Shrimp & Scallop Stew recipe

Shrimp & Scallop Stew recipe

Welcome to Today we’re cooking a Shrimp and Scallop Gumbo at the pit. And it’s real easy to do. Alright. You’re gonna need some fresh off-the-boat scallops here. We just got them. We’ve got a couple of pounds. We use about a pound of these sea scallops. And for this recipe, you’re gonna need some Andouille sausage. It’s a hot sausage. And you’re gonna need some shrimp. We’ve got about a pound or 16-20s. You’re gonna need some diced tomatoes. You’re gonna need about four cups of chicken stock. You’re gonna need some garlic, onions. There’s some green bell pepper. And here we’ve got some oregano and thyme. You’re gonna need some celery, some bay leaves. Oh, man! And, of course, you’re gonna need some heat. We’ve got some Cayenne pepper. Alright. Let’s get this gumbo together here, alright? Now, in a black iron pan, we’re putting in some olive oil or a good veggie oil. And we’re also gonna be throwing in about four tablespoons of butter. Now, this recipe is really about the roux. And roux is a…is fat and flour combined, right? So you gotta work at this. You wanna get this roux just right. So, into this, we’re throwing in about a half of cup of flour. And you wanna keep stirring it. Don’t let it sit. Because you want to…you wanna caramelize it in the way, right? Just keep stirring it slowly. It might take ten minutes or so on a nice slow heat. And before you know it, this is the way the roux should look. Nice and thick, and you toast it, alright? Now, in goes the holy trinity. And that’s bell pepper. We’ve got one large chopped bell pepper. You gotta get some celery in there. Two or three stocks, chopped. And a large chopped onion. Right? That’s the holy trinity. That’s all the part of the gumbo. Southern Louisianan stew. Oh. And here we’re throwing in some garlic. About four cloves of chopped…fine chopped garlic. You give it a mix into the roux. Just like that. Oh, that smells guuud! Man! Now, we’re gonna add the chicken stock. We’re gonna use about one quart, or four cups. Just pour right in there. Now, if you don’t have chicken stock, you can use a veggies stock… to keep your vegematic girl friend happy. Or you can use some fish stock. What you have handy. But the chicken stock works really good. Give it a good mix. And you wanna season it. We’re using about a tablespoon of SPG. You can use some salt, with some fresh ground pepper corn. Now, to the pot, we’re adding two twenty-six ounce cans of diced tomatoes, alright? Yeah. And include the juice. And you’re gonna need some cayenne pepper. And be careful here, right? To much of cayenne pepper might bring on the heat. Because we’re gonna be using some Andouille sausage for much of the heat flavor in here. Give it a nice mix. Oh, yeah. Now, into the pot, we’ve got two bay leaves. We’ve got a little over of tablespoon of fresh oregano. And over a tablespoon of fresh thyme. Get them in there. Oh, baby! Man! Now, we’re gonna bring it up to a fairly rapid simmer, alright? And put the cover on. And you’re gonna let it simmer for about maybe fifteen, twenty minutes. Just like that. See how it’s coming together? It’s starting to thicken up. Oh, yeah. There’s nothing like shrimp and scallop gumbo at the pit. You definitely gotta check this out. Now, while we’re waiting, here we’re grilling up some Andouille sausage. And this a Southern, like a Louisiana sausage. It’s got a lot of pepper, and it’s got a very distinct flavor. Now, if you can’t get an Andouille sausage, You can substitute a hot sausage. It won’t quite be the same, but good enough. Now, we’re just gonna chop them up into bite size pieces. Like I said, we’ve got about a pound going in to this pot. Get just like that. Oh, yeah! Oh, look at that! Now, we throw those chopped Andouille sausages in there. This is gonna be good. Give it a good stir. Oh, man! Are you hungry or what? Oh, man! Put the cover on, and let those flavors come together. Now, after about another…oh, maybe ten minutes or so, take a look at that. It’s sticking up real nice, like a nice gumbo. Now, here’s the magic, the shrimp and the scallop. So, here like I said, we’ve got about a pound of deveined and shelled shrimp going in. And here we’re gonna put about one pound of this lot of scallop here in. You can add a little bit more. And this here is gonna add that seafood flavor to this dish. Just outrageous. Give it a stir. And it only takes a few minutes to cook the shrimps and the scallops. So don’t over do it, alright? Now, we took the bay leaves out. And it’s time to plate this up. Now, Louisiana style, of course, we got our rice for the gumbo. We’re gonna pour all over the top. Whoo-wee! Alright. Since there’s two of us at the pit, we’ll make up another bowl. Now, of course, if you got a peanut butter, you just get yourself a peanut butter sandwich right about now. Because, we do apologize for eating in front of you like this, but we call this pitmaster privilege. So the next time you’re looking for a recipe for you pit, Check out Subtitle by Sofronio

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  2. Just started watching u guys. Good recipes and easy. Live watching you guys enjoy what u made. Will continue to watch .Good job!

  3. Aloha gravy oh that's how it's browned that's The I will make this tonight hugs from me 2 U from Hawaii Oahu

  4. Aloha I grow those herbs Sage
    Cinnamon Curry that's what Undoi
    Is Yum how long simmer Oh that's how you get Rice in the Gumbo
    It's okay Happy Guys

  5. Wtf that's tomato soup not gumbo, you've officially never been to Louisiana. You need to take this down asap. It's offensive to real Cajun's and coonass's . Lol 😂 sorry man but that's a major FAILURE… try again.



  7. Something I use is bout a cap or two of Zatarans liquid crab boil to any dish with liquid like gumbo, etoufee etc.

  8. Well Guys? I Outdid myself again on this RECEIPE yesterday Thx!! My Family/ Daughter just kept saying while eating? Ummm ummm umm LOL! She gives this Dish a 9.5 % (of 10 not 100 tehehe) Hubby liked it also 😎

  9. I made this today and it was SO yummy and delicious I ate two servings!!! It was my first but easy to follow step by step, one of the best recipe that I will cook over again, thank you so much!!

  10. You boys can cook like my dad. Thirty eight years ago he made his own grill with a tin barrels and cans he welded and it was long enough for a large size pig to be roasted. He was a cool barbeque guy too.

  11. Love that accent, Louisiana boy. But you can cook. Love to have you around the cabin after I shot me a Nioo Joisey alligator.

  12. Is there a way to print this recipe? I followed the link "to print" that sent me to your store, but from there I can't find any print option.

  13. Looks good, but…
    1 Needs roux to be cooked to at least caramel colored
    2 Needs some Tony’s or other creole seasoning
    3 Sausage would be better if sliced and browned first Also doesn’t have to be andouille Any good smoked sausage would be good
    4 Needs either okra or gumbo file
    5 cook the vegetables longer before adding the stock

  14. This makes me want more seafood protein.Life's the best watching you guys show how to enjoy cookin' all God's good stuff.Thanks

  15. You want a dark chocolate roux, that is a blonde roux. Leave the tomatoes out. I've never cooked gumbo with scallops in it – they may be ok. If possible, use Gulf shrimp – those are farmed from Asia. Lastly, the file' makes the gumbo – add it at the end. Sorry to be so fussy, but this is a treasure to us down here and it needs to be traditional.

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  17. Sorry that's not Louisiana seafood gumbo. You don't put tomatoes in real New Orleans style seafood gumbo. Looks okay though wouldn't turn it down.

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    Honestly, as he started dishing out that incredible looking gumbo, I got kind of heated for a sec when he told us to go grab a peanut butter sandwich..LOL!

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