SINGAPORE STREET FOOD tour | Best street food in Singapore | UNIQUE SINGAPOREAN street food

SINGAPORE STREET FOOD tour | Best street food in Singapore | UNIQUE SINGAPOREAN street food

today we’re in Singapore and the food
culture here is phenomenal we’re really excited to show you a bunch of
Singapore’s best local eats Singapore is a nation of eaters the food culture here
will blow your mind this is our first video from Singapore and we’re travelling all over the island to bring you the best local food, watch out for street
food theatrics, delicious curry chicken noodles and authentic Singaporean dishes
in this four-part series we’re hunting down the country’s most iconic local
food from heritage recipes to unusual dishes you don’t want to miss this
series get ready for some mouth-watering food
I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate, we hope you’re hungry, let’s eat! like all of our content this video
isn’t gonna be about the fanciest food or the most expensive food or the most
flashy it’s gonna be about the best food so we’re gonna find you the best food
there is here to eat in Singapore we’ve got a really really big day of eating planned
but we are going to start with the ultimate breakfast a really local
traditional option we’re outside our first stop which is called Ya Kun and
this place is the grandfather of Singaporean breakfasts let’s go and get
some eggs and toast we’re starting with what is a really common
breakfast all around the world, toast eggs and coffee but these are done in the
traditional Singaporean way so to start off with we’ve got this coffee which is
a really really dark brew it’s just coffee and a dollop of condensed milk so it’s
super sweet then we’ve got the kaya toast now Y Kun is famous for its
really crispy brown bread and then it’s grilled over charcoal and then you’ve
got a smear of kaya which is coconut jam and then a pat of butter it’s looking
really crispy and crunchy and then the soft-boiled eggs look at that wobble so
the whites are pretty much just set and the yolks are gonna be super super runny this place has been around since 1944 and it’s sort of credited with starting the
breakfast phenomenon that is kopi and toast but I’ve got to get a sip of this
coffee into me it looks so rich and dark ohhhhh that is super strong, it’s got a really rich flavour what
they do is they roast the coffee beans with sugar and margarine and it gives it an
almost caramelised flavour now these eggs they’ve got some white pepper
and also some dark soy sauce on the table so I’m going to add a bit of both
and then mix them up a bit so chuck a ton of white pepper on there I love that
and then give it a bit of a mix and I am just gonna go for the dip so I’m
gonna get the kaya toast and then dip it into the egg ohhhhh
look at how runny they are so creamy looking all right boy that is so, so good the toast is super crunchy and it’s got such a great
amount of butter, the butter is super creamy and then the kaya is very sweet, kaya is made from
coconut milk, eggs and sugar and its flavoured with pandan leaves, pandan is a
leaf that they use here a lot in Southeast Asia to flavour things
like rice and desserts it’s got like a really almost a vanilla type flavour it is so
good those eggs are so creamy so for a lot of people these eggs are gonna come
across as really underdone and they pretty much are they’re just barely
cooked really runny and really wet but that’s the only way they come, don’t
even think about asking for hard boiled eggs cause you’re not gonna get them, this is the
Singaporean way it’s so simple but really satisfying that was a great start to our Singapore
food tour but we’ve now come to a different part of town we’re gonna be
hopping all around town for this video and we are here to hunt down a curry mee I’m totally wearing the wrong coloured
t-shirt considering what we’ve just ordered this is the famous Ah Heng curry
chicken bee hoon mee now we have ordered this bowl of curry chicken noodles with
the yellow mee so these are the yellow noodles we’ve got some poached Hainanese
chicken there’s some chunks of potato there’s some tofu puffs there’s slices
of fish cake I can also see some bean sprouts in there and all of it is wallowing in
this really coconut-y looking broth now we have come to this
stall because our friends who we really trust in the taste stakes told us that this
bowl of noodles is just epic they always eat here when they come to Singapore so
we just had to try it, we’ve heard the way this stall cooks their chicken is really
special and it results in really moist juicy chicken they cook it the Hainanese way so
basically they poach the whole chicken in stock and then once it’s cooked they dunk the
whole chook into iced water and then they just hang it to dry so it stops cooking
immediately and retains all its moisture and juiciness this does look absolutely incredible now I’ll just say you might notice my
voice is almost gone so I’m sick at the moment so you probably won’t hear me
much today I’m gonna be more here for the eating so let’s just dive
right in this looks unreal, the big pot of curry up there is just bubbling away so
they just pile it all in together I’m just gonna try the chicken though by itself
first because it’s meant to be super special Oh that is good super soft and silky chicken and that curry has
got a nice little punch to it its got a bit of spice it’s gonna clear my sinuses, get some noodles get in there properly with this wow this is really good
often I find this dish can be it’s really creamy the curry it’s coconut based curry
which this is but what I’m finding with this is it has a sharp spice so has a real zing with the chilli which I absolutely love sometimes it can be a bit more of a slow
burn chilli but this one’s a nice sharp kick that is very good what can we get this time
we’ve got the fish cake the tofu puff and obviously more of those noodles the mee this is is incredible and it’s incredible
because of its harmony it’s so well rounded, there’s actually not a huge
flavour just punching out that broth has just been bubbling away and it’s all come together so you’re just getting this beautiful creamy sort of coconut-y spice it is really good and it’s coating all those ingredients that are in there I just have to talk about this I mean
look at this it’s a big fat piece of chicken breast so it looks like
probably the worst bit of the chicken it looks like it’s gonna be tough
looks like it’s gonna be flavourless however it’s juicy it’s silky and it’s full of
flavour that is amazing I mean normally give me the brown meat any day that dark
meat with all that juice and burst of flavour, that is expertly cooked absolutely unreal chicken that curry chicken mee totally hit the
spot now the original dish is served with
rice noodles or bee hoon but we opted for the yellow mee because we like the
gruntier noodle that was delicious well worth eating and that was a really
bustling hawker centre it’s what I really love about Singapore it’s a
relatively expensive Asian country to visit but when you get here you can eat
really well for really cheap our next snack is one of the most
interesting dishes that you can find in Singapore and it is rojak and rojak
is a local fruit salad it’s made up of a hodgepodge of different ingredients and
it’s not like any fruit salad you’ve ever seen before
I’m super excited about this next stall because it’s reportedly one of the best
in Singapore for rojak and it’s in this food centre right behind me rojak means eclectic mix in
colloquial Malay and this dish really is a mishmash of different ingredients so
let me talk you through what it’s made up of before I tell you why this one in
particular is so famous so you’ve got fruit there’s pineapple there’s
vegetables there’s cucumber and then there’s turnip there’s also some deep-fried
tofu it’s been chopped up there’s a sprinkling of peanut powder all over the
top there’s some bean sprouts and then there is also some you tiao which are
deep-fried dough fritters now locals say that this rojak is
one of the best on the island and it comes down to how meticulous the uncle is
when he’s preparing the dish he’s taking those you tiao those dough fritters and
he’s grilling them over charcoal so they become really really crispy and every
morning he makes his own chilli paste from scratch he grinds and roasts his
own peanuts for the sauce and then you can see the sauce being made up to order
so the sauce that everything is coated in is made up of some delicious ingredients
so it’s got fermented prawn paste there is lime juice there is chilli there is
sugar what else did I see go in there, peanuts so it’s really really pungent and
intense let’s just taste this thing so I’m gonna get some pineapple some cucumber and
one of those dough fritters okay it’s such an odd dish it’s made up of all
these crazy ingredients that you don’t think will go together but the thing
that binds it all is that sauce it is of this world it is sweet, it’s spicy, its
tangy, it’s savoury and then the pineapple is really sweet, the cucumber is super
crunchy and then those dough fritters really held their texture so they’re crispy, crunchy but then they’re also soaked up a bit of that sauce the more you eat the
more the flavour just grows that sauce has a really strong flavour of prawn and I
find that a lot of rojaks are actually just sweet so the sauce can be really
one-dimensional but this is not this has got a real depth to it, it’s almost got a little
bitterness to it I can see why people say this is such a
winner this is totally hitting the spot the food scene in Singapore is really
international anything you could possibly want to eat you’ll be able to
find here but at the same time it’s really easy to find those heritage
restaurants, restaurants that have been serving the same dishes and food
for decades we’ve come to Kampong Glam which is the Malay and Muslim quarter of
Singapore and we’re here to visit one such restaurant we’ve come to Victory restaurant for
their famous murtabak and murtabak is a stuffed flatbread we have ordered
two behemoths let me show you what we’ve got so this here is the mutton murtabak so it is stuffed full of mutton and egg and on top there is more mutton and
more egg and then this one here is even bigger it is the chicken murtabak so
you’ve got the flatbread, layers of flatbread and then this juicy saucy
looking chicken and egg and on the side we’ve got a bit of dal and also some
cucumber with I think a bit of chilli sauce over the top
this restaurant has been here for over a hundred years so a hundred years they must
be doing something right and I love the theatrics of watching murtabak being
made they’re slapping the dough on that bench and they get so thin it’t just paper thin
before they put that filling in there it’s just awesome to watch but I’ve gotta
dive right and I’m gonna get a huge piece of this mutton murtabak to start
off with so you can see the different layers there so you’ve got a layer of egg, mutton
and then the flatbread all in there all right that’s really good the dough is really
light and overall the mouthful was really light the mutton is not
overly spiced full of flavour though you can really taste the
meat I think with the next mouthful I’m gonna get a bit of this dal, so it’s really thick dal put that over the next mouthful alright and let’s go again hmm alright, that’s better, the dal adds a
creaminess a little bit of spice to the murtabak and it makes it a little bit more moist I suppose the
murtabak itself is not dry but the dal definitely adds to it let’s give this
chicken murtabak a go, holy moly it is massive all right I’m gonna go for
this huge juicy middle bit okay the chicken murtabak is my favourite
out of the two the chicken is so moist and tender it’s like
juicy there’s a lot of onions in there they’ve really caramelised and they’re very
sweet and overall it just has more flavour a
really sort of like tongue tingling spice just the barest of spices but you can
really taste it and the prata dough is so soft there’s little
sort of crispy bits in there where it’s been enough on the pan but overall it’s
quite soft and what’s great about these guys is that they make
all their prata dough in house as well as their spice mix so they haven’t
outsourced it to a third party and you can taste the quality but definitely the chicken murtabak for me due to my almost total lack of voice I’ve
not had a chance to say much today but I agree with Sheena this chicken one
is incredible it’s spicy, it’s sweet, it;s juicy it is really good I love them
both like Sheena but the chicken one wins hands down for me awesome, awesome murtabak and an incredible day of eating here in Singapore

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