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  1. Roti is INDIAN bread with no oil use
    And paratha is INDIAN bread in which we use oil or butter
    Love from INDIA

  2. I think some countries call it roti canai, roti prata, or just prata. The local version comes in traditional plain, with egg, or with onion. Modern variations will have fillings like chocolate, cheese, mushrooms etc. They can be served with sugar or curry.
    Apam balik (aka Min Chiang Kueh) is like a pancake, traditionally with crushed peanuts and sugar as fillings. Modern variations have fillings like chocolate, grated coconut, cheese etc.
    Curry puffs is one of my favourite local street food, but it is epok epok that is the winner for me. Epok epok is the Malay version of curry puffs, less flaky, smaller in size, but its winning factor is the crispy crust skin. If you are lucky, the seller can spare you some of their special chili sauce go with it.
    Anyway, really kudos to Satoshi-san so game to be trying food which are not on the tourist guide books.

  3. You should have Jean on more often when possible if she ever comes to visit Japan or you come back to Singapore she's really talented on camera, you guys have awesome on-camera chemistry and her descriptions are on point! Would be absolutely awesome to see some videos with you, Satoshi & Jean in the future for sure if y'all ever do that!

    The food looked absolutely awesome too!!

  4. I like jean in your vids too shinichi!!!
    We had a drink here in Sydney oz called mountain fresh had guava pear and apple was the bomb!!!

  5. I love you both so much! Jean is so knowledgeable! What a great person to try street foods with. Every single thing you both had, looked amazing, and if I had to choose, I’d pick the sausage and egg roti as well. Thank you for sharing! ♥️

  6. I love to experience all these delicious foods courtesy of you and Satoshi and the added bonus of friends, you make me want to come to Japan so badly 🙂

  7. The bean curd or yuba usually has some fish paste in it and they call it "tau kee" and sold at yong tau fu stalls yums. Kaya is green because they blend the pandan juice..for the brown version is cooked with added caramelised sugar and pandan leaves is added in to cook together instead. Ya the muah chee is like mochi made of glutinous rice flour. I love apom balik with fresh shreded coconut and canned cream corn..but this is more seen in Malaysia night market.

  8. love all of your videos , i watch everytime and binge watch old 1s im learning japanese because of you 2..im from des moines iowa hope to come to japan some day

  9. That's my city!
    Next time in Bugis Street try the
    – fried spicy mushrooms
    – coconut pancake
    – sugarcane juice
    – dozens of other juices

  10. Street food is a lot different than I remember when I lived there in the '90s. Thanks for this – I must return. Also, Jean is soooo cute!

  11. I love how knowledgeable, curious and passionate Jean is when it comes to food! She is a great travel companion for you sir!

  12. 日本在住で来週シンガポールに初めて旅行に行きます。おすすめの観光場所や食べ物(レストランやお菓子など),ショッピングモールなど教えてほしいです。ちなみに,コーヒー好きなのでコーヒーが美味しいカフェやカロリーが低いビーガンカフェなどおすすめの場所があれば教えてほしいです‼今後も動画楽しみにしています!!

  13. Nice video. Over the years, the quality of Singapore food has gotten worse and worse. If you want superior quality food at much lower prices (and greater variety), just visit Bangkok. You will not want to eat in Singapore again. Heck, many of my friends who live in Singapore go to Bangkok regularly for shopping and food. They're locals so they know what's what.

  14. 4:20 In US, difference between roti and paratha is two things. Well, kind of three things. Roit is just a flat bread made with flour salt, oil and water, rolled out and roasted on a flat pan. Paratha dough (which is like roti dough, but has an egg in it instead of oil) is rolled out, then folded with butter or ghee (this is the fat missing from the roti dough oil) and flour, and then twisted or coiled so that the dough makes a spiral and flattened again, then the bread is cooked in oil or butter. To make egg paratha, after the first side is cooked, a beaten egg is added to the pan and the bread is flipped onto the the egg to cook. Often the egg paratha are used to make a sandwich like that called "kathi roll" with tandoor roasted meat or cheese and a spicy sauce.

  15. The street in front of the mosque where the Turkish restaurant was located looked beautiful all lighted up in the evening.

  16. for goodness sake Shinishi dump her.. she should know what roti means.. roti mean bread paratha means un leaven.. she's a typical millennia..

  17. In Indian cooking, Roti is unleavened flat plain bread, ( like chappatt), paratha is a many layered (with butter, ghee or oil in between layere) fried bread…… similar ingredients, different methods of cooking

  18. Fun to watch my home’s food experienced and attempted to be understood by visitors 🙂
    Some info to help Sinichi get a clearer picture of what he ate:
    1. “Prawn cracker” – it actually isn’t that. What he ate is a more accurately termed as a “prawn cake” – with the crustaceans fried on top of a soft dough. “Prawn cracker” (which btw is an English translation only – locals don’t call it that) can refer to a whole range of fried crunchy snacks (which includes ones made by Calbee). But street eats “prawn cracker” is more accurately the term for a prawn fritter – similar to what Sinichi had but on a crispy batter base. And that is most often part of “ngoh hiang” – a mixed selection of mainly fried snacks eaten with a sweet dipping sauce and/or chili.
    2. “Kaya” – a main ingredient in kaya is actually coconut milk. The green version is colored and flavored by pandan while the orange-brown version is flavored by “gula melaka” or palm sugar

  19. Beautiful foods very good healthy foods love this kind of foods stalls thank you for sharing your beautiful healthy foods. enjoy your holiday there thank you for sharing

  20. Shinichi, you should've watched NOC Ryan Sylvia (Food King) before travelling to SG – Ryan from this channel is a food connoisseur aka the Michelin of SG.

  21. You should've tried the chicken pops behind you @ 14:00 because there's a reason why it's located in front of the bugis strip. That shit is the bomb

  22. After watching this , i just realized that how i just wasted my 4 days in singapore. Wish i had know you before 😭 Btw, super cool video but where's Satoshi tho.

  23. Very good food nice fresh foods spices as well very good thank you for sharing your beautiful food enjoy your holiday there thank you

  24. I love the way u speak english…very clear!..hoping to try that soon..will be in SG by sept..quite excited to try that.. Yeheyyyy!!!👌😊😊😊

  25. The bean curd skin is wrapped with fish paste inside. It's definitely not vegetarian. The curry puff is vegetarian though (unless there's chicken inside but usually not) LOL And the most important ingredient in Kaya is COCONUT. Hmm.. I think your guest need to learn more abt local food.

  26. Patrick is very cute. I'm glad you enjoyed all of your food. Everything you ate you said "immmm!!!" as soon as you put it in your mouth so I know you were being sincere about the taste. Nice video and your female friend was very lovely.

  27. 4.35 rotti is actually a punjabi dish a flat bread. Cooked on a flat pan. A parantha is a pimped up version of a rotti it’s cooked usually with butter or oil and can have various stuffing inside.

  28. Being there many time love the place beautiful food and fresh food foods and many other foods as well love the drink is very good healthy fresh fruits drinks thank you for sharing your beautiful healthy foods and drink thanks

  29. Jean is so sweet, smiles everytime and i think this is so much like a father and daughter having a quality time.

    Especially when you both eat the roti prata sausage without cutting it into two, very lovely.

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