Seafood Crate – Honestly Fresh

Seafood Crate – Honestly Fresh

Ever wondered how long it takes to get
your seafood from the ocean to your plate? With your grocery store supply
chain, it’s a long time. Here at Seafood Crate we’ve leveraged over 30 years of
experience in the seafood industry to bring you a new type of meal
subscription–one that’s focused on providing the freshest seafood picked by
experts. Our team packages your seafood into perfectly sized portions directly
in our warehouse. Finally our drones fly your package straight to your door in
minutes. Okay, so we’re not quite there yet. But our express delivery gets it to
your door pretty fast. Meanwhile your grocery store’s seafood is just arriving
on the shelf where it sits and sits and sits… All you have to do is get cooking!
Cause Seafood Crate will take care of the rest. Seafood Crate, Honestly Fresh!

One thought on “Seafood Crate – Honestly Fresh

  1. Does the seafood come with a recipe card and vegetables and/or grains to go with it? Or is it just the seafood?

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