27 thoughts on “Seafood MUKBANG | Eating Show | Burping and Smacking |#IAmACreator #taratellingtv #seafood #mukbang

  1. Ah seafood feast on this wacky Wednesday better known as hump day lol. That's wassup right there. Be good today T.😉👊👍

  2. I’m giggling cuz your dipping sauce is boiling lol! Good video tho! Keep up the good work!!💕💕💕

  3. Hello l came from Viet nam l was happy to know you let’s interact and develop together your video is very good thank for showing me this video

  4. Yummy, Tara good taste and delicious, I keep watching your video and feel as I am eating.

  5. chào bạn, nhìn bạn ăn mà mình rất thèm, bên mình không có con cua này, mình đến từ Việt Nam

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