Software Engineering Q&A While Cooking! (ft. Mayuko!)

Software Engineering Q&A While Cooking! (ft. Mayuko!)

in your opinion what are some of the best soft skills to have at a large tech company and why that is a good question what's poppin guys hey hey all right today I am very very excited for this video why it's because we've only got sponsored so this video is gonna be sponsored by blue apron as you can see the delicious food that's laid out all right so blue apron is a meal kit service and I'm so excited because finally I can make healthy food for myself because you know me I always go out and eat pokeballs or when I cook it looks like this oh my god it's pretty disgusting but yeah so I'm very excited and I get to eat all this free food and another reason why I'm super happy about this is that you know they make really delicious and healthy food and since you know I'm getting jacked this is perfect for me and an something for you guys the first 50 people to sign up will get $50 off your first two weeks of blue apron which is great it makes it pretty much like as cheap as buying groceries okay all right can't can't come in yeah and we have a special guest today we got the girl at 3:04 yeah her name is Arielle can you tell me a little bit about yourself I'm a software engineer I just graduated college 2017 mm-hmm oh I do iOS but I did web before that so iOS is totally new to me but I guess due to my job nice nice we actually have another special guest later on but you'll have to keep watching to find out who all right what food do you want to make we have three different stills we got wild alaskan fettuccine we aka pasta we got lemongrass ginger turkey burgers and finally we have Korean steak oh my god oh wow you want steak frite so it's all laid out you know 1 to 6 I asked you guys on Twitter to give us you know your best questions about software engineering so we're gonna be answering this while we cook oh those are french fries done yeah those are french fries my baby that looks okay oh my god no need for introduction this is my yuko also oh yeah so which one do you want shoes you either can choose the lemongrass turkey or the fettuccine I'm gonna do the fettuccine fascinating all right go ahead yeah oh it's so simple instructions are so simple well use the oven for though okay if you're not cooking I'm cooking I'm thinking it's part of my video ya know once I get my new apartment because my new apartment has a dope-ass kitchen and it's actually really mm-hmm yeah if you watch my videos you would know whatever no one watches your videos that's not true oh yeah it's like in Japanese and stuff damn it's probably to pass all this yeah Kimani oh my gosh mayonnaise comes in a little thing like this wow you never need to buy any this is such a good first continue continue this is like a new experience it's the first question by Rosa nor hello Joma oppa I do curious what makes you move from software engineer to data scientist thank you yeah that's a great question I actually got as that old man times so the main reason why I switch is that I want to do something new because the first time I switch was during my internship so I did software engineering internship at LinkedIn and then I wanted to try data science and I did that at Facebook and then after I did at Facebook I realized that you know maybe sometimes it's not like I really like the product more than actually solving the architecture problems and stuff like that so that's why I really like data science because you're a lot closer to the product because they see you're analyzing data to try to find product recommendations so it's closer to PM roll then what software engineer would be and I realize that that's one thing I really care about because I was really into startups really into making my own products and data science is closer to product management than that and now I just love data science because it's just fun to discover something cool with data Jumma do you ever cut me yeah flash pancakes ladies ingredient yeah sure porygon remember when I came and maker made curry with you okay when I eat curry for you okay mitchell whitfield ass in your opinion what are some of the best soft skills to have at a large tech company and why that is a good question um I would say probably a relationship building is a good sauce skill to have in a tech company or our very large tech company because there's a lot of people at a large tech of me and the way that you're going to work well with other people is to have like relationships with those people doesn't necessarily have to be like personal relationships but just like having some sort of rapport with a lot of different kinds of people are going to help you get your job done it's also gonna help you biting your network and everyone's gonna like know who you are and stuff and sometimes networking is key especially at larger tech companies recently where am i all right I could do this oh yeah yeah what do i do then I just use a camera all right you know what you're doing yep yeah recently something I've been thinking about is that when you're an engineer you can obviously show competence just by writing really good code but you can demonstrate so much value by actually taking charge in a project and that requires a lot of soft skills so like basically like leadership skills right running a meeting starting meetings be able to talk to all the cross-functional people to get their suggestions and then like connecting those suggestions to other people it just makes you look so much more competent and then people will actually start to think of you as someone who can like own a project and totally bring it through and and all of that is like soft skills all of that's talking to other people talking other engineers maybe you'd like delegating work even I found you got a lot so it's really on my mind okay make sure I get a lot of screen time so my channel right is your friend married no he's single haha Luther yeah in temporary yeah hmm everything yeah I'm sorry what have how do I guns like it's all are you recording uh-huh yeah don't do things when you're not recording please record him all the time much oh my god I thought you were gonna just you want me to eat this mrs. challenge there's a challenge easy you don't want the taste no I love it Abdul Halim I asked what did you learn on the job and not in school that you wish you learned in school or knew about it earlier could be technical could be no yeah okay so on the job especially I'm working at a larger company a lot of your work is gonna involve going through other people's code and that means some things are gonna take a variable amount of time and you just don't know how long they're gonna take so like scoping a project at school and at work is so different at least it was for me like at school you could play do everything the last day if you really needed to I mean maybe not for bigger projects but at work is things are just not gonna take any amount of time you think so that's something I've really had to learn and when I wasn't in tournament I was like the first time I got I had to like that yeah what about you Michael I wish I proved my writing skills yeah cuz like I thought I was like when I was going in school I was like I don't know right like I'm a computer science major I don't gonna like write angling like paragraph structure or whatever but then I found that like whenever you're communicating what you wrote and like what code you wrote or like if you're communicating to other people a sync what you're doing then you have to have really good writing skills to come off clearly and like communicate really well like even just like PRS right we have to write a really good description of what you just made so that it makes sense to another person and I wish I like working on my writing so together and that is also like when the soft skills another question yeah we haven't stops go also one more thing isn't this an actually fight of me but recently one of our co-workers said that at school they didn't really check his code they just check to see if you're all right and so that's the thing like at your job if people are gonna look at your code it can't just work it has to be like good code oh yeah quality I think I won mine yeah a lot of talk about this too like coding is not just about how fast your code runs or if it works because the hope because coding 90% of the time means you're working for other people yeah good code means other people can read your code yeah and then write wall they gave me trash like my videos like my coding skills good which programming language is a good prerequisite for computer science students in freshman year what programming my works yeah Python it's good for interviews yeah it wasn't your doing question by ecchi what benefits if there are any that you see in getting a software engineering degree versus a computer science degree hmm yeah and how highly do you think companies value self projects versus actual internship and work experience so two questions okay I would say a software engineering versus computer science I'd make school didn't have a software engineering degree but I think it depends maybe on like what the school program is and if it aligns with your goal because I can imagine like some software engineering programs or just like CS programs out of their schools so I would say like if you are at a college then talk to your advisor and see which one it's like more Joe like what you want to do and then the second question self projects versus actual internship or work experience I guess it depends on what the South project is but if unless unless it's like really cool I would say that like work experience actual interest in self project because there's a lot of stuff that you learn in internships that aren't just about coding and it's about like working with a team or working with other people and communicating and stuff that are really valuable I think to learn I think is much a sense how do you keep being productive in software engineering more specifically how you do it with hella distraction around you basically how do you not procrastinate just always progress but I think accountability systems you're good hmm yeah I personally do get distracted a lot in general at work also but I ice I have just learned to accept it because in a day I have a certain amount of energy and even if I have more time like like eight hours in a day it doesn't mean that I'm gonna work the whole eight hours because I just get mentally tired right so it's okay to procrastinate from time to time like for example study how did you not procrastinate studying I had to remove myself from social situations sometimes like go to a library like lock myself in a room you know that's kind of how I had to do it yeah so have a nice little drink or something like a treat me not like I meant coffee I'll do that see there's like a boba place oh my gosh I would just like get boba this is my treat yeah I study and then it kind of puts sometimes it puts into that mode especially if it's something that you always have when you're studying yeah yeah I always like grass and coal College so great advice but just do it I think at least at work other people also want to get stuff done usually yet some point it's more like social pressure at work it was like if you don't get it done then it affects someone else's yeah that's true that's more motivation resident college is like the only person I'm laying down as myself person makes everything look good wait one last question for you guys which is a simple answer I think do you as seasoned developer have to refer to documentation and code snippets when coding at work or do you already have all the knowledge needed in your head I'm a robot sets off program oh yeah there's so much stuff you can't 100% sir I Google how to write loops in Python at the daily basis yeah yeah literally everything I do I copy code snippets almost meal of course having a good coast yeah the good that's the thing that you learn this using developer you just know what's good and bad come to my – day okay cool so here's the food looks very very delicious thank you may you go thank you every Alfred for helping me cook this meal or should we say thank you for cooking for me and allow me to help but yeah I'm pretty sure this is extremely healthy I mean if we look at the nutritional facts so you fettuccini you know you get 710 calories for this one and then for the other ones thick please we get 610 calories yeah lots of protein both of them 41 grams 39 grams oh the little alright let's try it out guys I'm gonna try to pause the first no more fried actually I'm gonna try to pasta it's got fish in a homicide mmm I always so good well good job me you call this is yo that's good you mean thank you blue apron for making the recipe that's good that was really good come on al dente I've never had fish pasta yeah I don't think I've actually ever made fish possibly before either but actually he's so good yeah wow this is actually really good oh my god I'm in this one all right if I could make this myself obese oh my god I so got this well we should I try at the Karla course I got butter extra butter yeah you get more than just this but mm-hmm gonna help sure if there's like why would get in large companies cafeteria food who wins a good day oh you don't think so I think this is definitely better than that well better mmm I feels like I shopped at Whole Foods without needing to go to Whole Foods and pay for it yeah yeah pretty much mm-hmm and I think I can do this with my girlfriend come on can you just act fine I could do this you can access my non-existant yeah my features robot I won't go girlfriend all right so passwords thank you so much blue apron for sponsoring this video oh my god we have so much fun making this oh my god so yeah and once again don't forget link on the description to get free what $50 off for your next purchase all right peace out guys and then a rap music starts

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  1. After leetcoding a lot, I google less on basic syntax like loops or if else's or System.out.println() 🙂

  2. Thank you guys! I’ve been down a lot lately because I’m so hard on myself. Glad to know I’m not the only one that procrastinates like a boss. Got to be nicer to myself.

  3. 3:15 EXPOSED haha Joma lowkey just wanted to have his chill and pretty coworkers come check out his apartment and cook for him. Classic. Joma you dog

  4. so are blue apron ingredients legit? I understand veggies gotta be wrapped but I don't want anything frozen packaged or pre-processed ya know what i mean just whole foods n stuff

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