Seared Romaine and Eggs | Kitchen Vignettes | PBS Food

Seared Romaine and Eggs | Kitchen Vignettes | PBS Food

(“Gentle Marimbas”
by Podington Bear) (birds chirping) – I’m Alanna Rose. My husband and I, with my
husband’s brother and his wife, all co-own and operate
Cairncrest Farm. We’re in central New York. We’re producing a 100%
grass-fed beef, lamb, pastured pork,
and pastured eggs. (hens clucking) What’s wonderful about
pastured hens is that they have access to all of these
insects and grubs, and they love preying
on little, (laughs) the little life
forms in our pasture. (hens clucking) The color of the yolks of
the hens that are raised truly on pasture, is
just so rich and dark, and more nutritious because
color’s equal to vitality and vitamins and… ♪ Num, num, num (laughing) Okay, let’s start this again. We went crazy with this
recipe over the winter, so we were buying four
packages of romaine hearts every week, or something. And so we were like,
we’ve got to plant romaine in the garden this year. I’d read about grilled romaine, but the pictures I had
in my head when I thought about heating lettuce were
just like soggy, limp. That never seemed appealing. But then this winter,
sometimes the only green thing I could find at the store
were these big romaine hearts. So I decided I would just do it. And then when I tasted
them, there was so much more going on than I expected. It’s partly the
caramelized butter, but then, the artichokey
flavor, just the complexity of what was there after. So little effort on my part. I just wait until
I can really tell if there’s been
some nice browning. There’s something that
really brings out the sugars in the lettuce when
you cook it like this. It’s really simple and
it can go with anything. A fried egg is really good. I mean, any number of things, like a buttermilk dressing, toasted pecans or
walnuts, or something. With bacon on top, it’s great. And you’ve got your delicious
and delightfully simple and fast new way to
eating a head of romaine. (laughing) Too big a bite?

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  1. Yes! A new video! I had grilled romaine for the first time 12 years ago and LOVED it. I never knew it was that simple. I will have to try this out!

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