Edit Do you know I’m featuring today? Of course, they wanted only miss B, but I cannot wait to taste it. This is my first Seafood boil I was gonna wait and do it on my birthday July 6 But I could not wait and I’ve been craving craving craving seafood So I said today, I’m just gonna do it in her little for the video up So if you guys loved it and you like it and you’re commenting subscribing I’ll do another one for my birthday, but you have to let me know if you like it or not. So let’s get to it Let’s get this butter on the stove and let’s go Hey, it’s sincerely Zepora here with a seafood boil. This is the first time for me. Okay, so Today we have my heads cut off Okay, so umm We have king crab legs. Love the claw You guys are not gonna believe this is my first time eating King crab. Also, this is my first time eating lobster do not ask me why I only like eat the snow crabs and also crawfish crawfish and What are those things called again, I can’t think right now I’m so hot. Okay, so this will come How should we do it so we know what this ah heard Enjoy the lobster. I think you should know what that was there. Okay? I like that my hair so hot Just in case I lie down When I’m done There’s a sauce we were featuring today Miss BLOVESLIFE Please Yes, the way she just eats that seafood with this sauce I’ve been dreaming about the sauce so I had to do it do it. I Don’t have any potatoes or anything because earlier I did eat spaghetti, so I’m not going to eat this entire thing And then also I told my son to do a boil as well, and he’s so excited about it. So Yeah, I don’t know what start Okay, let’s start with his drink first good Thursday Today we’re meeting in my room. And so I brought this Wow, I like longing let’s start the clock I really heard it judge I’m gonna remember that video where the little brother he bit. Um, the big brother and That’s what he’s that I really don’t know how much record oh yeah, this is our new because I’m recording on my phone Good I got this thing a while ago. Anyway, this is honestly oh Well, maybe not. This may be what the snow crabs. It was just useless Okay. Oh Crap Okay This little bit say well, yeah, I’m telling you. I have no. Oh You I can see My camera just focused on me, but we’re gonna dip it in this be lovely selves always hard I’m gonna show Sauce look I Was trying I was so scared that I was gonna make the sauce like so spicy because I know miss be lovely says she she Loves like spice her family loves spice. I like spice to a certain extent style Let’s see, um my camera’s not like So yeah, I was scared that I was gonna make it like so spicy, oh, it’s so hot So now look I took it off of me and then it’s dark Some better That’s what I usually just do it I see oh My god so good I saw that don’t put it right in the middle so I’m all over the place Ha I Really don’t know how much footage I’m able to get on this camera Probably hopefully this Apple phone I Was like look I can’t wait anymore. I just can’t wait Ow, I’m dipping in the butter sauce I Know you like to assume that the but I’ll show you I will just Put the camera on the table and that Will made my sense That is my neighbor He’d been working on this car for forever So I could old school like hippies man. I don’t know the making mind. I just know it’s like when I was hippie bands And I want answer I’m gonna insert Not insert a video. I might insert a video of it because he redid it It was like a scary looking one that burns like Chucky creatures and stuff like that on earth. I mean like animals and well Chucky dolls, you know what I’m gonna say I Feel like I might throw up still something bothers me that so good Where words that are All right the whole cloth Oh God There might be some eating this thing, but I don’t got Tom I really don’t have time to live, you know, I’ll get it I wonder I Was gonna say I was just saying this crop of my son, but I think I deserved it squab I’m gonna say I’m a king lately. She loves ebook that boy he loves everything I love and it’s so crazy because You know how sometimes you only want your kids to eat everything you eat so you can have some to yourself That way everything got eaten I’m tellin you ain’t nothin day You don’t like I gave her frog legs one day thinking II wasn’t I like it. The boy said it tastes like chicken He eats everything I mean it’s a good thing, no, you know It’s not a picky eater That’s it I know You’ve made this club me so good. I can’t even describe that’s taste Like this is something that you just have to say it though. I just sounded like something I Just sounded like I belong on some kind of a video and not this one I swear them it’s be lovely thumb When you’re gonna you know, I Just really liked lemme I us see how much limit I have on My But So I did take her advice and I added honey to the sauce because I knew I needed to fight the spice buddy, uh, honey Oh my god, I Shouldn’t eat that spaghetti and did a boil in same day. I Don’t know I did that. I’m not smart I’m not smart Now see why You stopped yourself I Keep forgetting to throw the car down now I Knew it was another part I didn’t finish it that fast I Really want to pull it out long So, how you guys doing Tell everybody to subscribe to my channel you wanna see another boil July 6. I wanted to order the 15 pound lobster I’m over here fighting to eat this how am I gonna do that? I wanted to do that for my birthday But 15 pound lobster and I want to be stopped crazy to it and I want you guys to see it I Don’t know. I’m not like you oughta me by myself. I Probably have to like do something. This is the best part I’m telling you I Understand what’s your best for come back? But this hurts So maybe I ought to do about a knuckle Why are you so Great all right. You know what? This is what I’m learning Well coach I’m gonna getcha getcha. Getcha. Getcha. Getcha. Yeah, here we go. Here we go. Here we go So come on the long way, you know what I said I’m paying for it. This is not come up a long way. Ah With all that meat though OMG It’s so spikey and you know I think this is the real reason why I never got king crab is because I looked at those spikes And I honestly didn’t want to deal with that. Oh my god, I reckon it’s up little pieces. I Got something We got meat guys buddy’s got broken up I don’t know man with a lifetime ask people. I usually eat seafood a lot in the summer Yeah How’s your global hot sauce in there what It will be yeah It’s like seafood just makes you sing it just makes you happy this changes your mood or that I’m or that a fool period Come and tell you food make me so happy. I don’t look like it comes down but That best hit the drink I Shouldn’t become was a sinner Dad dad, mr. Nas was a dad. Mr. Pratt dad. Mr. Lux. Does that hit on? What’s a dad? The other thing that we that wing I love shit know what anyway I Just took the claw like that Like that fluent in only not in not down This crap on me every bit up, I mean just a lot of stuff throw me every bit of 17 dollars So come on Don’t even worry about it No more under the sea under the sea under the sea Ha Yes Give it to me. Give it to me. Give it to Megan and me guys this Was it this month or this week is prior week Mm-hmm Like it was sent from heaven Laughs you guys Brief minute and I have no storage on here. I had to try to see what I could do So this is gonna be pretty rush in the last few minutes. Oh Sorry Rising mighty will ASMR with the rest Hey I don’t know why I’m going with that. All right handy You must try the sauce I’m not you Okay Everybody on talk Look can you like me? This week You have to let me south I’m trying to tell you Other waited family’s house Some other self Ring It Hurts so bad There’s no daddy, huh Danny like that I can get There was no no fat left behind Let’s clip right into it That’s what I’m talking about Man All right out right now, babe What I’m gonna do is put a laughs a limit They’re definitely sweetheart if I know it’s ending a soya Shall attain to it Are you missing with a lemon? So fresh Man Novice off today. Yeah When tomorrow if they were I Was going to sleep I think I’m gonna pull through so do this for ya I Have meat all in my braces I’m telling almost went to sleep eating at king crab was so good It was so good I’m telling you This sauce Take over them up it took over my body it took of my soul. I Don’t know if it’s because I haven’t had seafood a long time, but I’m telling Well, maybe I was just missing out on lobster king crab, but You


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