Sesame Seed Rice – Til Rice – By Vahchef @

Sesame Seed Rice – Til Rice – By Vahchef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today we are going to learn how to make the sesame seed rice You know this is very popular and part of chitrannam specially in the temples also they serve this particular rice. For this preparation, first you know we are going to add some chana dal. we are going to make a kind of a gun powder But with lot of sesame seeds, So add some chana dal In this add red chillies, make sure that the red chillies dont give color but hot Because you want nice kick along with this Til seed rice and on a slow flame Just keep roasting this and also you can add urad dal and keep cooking them till you get the nice, sweet flavor from this. These are cooked add sesame seeds, lot of sesame seeds that will give a very nice flavor to this And just roast this till this also gets a nice slightly golden in color Now you can also add some curry leaves in this and look at this the sesame seeds have slightly colored That’s when switch of the flame and put in a blender and make this into a cores powder Once you blend this into a cores powder, Just put all of this powder on this boiled rice. Ok You know this rice has been boiled and pour this sesame seeds powder on this boiled rice and also add salt This much salt should be enough and make a kind of a well put that curry leaves here And also sprinkle hing on top, That should be good And now, Take a pan and add sesame seed oil on it. Make sure that the sesame seed oil is very hot Once it comes to nice smoking point. Ok! look at this, this oil is hot and almost smoking. Switch off the flame, take this oil and pour this on the hing and the curry leaves Wow!! look at this ahh, Wow!! And with that the curry leaves get cooked, the hing gets tadka of the oil and even oil that is needed to this rice Now just mix all of this with the rice and you have a very flavorful sesame seed rice You know you can make this not only on a festival or special occasions but whenever you want some flavor to the rice We know sometimes we make ghee rice, sometimes we make you know other rices. You can make this also and this is fantastic and also specially the women need iron and those days you can have this And it will be a good substitute of iron They say you feed this potent til seed rice to even a lazy person, they will become active and start walking I dont know what else this does, but dear friends this is an amazing, very tasty, very flavorful sesame seed rice And just take, ahh!! This is good Dear friends, you know i am working hard producing so many videos.So I need all this potent energy rice but I hope you have enjoyed today’s session but do not forget vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook So please post your recipes and cooking tips at so others can benefit from your great cooking. Thank you

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  1. I really know the value of sesame seeds and sesame oil and I use it often.And I really like hing a lot. What you said about sesame seeds and sesame oil is correct. I didn't know to make this rice before and thank you so much chef Sanjay Thumma for teaching it.

  2. Greattt to know dat u r on wikipedia….wow m soooo impressed..n happy for u u deserve it…love u…

  3. I recently tried Hing for the first time. I made the mistake of smelling it first. Old socks, peeeewww! Luckily it doesnt taste like it smells.

  4. Chef,

    I am a foodie and i cook with my heart for my family when free. Small tip.. Next time please put 2 to 3 broken dried chilies and curry leaves in the smoking oil, it will improve the flavor. Add Hing while you blend the mixture which will spread evenly. Adding black Urad and Black Sesame Seeds adds to the visual appeal and it is more healthy. 🙂 

    Your recipe rocks and it will be mild and flavorful that small child can also eat. My twist will add more heat and punch.

  5. sessame seeds r full of calcium. new flavors, sesame rice n amla rice.was wondering how to incorporate Amlas in my food, thanks.

  6. I love this rice from the temples, but avoid it because the quantity of oil makes me unwell. Anybody has a recipe for this with less oil?

  7. wow…. super.i love to cook. after watching your videos.pls bring more South Indian recipes.thank you so much to create interest to cook.😇

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