Seafood Pizza in Italy at a restaurant in Sorrento, Naples

Seafood Pizza in Italy at a restaurant in Sorrento, Naples

good afternoon guys it is time for
another lunch today here in Sorrento we are sitting at a restaurant by the
seaside and we figured let’s have pizza because it’s been a bit of a trend why
stop now we’ve only got a few more days left here in Italy so we figured let’s
make the most of it and today we’re gonna do seafood pizza because I’ll see
by the sea though yeah I can’t wait to tell you and see if it fits oh my gosh
it’s gonna be good oh my gosh all right guys the pizzas are here oh
yeah oh my goodness they came and it was just like jaw-dropping they look
dropping the beautiful I all just have no words this is the one I got –
flirtini Madden with thumb house forget the word for this muscles right yeah
those are muscles but look at the presentation I love that it’s still in
the shell it just adds beautiful colors like these purples and like oh my god oh
my god I got the one with surgery yeah so Sam’s was called beatsaudio mana yes
I’m Joey – oh yeah like I can’t wait to know
Wow alright so we’re gonna dig right in kind of move these shell know I feel
like you have to do a bit of a hand and work before you can even go yeah got it
really get into it so I’m gonna cut myself a bite-sized portion and then I
guess we’re gonna grab one of these little guys yeah just a scrape it oh oh
it’s already loose that’s perfect I’m gonna put my little shuffle that’s
what the plate is for I thought oh maybe he thought they were gonna share no I
think that’s definitely from yourself mm-hmm
we should actually probably go through and just remove all the shells now yeah
it’s look beautiful but it’s not ideal for fighting today and
all right moment of truth uh-huh hit the spot that’s great it’s good that’s the
truth that’s the sure that’s the truth moment of truth that’s really really
good that’s the bottom line uh-huh it’s good buta yeah so here we
have Sam dissecting oh that was surprisingly easy that was very I was
expecting a struggle with the cutlery over here yeah all right whoa that’s
crispy there we go cut myself a little my mini piece mm-hmm
break off that cheese it’s got a lot of it looks like it has a lot of cheese and
sauce yeah like oh man seafood pizza is so good
sorry so salty hmm what do you think mm-hmm that’s like
even horrible North American pizza I like so when you’re having Italian pizza
and then you add the seafood tip it’s just so juicy with the tomato sauce and
also with with the seafood juiciness mm-hmm but then you also get the
saltiness to and it’s just like yeah good enjoy the pizza while you can odd
all right still chewing on my piece but ready to dig into yours
oh yeah so we’re gonna I’m gonna cut myself a tiny little yeah Tuffy click
cut yeah there we go look at that make those salted anchovies oh look at that
beautiful he said it’s beautiful to meet you you
review this big thick mozzarella cheese all right in you go in you go if you
thought that pizza was salty it’s like tea that’s like 10 axing it with these
good so salty ink I mean it like that I like them both this one’s my favorite
really the n2v oh yeah oh wow oh yeah oh wow
all right so I am I’m excited for you to try you know I know I’m gonna steal this
little anchovy move it over to the corner yeah cuz I feel like you’ve just
been eating off the anchovies and to be interesting to see which one you like
better between the two leaving some of the crust
I get the cross let’s see mmm spilling it all over the place
ah no it is nice and salty long isn’t that salty uh-huh
and after all those sweets we had this morning I’m craving salt I know me too
that was the little bit we had to fit a little bit too much of a sugar to this
so yeah salt saltiness is a good way to to come back that it’s good
sure oh my gosh now it’s just time for us to like devour
both of these that’s just an exciting moment
lots of plan let’s do it oh yeah guys that was a feast of feasts somehow we
finished all that pizza well aside from the crust
okay so Chilika that’s it and for dessert
I got myself a limoncello because that is what you get when you come here
special event in Sorrento because yeah smells wonderful that’s almost like a
neon yellow that is so sweet and then it’s a little bit sour and burns as it
goes down yeah it’s just it makes for a great dessert drinking I like there was
other desserts like mix fruit and cake I was like this oh we have room for that
just give me the alcohol yes perfect this will help maybe burn
through the cheese a little bit so I could use it so we finished lunch we’ve
got a bit more sightseeing to do but in terms of price point that was 23 euros
and then ended this the two pizzas big fizzy water
and also the comparator which is only one year of the person so that’s one of
the cheap better price co-producers yeah can be as much as two dozen k my
goodness yeah so I thought that was very reasonable man were full great quality
pieces so much seafood so yeah we hide the recommend this place and if you come
here definitely check out the pizzas for sure oh that’s a job

37 thoughts on “Seafood Pizza in Italy at a restaurant in Sorrento, Naples

  1. I always have a few small tins of anchovies in stock for Pizza about 80p a tin. Not all anchovies are the same, find a brand you like and stick to it. I understand they aren't for everyone, but to me they really help make a great Pizza. I tend to halve lengthwise, then form a 'lattice'. those Pizzas Looked fantastic!

  2. Its almost 2am here and I saw this pop up on my notifs… Now I am hungry and craving pizza! 😑 hahaha. Those looked so good! I think I would prefer the anchovies one just because it doesn't have any shells. Hahaha. 😂 just kidding, I love anchovies! 😀

  3. you have to figure out Neapolitans call the anchovy pizza as "romana" whereas Romans call it as "napoletana" (that doesn't exist in Naples, of course)

  4. When in Naples you have to trying Pizza "Sausages and Friarielli" that are sort of bitter vegetables that grow only in Campania region. It will be a completely new pizza experience for you. 😎

  5. in Hong Kong you have to pay 120 to 150 HK dollars for a pizza in that size, so hundred twenty some dollars for two pizzas is a reasonable price in Sorrento.

  6. Never heard about such a pizza before! Looks delicious, although it seems a little bit hard to eat it with all the mussels on top😀

  7. My friends think I am mad because I always order double anchovies on pizza … cant get enough … have been known to have a beer or two on a hot day and just nibble on some anchovies …. heaven ..

  8. Already finished watching all of the European city guide videos and so looking forward to your coming up new adventures! Can't wait! Best Travelers on Youtube!

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