Smoked BBQ Brisket Recipe | Tips For Smoking Beef Brisket

Smoked BBQ Brisket Recipe | Tips For Smoking Beef Brisket

what’s up everybody this is lion with no
hippie BBQ what I’ll be doing today is I’m going to be cooking about a thirteen
and a half pound brisket now in this video I’m going to try to give you a few
tips along the way things that I learned through trial and error and some things
that were passed down to me but excellent barbecue cooks now as far as
this particular brisket goes I’m working with a prime brisket now I don’t
necessarily I’m not always saying that you need to use a prime brisket but if
you don’t buy a prime brisket let’s say you buy let’s even say you buy select
what I’m gonna suggest if you have the time in the space is to wet edge that in
your refrigerator for about 30 to 45 days and I’m telling you you will think
that you’re in and up with a prime brisket to wet agent just leave it in
that trial vac bag that it comes in and 40 30 45 days rinse it off you’re good
to go so that’s tip number one if you’re not buying a prime brisket number two is seasoning season this brisket however
you want I know that a lot of people tend to just lean towards a salt and
pepper and I’m fine with that as well but sometimes depending on how often
you’re cooking that can tend to be a little bit boring
now the seasoning that I’m going to be using in this video is a pork in brisket
rub by a company called mama Jean’s and I took a look at this the ingredients in
here and they’re a little bit different than what I would normally put with the
brisket but listen I’m adventurous if you’ve seen any of my other barbecue
videos you know I’m not afraid to experiment so the seasoning that or the
ingredients that are in this is we have some pepper smoked paprika chili powder
cinnamon ground mustard ginger onion powder garlic powder and salt so that’s
what we’re going to be using in this now when I bought this brisket I paid an
extra dollar a pound because it’s supposed to be pre trimmed it’s not
trimmed as good as I would want it to be but I need to hurry up and get this on
our smoker so we’re not gonna really touch this at all it is trimmed a little
bit I will be leaving a link to another video by my man James and a man claiming
smokers he probably does the best competition brisket trims that I’ve seen
so just click on this little icon up here and you’ll be able to see what he
does so tip number two when you are not tip number two but the next tip I’m not
sure what tip I’m on you know I used to actually over season my briskets what
would happen would be when I cut into it you get a lot of this flaking on it plus
the seasoning was hiding the you know hiding the color of the brisket so if
you cook brisket with just a little bit and I might say a little bit but without
going overboard on your seasoning instead of just looking jet-black you’re
gonna have a really nice mahogany look on it so let’s get seasoned in this
brisket so when I got this brisket I really wasn’t sure which smoker I was
gonna do it on and now that I see that this does have a nice little fat cap on
it I’m gonna be doing this on an electric smoker I’m gonna be doing this
on my Zee grill smoker and the reason I’m gonna do it on or the reason I’m
glad that it no this fat is trimmed if I’m gonna be using my electric smoker is
that the heat seems to come up directly from the bottom on these electric
smokers and I think that sometimes even cooking at low temperatures you can end
up searing the meat a bit on on those type of cooks so we’re gonna be going
fat side down on this as far as the binder we’re using to have this
seasoning stick we’re not using any binder at all it’s gonna have a chance
to sit for about an hour to come up to room temperature once we’re done
seasoning it so this is about all the seasoning I’m gonna put on it right they’re not heavy once once it’s
get some smoke all that colors gonna come right through now here’s another
good way to tell a good brisket is if you can pick it up and it folds like
that a lot of times if you buy a select brisket and you pick it up it just
doesn’t have that bend to it now will Bend if you get that 45-day wet age on
it so like I said if you have time and space try it I’ll link a video to a wet
aged brisket that I’ve done a few years ago in the iCard above all right that’s
seasoned up enough for me so I got my grill fired up it’s coming up to
temperature let’s talk about this cook now I want this brisket to be done
pretty fast so we’re not going to be going low and slow the whole time on
this we’re gonna be doing we’re gonna get it out on the grill we’re gonna let
it go at 250 degrees for about three and a half to four hours basically we want
our color to be right where we want it once that color is where we want it a
nice mahogany color we’re gonna wrap it and some red butcher paper we’re gonna
get a probe in it and I happen to be using a four prong probe by Inc bird it
looks like this the reason I like this is you can sync this up with your phone
so I’ll be inside and I’ll be able to monitor the temperature of the brisket
now I’m only going to be using one of these probes in this video because I’m
not using my offset smoker so I’m not as concerned about a variance in great
temperature so one probe should be good enough for this if you don’t have one of
these I’m telling you best thermometer out there so I’m gonna
leave a link to this in the description below
all right guys I had my smoker coming up to temp the wood I’m going to be using
during this cook we’re gonna be using some oak wood pellets I think oak really
gives it a nice subtle kiss a smoke without overpowering it like a mesquite
or a hickory wood let’s go inside grab this brisket and
get it on so let’s get this brisket on the grill now the first thing I did
yesterday what I knew I was going to be going for a long cook was I pulled out
all these parts on this smoker to clean it up as much as possible
second of all whenever I cook on a pellet smoker
I always put fat side down if I’m using one of my offset smokers it doesn’t
really matter quite as much now here’s another tip that it’s a little bit more
subtle is when I put my brisket on I’m gonna put my points I’d closer to the
drainage area and the reason for that is I don’t want this much fat leaking on
this area of the smoker because that’s gonna start the more fat you have on
that bottom plate the more kind of a burning kind of a situation you have
going on so I want as much fat leaving as soon as possible so we’re gonna get
our point on let’s get this rack out I need that rack now if you’re cooking your brisket you
have other food on it make sure that your brisket is directly over the pan
you don’t want any of that fat leaking down on the sides of that pan getting
down into your smoker that’s how a lot of these fires happen now I’m noticing
that I still look at a little sparse on sparks here as far as the seasoning goes
I’m gonna just kind of season up this area off camera all right we’re gonna
let this go three and a half hours maybe four we’re gonna check it in about an
hour just to see how the colors fit me so guys we’re two hours in on this cook
I was intending on spritzing this down a little bit but we don’t have any bark
sitting on this yet so I’m not going to spread to town now if I had if I was
cooking on an offset smoker I would not be lifting this lid right now because it
takes a little bit longer for offset smokers to recover their temperature so
I’m gonna shut this back down let it go another hour and a half or so before we
check it so I ended up letting this brisket go for about five hours and
wrapped up now you don’t want to put too much butcher paper on this brisket if
you do is going to act more like foil as opposed to a butcher paper so we’re just
gonna go one layer this butcher paper does look nice very hip and this is an odd-shaped brisket so it
is taking a little bit more than what I would let extra north it’s not boom
we’re right here this is gonna be our fat side this is gonna go down on the
smoker so guys we got it back out on her grill
we haven’t hooked up with our Inc burped thermometer you may not be able to see
that but we’re at a hundred and seventy two degrees that’s right about where
your stall is gonna be so let’s not gonna go much over that for the next few
hours we are going to do is spritz this down and I’m gonna sink this thermometer up
with my phone so you have a chance to see what this looks like didn’t mention
is I did poop up my grill to 300 degrees and this is synched up with the
thermometer that I have out on the pit now what I can do is I can adjust it to
alert me if we get to a certain temperature using these settings we’re
not going to worry about that right now or I could have it
alert me in a certain number of hours or something like that I’m gonna have a
chance to sit around and watch this well I watch some football so there’s no need
for either of those like I said we’re gonna cook this until we get to 200 201
degrees all right guys we are at 200 degrees and I mean we are at a strong
200 degrees meaning I let it hit 200 degrees then let it sit on here for
about another seven eight minutes and I’m gonna tell you this is the first
long cook I’ve done on this Zee grill and this is this is pretty this has
really impressed me so if you’re looking for like a very modestly priced smoker
take a look at these I’m gonna leave information on this in the description
below we’ll have our probe and I’m gonna get
this in our cooler now the reason you want this to sit in a cooler is the
entire cook on this the meat has been trying to push out liquid the entire
cook so by letting it rest its gonna allow that liquid to get reabsorbed back
into the meat so I’m just throwing that in a regular cooler and I’m gonna let
this sit for you’re gonna want to go an hour minimum I’m probably gonna have a
chance to let it go to maybe even three hours alright guys so we started this
brisket at seven o’clock this morning it is now 848 so it’s been a pretty long
cook what I’m gonna do is we’re gonna separate this point from the flat that’s
a pretty big point I’m gonna set this aside I’m not sure what I’m gonna do
with this I might do some burnt ends with this right back since I have it
here let me just cut a slice taste it really good okay so you have our grains
running this way we’re gonna cut against the grains now this is a pretty thick
part of our flat so I’m gonna just kind of cut that off man we got a good smoke
ring here and that’s it let me keep going now we’re going for pencil thick slices all right guys yes we’re looking like
right there that is a tasty looking brisket anyway I’m gonna taste this part
of it we have telling you one thing that it comes through on that
seasoning is the cinnamon and actually that’s a pretty nice touch to this I’m
not sure I would recommend this for linkage
well definitely not a competition brisket just because it doesn’t fit that
flavor profile but listen you got to change things up a little bit
and this is got some good flavor anyway oh and thank you guys for stopping by no
hippie BBQ appreciate it Best way to cook bbq beef brisket pellet smoker

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