting and fake' but I don't think so/I don't agree with this opinion. You are so cute and beautiful also you have original ideas for your videos. I love u💫

  15. I'll have to try this place sometime, thanks Veronica. Awesome content once again, love it when you explain the different cooking techniques.

  16. ❤️❤️❤️ You seems like a sweet person! I Love your vids. Can you do Mexican food on the next one or any Latino foods?! Pleaseeeee 😁

  17. Honestly, she shouldnt have ever got bullied, but everyone is acting like she was an angel, when she really wasn't. lol Nobody deserves to get bullied. I don't think shes a bad person persay, she made mistakes and handled her old situation very badly, but everyone is saying all this bullshit about karma lol

  18. Much better video. I like the descriptions, I like that u are speaking and connecting with the viewer which I felt was missing in previous videos. Great job Veronica ❤
    love that you are eating seafood yummmmmm!!! Wish I could eat that right now lol
    Hope you have a merry Christmas and successful, beautiful new year xo

  19. Stays subscribed to Veronica, bc we knew Nickocado Avocado was a bully from the get-go. Keep that nasty, stank, negative energy.
    I’m here for Veronica’s hugs, good energy, and GRUBBS! Love ya girl 🦋💙

  20. Kinda glad she's not doing collabs….at least there's one normal mukbanger in this community…and for people who is STILL hating her…. u blind?

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